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      Update POTFILES.in · 6eb158e7
      Anders Jonsson authored and Jehan's avatar Jehan committed
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      Update Chinese (China) translation · 4990968d
      lumingzh authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      Issue #1973: Add toggle to choose PNG bit depth behavior · bf53e420
      Alx Sa authored and Jacob Boerema's avatar Jacob Boerema committed
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      NEWS: update. · a2257589
      Jehan authored
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      display: Show Soft-Proofing menu in status bar · 7b7ce8c5
      Alx Sa authored
      This adds a Soft-Proofing pop-over menu when right-clicking the toggle
      in GimpStatusBar. It lets users toggle proofing, using BPC and showing
      out-of-gamut colors. It also lets users change the profile and
      rendering intent.
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      app: add a modifier action for opacity change. · d72a42ed
      Jehan authored
      Opacity and brush size are among the 2 most common tool options which
      people might want to often change, though we should likely later add all
      other common types of tool settings angle, aspect ratio, spacing, etc.
      I am also unsure using the enum action is the right call because what it
      does is just taking into account the distance from initial click to
      compute an opacity. Instead it might be more interesting to increase or
      decrease slowly or rapidly by going right or left from the initial
      click. We'll see. But it's a first step.
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      app, po: remove GimpControllerMouse code. · 76ddf442
      Jehan authored
      The mouse controller had many limitations:
      * It was not per-device.
      * It was a long hard-coded list of events, which made its evolution
        annoying and scrolling the list boring.
      * It was starting at button 8, while the first buttons were supposed to
        be hardcoded interactions. And it stopped at button 12, while some
        device might have more buttons nowadays. See !386.
      * The "Grab event" does not seem to work in many cases, according to
      The new GimpModifiersEditor will now handle any button (except the first
      button, which is reserved for tools), you can even override or change
      default canvas actions (panning, rotation, etc.). It should not be
      limited with a max button number either (though I haven't tested with a
      device really having a lot of buttons since I don't have any such device
      but I did emulate huge button numbers on my stylus with xsetwacom and it
      did work well; hopefully I'll get feedbacks). And now it can even run
      custom actions.
      So basically it should deprecate the mouse controller as the modifiers
      editor can do everything the controller could, and more (unless I missed
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      app: now support custom actions as input device button + modifiers. · dd012d11
      Jehan authored
      Custom actions are basically any action (currently GtkAction) which can
      be assigned a shortcut. Now they can also be assigned to an input device
      button (with modifier or not).
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      app: try to make the button selection button more obvious. · f7d77710
      Jehan authored
      From Aryeom's feedback, it's really not obvious enough how we start
      customizing button's modifiers.
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      app: remove GIMP_MODIFIER_ACTION_BRUSH_SIZE, change defaults and labels. · 14e8703f
      Jehan authored
      * The relative brush size change was not implemented anyway. Maybe later.
      * Also changing the defaults to GIMP_MODIFIER_ACTION_BRUSH_PIXEL_SIZE
        which I think might be the most understandable size variant.
      * Finally re-label "Rotate" to "Rotate View" as per Aryeom's feedback
        because just "Rotate" is indeed confusing as it could mean several
        different actions in GIMP.
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      app: fix switching seamlessly from constrained to unconstrained canvas… · 23dd00b0
      Jehan authored
      … rotation and back.
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      app: new modifier action to set brush size diameter. · 156adee4
      Jehan authored
      Actually I am renaming GIMP_MODIFIER_ACTION_BRUSH_PIXEL_SIZE into
      brush size on-canvas, starting from center to border.
      The new GIMP_MODIFIER_ACTION_BRUSH_PIXEL_SIZE now sets the brush size
      from one border to another.
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      app: fix space actions on canvas. · 1ab4661b
      Jehan authored
      Space: panning
      Ctrl-space: zooming
      Shift-space: rotating
      Ctrl-shift-space: constrained rotating
      Note that these are still hardcoded, unlike the actions through
      modifiers + pointer buttons.
