1. 14 May, 2021 2 commits
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      gitlab-ci: gimp-distcheck-debian and gimp-autotools-debian redundant. · de31d65d
      Jehan authored
      We had an autotools build stopping at `make check` and a separate one
      for `make distcheck`. This just seems very redundant hence a waste of
      So let's drop the job gimp-autotools-debian then add a `make check` step
      to gimp-distcheck-debian.
      Also as a side change, I move the cppcheck to being a scheduled job.
      It's not such resource intensive job, nor did it take much time, yet
      it's not like we use this information constantly. Moreover it never
      fails anyway (so it's not like it gives much information on a per-commit
      basis, unless we explicitly look into the resulting files) and with the
      ability to run custom jobs whenever we want, this is far enough if
      sometimes we need to generate the cppcheck analysis more frequently.
      The rest of the time, having 2 jobs of this a week (our current
      schedule) is far enough.
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      gitlab-ci, build: construct the Windows installer from CI. · 1d032587
      Jehan authored
      Run InnoSetup in the Windows CI to build the installer from both the 32
      and 64-bit builds.
      Current limitations:
      - No installer signature yet.
      - Dependencies will have to be checked more thoroughly.
      - Apart from babl and GEGL, we may want to make custom builds of any
        package which has a patch in build/windows/patches/ (Windows-specific
        patches) and build/patches/ (all platform patches).
      - Plug-in interpreters (Python, Lua…) don't work. This will need to be
        looked at in detail.
      Globally this first automated installer build works fine though, as I
      could install it in a Windows 10 VM and GIMP ran fine! So it's a first
      step towards fully automated releases for Windows.
  2. 13 May, 2021 1 commit
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      gitlab-ci: native (MSYS2) Win32 32/64 builds only on schedules. · 00474915
      Jehan authored
      Having them at each commit is counter-productive, first because these
      builds take so long and second because there seems to be quite few
      Windows runners. So we end up constantly waiting for CI jobs from
      previous commits (so we are just constantly waiting).
      This is resource over-usage. So instead, I'll just set this in scheduled
      jobs. For release preparation though, we'll have to set up a workflow
      later to trigger these jobs off-schedule/on-demand (I can see there is a
      Gitlab interface to do this), but this can wait for when the installer
      is fully generated by the CI anyway.
  3. 10 May, 2021 2 commits
  4. 07 May, 2021 2 commits
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      gitlab-ci, build: CI job to package GIMP on Windows from MSYS2 build. · 419892c3
      Jehan authored
      This new job resulted in a package which allows to run GIMP on Windows
      (as tested in a VM; at least it starts, I can create a new canvas and
      paint). Of course I think this will need to be tweaked a little bit
      more, as I'm sure we miss things here and there.
      At the very least, even though I add the Python and Luajit binaries,
      GIMP on Windows didn't find them. This will need to be investigated.
      Also it looks like opening from a remote location may not work. Not sure
      if this about a missing GIO module or maybe something which works
      differently on Windows (I was not even able to drag'n drop from the
      browser!). Anyway this needs to be looked at as well.
      Note that gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders is apparently unneeded when GIMP is
      built this way (unlike with our crossroad build).
      All this to say that this is still an early attempt to full CI build for
      It doesn't invalidate the crossroad build, because cross-compilation
      builds from Linux will always stay very important for Linux developers
      to be able to easily fix Windows bugs too; yet the crossroad build has 2
      major issues:
      1. We haven't figured out yet how to run GObject Introspection tools for
         cross-builds, so the crossroad builds are not full-featured (and this
         is quite a major feature we are missing!).
      2. Also I will want to run the installer in the CI at some point and the
         one we use can only run on Windows itself AFAIK. We could try to run
         it through Wine, but still anyway the point 1. is already quite a
         blocker, let's do the simple thing.
      Note that we will likely want to move to meson for this build, because
      autotools is very slow on Windows. But as long as the few blocker meson
      bugs are not fixed, let's stick to the slow yet good build.
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      gitlab-ci: add Win 32-bit and Linux Clang builds to schedules. · 2ad34910
      Jehan authored
      These are interesting and may find very specific bugs from time to time,
      but the usefulness is rare enough not to warrant to run at each commits.
      This is just a waste of resources.
