1. 03 Jul, 2022 3 commits
  2. 02 Jul, 2022 3 commits
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      NEWS: update. · 5df6c735
      Jehan authored
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      app: s/g_warning/g_printerr/ to warn about duplicate actions. · 420f1f53
      Jehan authored
      g_warning() (as well as g_critical() and g_return_*()) are reserved for
      core code bugs, and therefore triggers a debug dialog with a backtrace
      to report.
      Here I encountered such duplicate because ts-helloworld.scm was moved
      around from scripts/ to plug-ins/ since commit d5a83429 and I hadn't
      done a clean uninstall (so of course someone with package installation
      should not have such a debug dialog). Yet it could actually happen for
      various reasons, such as third-party plug-ins actually registering
      identically named actions. Such reasons are not core code bugs and we
      don't want to trigger a debug dialog (and have people report bugs to us
      which are not actual bugs and which we have no power to fix) each time a
      plug-in developer uses a too generic action name.
      So instead let's just print to stderr for now. I also add the
      information on which plug-in was discarded (otherwise if you actually
      have 2 different plug-ins doing different things, you wouldn't know
      which one is the visible one and which one can't be called).
      Note that I hesitated with a g_message() which would pop-up a
      user-facing error and would help them better handle their plug-in
      conflict. But I'm not sure it's ideal in current state of things either.
      It might be much better handled when we will have moved to recommending
      extensions wrapping plug-ins.
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      core: Add softproof profile to GimpImage · 0d7fed93
      Alx Sa authored and Jehan's avatar Jehan committed
      Adds a simulation_profile to GimpImage to allow plug-ins to access it
      for CMYK import/export.
      Two pdb functions were added to enable this access:
      image_get_simulation_profile () and image_set_simulation_profile()
      Next, it updates menu options and code to support GimpImage's
      internal simulation profile. Menu items are moved from View to Image's
      Color Management section.
      New 'simulation-profile-changed' signal is emitted via
      GimpColorManagedInterface so that relevant tools (such as the
      CYMK color picker, GimpColorFrame, and future dockable
      dialogue) are aware of these changes.
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  7. 27 Jun, 2022 4 commits
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      plug-ins: use list() variants in bindings. · 69f6f574
      Jehan authored
      Cf. previous commit.
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      Issue #5946: skip gimp_*get_*() API from GObject Introspection. · 15ec2541
      Jehan authored
      The get() API are sometimes nicer in C code because it's just simpler to
      loop through C arrays, but they end up with similar API to the list()
      variants for binding, or with a useless size return value (since most
      higher level languages have length-aware array types, which is what
      GList are transformed into).
      So let's use the list() variants as the main ones and skip the get()
      variants. I hesitated to rename the list() variants to get() with
      `(rename-to)` annotations but since I am unsure if the get() bindings
      are absolutely useless, I don't think it's the best idea. Maybe on some
      other language usable as GI binding, the get() variant might be
      different again and nicer to use. So if we shadowed these by renaming
      list() ones, the day we change our mind, we'd have to rename get() ones
      too (which would be very confusing), or else break bindings' API. To
      avoid this, I just skip the get() ones altogether in bindings but leave
      their name available in the bindings.
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      po-tips: Fix gettext translation · 3473883e
      Niels De Graef authored
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      Update Dutch translation · 1e8f2d0a
      Nathan Follens authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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  9. 25 Jun, 2022 9 commits
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      Update Ukrainian translation · cac8f7f5
      Yuri Chornoivan authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      Update Ukrainian translation · ca4e6d0d
      Yuri Chornoivan authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      Update Ukrainian translation · 4eb29abf
      Yuri Chornoivan authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      app, macOS: Remove crash handling conflict · 87752089
      Lukas Oberhuber authored and Jehan's avatar Jehan committed
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      build: intltool is still needed by libmypaint. · dfa1f0fc
      Jehan authored
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      build: fix the distcheck. · 66812c88
      Jehan authored
      MR !653 was merged too early as Gitlab bugged on us! Anyway this fixes
      the distribution contents.
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      extensions: fix builds after MR !653 (migrating to gettext). · 8122e8cf
      Jehan authored
      (1) On recent meson versions, it fixes this error:
      > extensions/goat-exercises/meson.build:108:0: ERROR: i18n.merge_file keyword argument 'output' was of type array[str] but should have been str
      As docs explains, 'output' only accepts one item in i18n.merge_file().
      This bug also happens on older meson (but there the reported error is a
      lot less useful as it doesn't mention local meson build code).
      (2) `setup.isl.xml` is a temporary intermediary file used to create the
          Windows installer. It must not be installed.
      (3) `gimp30-windows-installer.mo` itself is only used to create
          `setup.isl.xml`. It must not be installed as well.
      (4) gimp-tips.(its|loc) files (same for gimp-tags ones) should not be
          installed. They are only temporary data.
      (5) Fix environment variable: s/GETTEXT_DATA_DIRS/GETTEXTDATADIRS/
      > /usr/bin/msgfmt: cannot locate ITS rules for ../../../data/tips/gimp-tips.xml.in
      (6) Fix various bugs in the *.setup....
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      Migrate from intltool to gettext · f663d26a
      Niels De Graef authored and Jehan's avatar Jehan committed
      intltool has long been dead upstream. Let's not poke the dead corpse,
      This commit is quite large, but that's mostly since trying to support a
      hybrid of both gettext and intltool with both Meson and Autotools was
      really hard, so I stopped trying.
      Due to gettext relying on quite some things being at the exactly right
      place in the autotools build (like `ABOUT-NLS` and `config.rpath`) we
      really needed to cleanup the `autogen.sh` to only call `aclocal` and
      `autoreconf`. No more strange magic; I tried to do it without changing
      too much in the file, and things just broke. If people want to do
      something more custom, they can just change the script directly. This
      change also uncovered some problems in our `configure.ac`, like using
      deprecated macros.
      The following major changes happened:
      * meson: Changed `custom_target()` to `i18n.merge_file()` for all
        supported file types
      * Added `.its` and `.loc`  files for the GIMP-specific XML formats, so
        that gettext understand...
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      Update Georgian translation · a9f7feab
      Zurab Kargareteli authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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