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      app: add a page in Preferences to set the canvas modifiers up. · 89f55336
      Jehan authored
      Finally everything is getting assembled with this commit. It is now
      possible to customize the modifiers which will be used on canvas.
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      app: new GimpModifiersEditor widget. · 5167e5aa
      Jehan authored
      This widget will be used to edit the GimpModifiersManager config class
      with a graphical interface.
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      app: store keys as keyval/modifiers rather than string. · 100bdedd
      Jehan authored
      There is really no need to make back and forth between a string and
      int/enum representations, and it actually cause problems at times.
      It's also a problem for the button representation where a modifier will
      be represented as a key.
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      app: use modifiers set in GimpModifiersManager rather than hardcoded. · 9d3ef444
      Jehan authored
      For now GimpModifiersManager returns the same modifiers as what was
      previously hardcoded and we have no GUI yet to change the settings. But
      the core of the new feature is in place.
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      app: add a GimpModifiersManager object to GimpDisplayConfig. · 91b30145
      Jehan authored
      This object's goal will be to manage customized modifiers per input
      device button, which is why I add it to GimpDisplayConfig. It is in its
      own new config file (`modifiersrc` in config dir) because it requires
      GDK types access (well I could have done without, but it would have been
      less semantic, hence not as good of an API). Anyway it is only useful
      when running GIMP as GUI.
      The GUI widget and the usage code to make this actually useful will come
      in upcoming commits.
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      app, po: show proper instructions in GimpShortcutButton. · 924dea3a
      Jehan authored
      When no accelerator was set yet, display relevant information, and when
      the button is toggled (waiting for shortcut input), display also
      relevant info.
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      app: new GimpShortcutButton widget. · fe65b4d4
      Jehan authored
      A widget to grab a shortcut provided interactively. It can also grab
      modifier-only shortcuts so we will be able to use it for the new
      on-canvas interaction customizability.
      Maybe we'll use this later for the shortcuts dialog which should really
      be improved some day and has a lot of known issues. We'll see.
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      app: new "Canvas Interaction" setting. · a8530527
      Jehan authored
      Moving the "Space Bar", the "Snapping" and the new "Zoom" (MR !570)
      settings there. The idea is that it will also be where we'll customize
      more on-canvas related abilities, such as the new zooming behavior
      preferences, but also possibility to customizing or disabling the
      various canvas action, and finally customizing the new contextual
      settings such as brush sizing or other.
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      app: new "tools-paint-select-pixel-size-set" action. · c804865d
      Jehan authored
      Also ensure that the outline circle is redrawn while changing the
      outline size.
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    • Jehan's avatar
      app: create a new pixel-size-set action for Ink and Brush tools. · ebf99132
      Jehan authored
      Once this is done, I got rid of the ugly hack I added over the already
      ugly hack used on "*-set" enum actions.
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      app: new double action "tools-mypaint-brush-pixel-size-set", used as… · c7979e7f
      Jehan authored
      … new action_pixel_size of GimpMyBrushTool.
      MyPaint brush tool clearly shows the limits of my trick to have some
      enum actions work with absolute values whereas others work with
      per-mille values between the property min and max.
      Indeed firstly MyBrush's "radius" value is logarithmic and can be
      negative. Since the enum trick relies on the fact that negative values
      are the semantic enumerated constants, it's broken in such case. The
      second issue is that while it was acceptable to use int size for most
      paint tools (even though they were double), here radius only goes from
      -2.0 to 6.0; so using int values only would leave us with jumping brush
      So now I create a proper double action which simply takes pixel size and
      use this from the on-canvas brush size changing. No weird trick, no int
      or sign limitations.
      I also add a new optional action_pixel_size in GimpToolControl.
      Note: I'm also updating a bit the logic for the MyPaint brush outline
      function gimp_mybrush_tool_get_outline(). Indeed after skimming a bit
      through mypaint-brush.c code in libmypaint, I am not sure at all we need
      to use the offset_by_random like this. And really this shown outline
      seems more indicative than anything else when I see the actual size
      printed by the various brushes. Finally here it was counter-productive
      as I needed to get easily the logarithmic radius from the pointer
      interaction on canvas.