      For scheduling finesse (in case we want to separate these in separate
      scheduling), also rely on the existence of variables during scheduling.
      Finally make sure that the non-scheduled builds are not run in schedule
      pipelines (they are already run far enough).
  5. 06 May, 2021 3 commits
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      build, gitlab-ci: break the native Windows build into 2 jobs. · 6c91e7f9
      Jehan authored
      One for dependencies, one for GIMP.
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      build: do not build Windows dependencies with ccache. · ffd732c4
      Jehan authored
      The build rules were highly inspired by other projects on GNOME's
      Gitlab. All of them used to build with ccache. It worked fine for the
      main build, but completely broke GObject Introspection build on both
      babl and GEGL. And the worse thing is that meson was absolutely not
      displaying the error, just saying it failed (even in verbose mode). A
      lot of time wasted trying to debug.
      Therefore let's get rid of ccache, but only for babl and GEGL. Keep it
      for GIMP itself as it works fine there.
      Other minor changes:
      * Build from the build dir, rather than source. The other way around
        works too, but I actually find commands simpler this way.
      * Adding artifacts.
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      gitlab-ci, build: testing native Windows build. · 1858aac4
      Jehan authored
      Just an initial test to get a hang of the thing, mostly inspired from
      GTK gitlab-ci rules adapted to our build.
      All in one job (deps, babl, GEGL, GIMP itself) for now, for simplicity
      of debugging. We'll see later to break this into CI sub-jobs.
  6. 26 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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      gitlab-ci: improve the CI for releases. · 88898dad
      Jehan authored
      - Only publish the bz2 tarball because that's what we currently provide
        on download.gimp.org (let's see in the future for the xz tarball).
      - Generate also a sha512 checksum. It's better to do it on the CI rather
        than on the download server, otherwise it wouldn't protect against
        transfer errors (from gitlab to download server).
      - Rename the checksum files to ${filename}.SHA256SUMS (512 respectively)
        for easy download without name clash with the global files listing all
        the previous releases.
      - Disable all meson jobs for tagged releases. They are currently not
        reliable and may fail randomly (see issue #6257), even though without
        code problems (this is also one of the reasons why autotools is still
        our official build system and meson is still deemed experimental).
        It's ok for regular builds, but not for tagged builds, which we need
        as reliable as possible. The really important job is the distcheck one
        for tags.
  7. 03 Mar, 2021 2 commits
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  9. 30 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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  11. 22 Oct, 2020 1 commit
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      gitlab-ci: temporary allow distcheck job failure. · e869a112
      Jehan authored
      I really don't like to flag the distcheck job as allowed to fail, but
      the issue we have with it right now (#5790) is very annoying and I have
      no idea where the weird uncleaned files come from. I can't reproduce
      this locally and these files are seemingly never created here during a
      Since it makes all our pipelines fail, this makes it harder to diagnose
      and find real other bugs, so let's allow failure until we figure this
  12. 12 Oct, 2020 1 commit
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      meson, autotools, CI: simplify plug-in binding build options. · e77d9517
      Jehan authored
      For Python, Lua and Javascript, make the option boolean (with 'yes'
      being the default). No need of a warning when not installing the
      plug-ins as this would have been disabled explicitly anyway. When
      installing the plug-ins, only make interpreter checks as precautionnary
      verifications which don't actually change anything (except outputting
      some warnings if interpreters are not found). Basically for these 3
      bindings, the interpreters are only runtime dependencies anyway. So it
      doesn't matter if they are not available at build time. In particular,
      we get rid of the 'force' option.
      Vala rules do not change as the vala compiler is indeed needed at build
      time and current checks work correctly. I just add a "Vala plug-ins"
      line in the summary message of the meson configuration, as it was
  13. 03 Oct, 2020 2 commits
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      gitlab-ci: name the distribution artifacts and small build-deps.sh fix. · 6f4155ee
      Jehan authored
      This should give a nice name to distribution archives so that they are
      not all called `artifacts.zip`. Names will better describe their
      contents (target OS or source and short commit hash, because for CI
      builds, it's important to know which commit is being tested).
      Also replace CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME in other artifact names by
      CI_COMMIT_REF_SLUG. Otherwise if a branch has a slash (quite common in
      branch names), only the part after the last slash is used for archive
      Finally immediately exits from dependency build with error code (!= 0)
      if `crossroad install` command failed.
