1. 23 May, 2022 2 commits
  2. 22 May, 2022 2 commits
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      plug-ins: fix #7613 overwrite export creates thumbnail when it shouldn't · a96dc81e
      Jacob Boerema authored
      When overwriting the same file when exporting, we didn't check if the
      image previously had a thumbnail. If the default setting in Preferences
      is to add a thumbnail, then it would add one where it shouldn't.
      Since thumbnails get saves as part of the EXIF metadata, we need to check
      that to see if there was a thumbnail in the original image.
      However, we were always removing the thumbnail from the metadata on import.
      Let's delay removing this metadata until we need to, which has the
      advantage that the metadata in our viewer is more complete.
      When exporting starts, we add a check in gimp_image_metadata_save_prepare
      to see if there was a thumbnail in the EXIF metadata. If not, then we
      disable the thumbnail flag.
      In gimp_image_metadata_save_filter we remove the thumbnail metadata when
      the user doesn't want to save a thumbnail, or when the image format
      does not support EXIF.
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      Update Polish translation · 26aafaa8
      Piotr Drąg authored
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  10. 14 May, 2022 14 commits
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      Update Swedish translation · 59241960
      Anders Jonsson authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      Update Portuguese translation · 8ef8774d
      Hugo Carvalho authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      Update Portuguese translation · 8f96af14
      Hugo Carvalho authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      devel-docs: fix again · 6f14db9e
      Jehan authored
      This will work around such errors from the g-ir-doc build:
      > devel-docs/g-ir-docs/pages/python/Gimp-3.0/Gimp.checks_get_colors.page:46: parser error : EntityRef: expecting ';'
      > gimp_checks_get_colors (gimp_check_type (), &color1, &color2);
      >                                                    ^
      Similar to commit 7123b6c4, it cannot really be considered a proper
      fix, barely a workaround for g-ir-doc-tool not even able to produce
      valid XML. Here we have ampersands which it should have espaced into XML
      Anyway this will do for now (until we just decide to drop the g-ir-docs
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      NEWS: updates. · b0384e8e
      Jehan authored
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      devel-docs, libgimpbase: getting rid of gimp_checks_get_shades(). · 0c01a443
      Jehan authored
      In the original gimp-2-10 branch where this feature was originally
      worked on, we had to keep gimp_checks_get_shades(). But on `master`
      where we will reset and break API, let's get rid of this function which
      should not be used anymore.
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      plug-ins: replace gimp_checks_get_shades() by gimp_checks_get_colors(). · 8d61c421
      Jehan authored
      The animation playback now follows user preferences for checkboard
      Also fixing a small bug there, as the GIMP_CHECK_SIZE_SMALL_CHECKS was
      the wrong type (it needed a check type, not a check size parameter).
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      Update Ukrainian translation · de246c5f
      Yuri Chornoivan authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      Update Ukrainian translation · 64bfebc7
      Yuri Chornoivan authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      libgimpbase: bump the protocol version. · b112e708
      Jehan authored
      Since we changed it, the version must be incremented too. It means that
      third-party developers will have to rebuild their plug-ins.
      Fixed Conflicts from !274:
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      app, libgimpbase: improve preferences and checkboard defaults. · 916c5f9d
      Jehan authored
      - Slightly nicer layout for the checkboard color widgets.
      - Also set the 2 color widgets insensitive when the check type is not
      - Default the custom colors to the same colors as the basic default
        grayscale. I mean, red and blue defaults are fun and all, but that's
        like radioactive colors burning the eyes! Ahahah!
      - Unlike the gimp-2-10 commit (cf. !274), on the main dev branch, use
        the new GimpLabelColor widget.
      Fixed Conflicts from !274:
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      plug-ins: tile-small should respect the user-set transparency rendering. · 17874927
      Jehan authored
      Right now, the various Gimp*Preview classes have code initializing their
      transparency colors correctly. Some plug-ins, such as tile-small are
      directly using a GimpPreviewArea and need to be initialized directly by
      the plug-in.
      I also realized that several plug-ins (such as gradient-flare) are
      rendering their own alpha checkboard, despite using a GimpPreviewArea
      (maybe was it code from a time before this class had support for alpha
      checkboard rendering?). So this would have to be improved later.
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      app, libgimp, libgimpbase, libgimpwidgets: better checkboard colors API. · 87f7a927
      Jehan authored
      - Some coding style fixes (alignment, etc.).
      - Adding missing "Since: 3.0" annotations. We are still wondering
        whether this should go in 2.10, in which case, it would become
        "Since: 2.10.32" annotations. See discussion in !274.
      - Changing gimp_checks_get_colors() signature: merge the 4 color
        arguments into 2 (inout) arguments which seems a bit nicer in C,
        whereas binding handles such arguments correctly. The other
        alternative would have been to at least change the order to have out
        arguments in the end.
        I also hesitated to get another API in libgimp, which would have been
        config-aware (just returning the 2 check colors, depending on user-set
        Preferences), then having GimpPreviewArea handling 2 colors (without a
        GimpCheckType input). But actually, doing this, we'd remove the nice
        menu popup where one could choose a generic check type (not everyone
        wants to play with specific non-gray colors) in Gimp*Preview wi...