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      app: adding GimpDoubleAction types of actions. · 12be7bdc
      Jehan authored
      These actions can be activated with a double value. These will be useful
      to create new types of size action, which are based on accurate pixel
      values instead of an enum hacked to set per-mille values between a
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    • Jehan's avatar
      app: make sure the size circle is also displayed for the ink tool. · 8e9abd5e
      Jehan authored
      Note that the other paint tool which is not as common as others is the
      MyPaint brush tool. At first I thought the circle outline didn't work.
      It does actually work, but the radius concept is simply very weird in
      this tool so we have to move a lot. To be investigated.
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      app: display the brush outline (or fallback or circle) when resizing. · 5be997fb
      Jehan authored
      Bypass temporarily the "Show brush outline" settings when resizing
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      app: stop alt-right click brush size change when releasing Alt first. · b1124770
      Jehan authored
      Until now, it was only stopiing when releasing right click, but it's
      actually more accurate when releasing the Alt key first as the button is
      on the mouse/stylus (so releasing it can provoke small hand moves,
      especially visible with stylus, I think). Now it stops whatever is
      released first.
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      app: allow to change the brush size on alt-right click. · 43f0147b
      Jehan authored
      I started from mitch's patch (though code changed so it was not working,
      yet I ended up with quite a different direction).
      Modified from original proposition in #498:
      * Do not mix opacity and brush size in a same action, one on horizontal
        movement, the other on vertical. The problem is that it's hard to stay
        perfectly horizontal or vertical, so you nearly necessarily change one
        while changing the other and this would be frustrating.
      * Do not just use modifiers, but modifiers + right click. The logics is
        that left (or whatever is the first button) click is for the tool
        actions. The middle click for navigation (panning, rotation, and even
        layer navigation now). Right click for now is only for menu. With this
        change, let's use right click for various settings-related changes
        too. Also we already have people complaining with things like canvas
        rotation happening unexpectedly even though it requires button clicks.
        Imagine an action just made of modifiers! Many people would hit these
        by mistake all the time!
      * Focus on brush size only for now. Instead of just calling the action
        repetitively with the "SElECT_NEXT" action as proposed in the original
        patch by mitch, let's compute the actual size between the press and
        release. This would allow to have a real visual hint and also would
        make it a lot more useful and meaningful to be an on-canvas change.
        Say you want to reproduce a stroke size on canvas. You can click the
        center and expand to retrieve approximately the size without computing
        it in pixels.
      Limitations and future work:
      * This is a first draft and I still want to test if it works well with
        the "lock brush to view" and with scale factor > 1.
      * I want to associate this with work done for #7034 so that visual hint
        still appear even when we have no visual hint set.
      * I am not so fond of with the way we use enum actions which doesn't
        really make satisfying logics (I hacked a bit over it, but it's
        getting ugly). I'm considering creating int/double actions to really
        set some values with exact numbers through actions.
      * Right now we need to stop the right click first. I want to be able to
        stop the brush sizing with releasing Alt too.
      * It would be nice to make this all more customizable, which is why I
        called internal variable "mod1_setting". The goal will be to have
        other types of actions possibly. Also it could be deactivatable for
        people really not liking these or hitting these by mistake (while not
        needing these). Same for the navigation shorcuts.
      * Similarly the right-click menu could be deactivatable or switched to
        other actions conditionally (through Preferences). It is doubtful how
        useful it is (compared to using the same menus on top of the GUI)
        though I don't want to just delete the option because some people
        would clearly be used to it.
      * I think we should start breaking down the whole tool events code a bit
        more, in particular the function gimp_display_shell_canvas_tool_events().
      * For more settings, a small on-canvas GUI could be of interest where
        you could customize various values through sliders and buttons, and
        also where you could put your favorite brushes or dynamics or whatnot.
        It's not replacing the more complete dockable but could be a nice
        quick version for fast editing.
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      Update Swedish translation · 45207352
      Anders Jonsson authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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