1. 05 Mar, 2021 4 commits
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    • Jacob Boerema's avatar
      plug-ins: improve a few error messages and allow translating. · 20cedd4c
      Jacob Boerema authored
      Improved and added a few error messages and made all
      user visible messages (g_message) translatable.
    • Jacob Boerema's avatar
      plug-ins: add more safety checks when loading a TIFF image. · 2ff9ccf4
      Jacob Boerema authored
      Testing some fuzzed TIFF images from the imagetestsuite
      revealed we should add some more checks for valid input
      and function returns.
      We now stop whenever the reported bps is above 64.
      Even if it is valid we can't handle it anyway and I'm not
      aware of any actual valid image like that.
      Make sure the image dimensions are valid and in the range
      that GIMP can handle.
      Return directly when TIFFReadRGBAImage fails instead
      of doing further processing and improve the error message.
      Check result of TIFFReadTile and return if it fails.
    • Jacob Boerema's avatar
      plug-ins: libtiff warnings can cause a crash on Windows. · 97739af6
      Jacob Boerema authored
      Certain broken tiff fax images can cause a huge amount of warnings
      which on Windows eventually causes GIMP to run out of resources
      and then crash.
      Since the avarage user won't have much use for these warnings
      let's just only send them to stderr.
    • Jehan's avatar
      libgimp: fix annotation. · a44de467
      Jehan authored
      Fixing the GIR warning:
      >  Warning: Gimp: gimp_image_take_selected_layers: argument layers: Missing (element-type) annotation
    • Jehan's avatar
      plug-ins: also generate grayscale color profiles from gAMA/cHRM chunks. · f0a8c0c3
      Jehan authored
      The PNG specs says:
      > The cHRM chunk is allowed in all PNG datastreams, although it is of
      little value for greyscale images.
      Though it doesn't say it's completely useless though. So let's still
      extract the info and give it to Little-CMS.
      As for the gAMA chunk, it doesn't say it's not usable for grayscale
      Note that if one of the 2 values is not set, it will use default values
      for sRGB (i.e. default simili-sRGB gamma or d65 whitepoint). Not sure if
      this is totally right.
      See also issue #6501.
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  9. 24 Feb, 2021 7 commits
    • Anders Jonsson's avatar
      Update Swedish translation · e83faedb
      Anders Jonsson authored
    • Stanislav Grinkov's avatar
      tools: Rectangle select. Incorrect center_xy after converting channel selection to rectangle · 69594266
      Stanislav Grinkov authored
      Was caused by widget tool fixed_center_x and fixed_center_y coordinates set to
      coordinates of mouse click instead of rectangle center after converting channel
      selection bbox to rectangle.
      Now rectangle fixed_center_x and fixed_center_y coordinates are always updated
      when tool widget x1, x2, y1, or y2 coordinates are updated.
      Closes #6487
    • Yuri Chornoivan's avatar
      Update Ukrainian translation · a3e7bdf9
      Yuri Chornoivan authored
    • luz paz's avatar
      Issue #6446: Typo fixes. · 64573940
      luz paz authored
    • Jehan's avatar
      plug-ins: get rid of gimp_image_(s|g)et_active_layer(). · 72d1f9cb
      Jehan authored
      No more usage of the single active layer concept in existing plug-in
    • Jehan's avatar
      libgimp: new gimp_image_take_selected_layers(). · 6e7ce324
      Jehan authored
      Similar to gimp_image_set_selected_layers() except that it takes a GList
      (instead of a C array) and also it takes ownership of the list pointer.
      This makes it much easier to use in some specific situations.
    • Jehan's avatar
      plug-ins: multi-layer support in PSD load/export. · 0f0e63ff
      Jehan authored
      - Store the Layer ID (lyid) block. Use GIMP's layer tattoo as a PSD
        layer ID, hence mirroring PSD load processing (we were already reading
        this block into our layer tattoos but always exporting with no ID).
      - Add support for the Layer Selection ID(s) block (0x042D) both on
        import and export in order to store and restore the multi-layer
        We were previously using the Layer state information block (0x0400) to
        store the active layer, but it doesn't seem to be usable for multiple
        layer selection. Actually it is even doubtful if this was working fine
        even for single layer selection but I can't be sure (I could only test
        in non-Photoshop software available to me). So the new logics is:
        * If more than 1 layer is selected, store only the Layer Selection
          ID(s) block.
        * If exactly 1 layer is selected, store both the Layer Selection ID(s)
          and Layer state information blocks.
        * Otherwise (no layers selected) do not store any of these blocks.
  10. 21 Feb, 2021 4 commits