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  14. 02 Oct, 2020 3 commits
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      build: (Windows) glib-compile-schemas and gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders in… · 6eab32c7
      Jehan authored
      … the CI.
      There are 2 finale steps before finale binary distribution on Windows.
      We must compile the GSettings XML schema files and register GdkPixbuf
      loaders (for file format support in the GUI).
      I used to provide a wrapper to be run inside Windows before first GIMP
      run. Never did I realize that I can compile the distributed GSettings
      schemas with the native `glib-compile-schemas` (works fine in my tests).
      As for the GdkPixbuf loaders, we inspect DLL libraries, hence we do
      require the target `gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders` which is unfortunately a
      Windows executable. Yet it seems to work fine with Wine, so let's be
      done with it in the CI instead of requiring manual steps from testers of
      the CI builds. Then a few `sed` calls are enough to make the path in the
      produced text file relative instead of absolute (which works fine, again
      in my tests at least).
      This means that I don't have to distribute the 2 binaries and the DLLs
      they depend on anymore. Moreover let's remove the wrapper (but still
      generate one which just calls GIMP so that we call it from the tree
      root, where it's much less messy).
      Note: I failed to install wine32 (32-bit Wine) on the Gitlab runner.
      After following all instructions, I encountered weird errors. So
      instead, I just make the win32-nightly job depend on win64-nightly and
      copy `loaders.cache` from one to another, as it is a
      platform-independent text file (as long as we provide the same GdkPixbuf
      loaders on both of course, which we do).
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      build: dll_link.py improved to handle both i686 and x86-64 Windows… · cdb61d82
      Jehan authored
      … executable formats inspection.
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      gitlab, build: Win32 distribution jobs for our CI. · 8f8f7e49
      Jehan authored
      The main purpose of these jobs is to only package the strict necessary
      for a working GIMP under Windows, i.e. getting rid of all unnecessary
      executables, and inspecting binary dependencies recursively to only
      package used DLLs.
      The dll_link.py script is taken from Siril codebase (see commit a86e82a8
      on Siril repository, by FlorianBen). This was a very nice idea, and
      makes for much smaller test archive (Siril is also GPLv3 so licensing is
      ok for the reuse, also anyway it's just a small independent build
      Moreover having it as a separate job allows to have artifacts with only
      the finale distribution (artifacts on the build job also have the build
      directory and the whole prefix, which we want to keep in order to debug
      when needed).
      Hopefully I am not missing anything. Siril seems to package more, like
      various gdk-pixbuf-*.exe, gspawn-*.exe and gdbus.exe. I am wondering if
      these are actually necessary. I could run GIMP fine without these in
      quick tests, but I guess I'll have to investigate a bit more to figure
      this out. That's what nightly builds are for, after all, so hopefully
      people will report if we miss some runtime dependencies.
  15. 30 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  16. 07 Aug, 2020 2 commits
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      gitlab-ci: add a distribution step. · 96073ae1
      Jehan authored
      I don't add this at the end of the distcheck job to make the interface
      clearer, and also because the distcheck job will have full build
      artifacts (allowing to debug a failing distcheck if necessary), whereas
      the `sources` job will just publish tarballs and SHA256 sums generated
      from these tarballs. Simple, clean.
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      gitlab-ci: run distcheck with multi-jobs. · 63dddb5e
      Jehan authored
  17. 06 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      gitlab-ci: rename the CI jobs. · bd6abe06
      Jehan authored
      The Linux CI job names are too long and are not recognizable on the web
      GUI unless you hover the widgets with the mouse to read tooltips. Remove
      the "/testing" part (if people want to know exactly which Debian we use
      for our builds, they can always look at the script) and move left the
      differenciating parts (i.e. autotools/meson/clang/distcheck) so that
      these are visible in a glance, even when ellipsing long job names.
  18. 03 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  19. 29 May, 2020 2 commits
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  26. 29 Apr, 2020 1 commit
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      gitlab-ci: ignore a bunch of directories. · 43b538bf
      Jehan authored
      Problem with the CI is that the source is straight in our base directory
      and therefore installed dependency files as well as cache or built files
      are in subfolders.
      Let's try to ignore as much as I can see. This should avoid a bunch of
      warning and errors during report generation.
  27. 28 Apr, 2020 1 commit