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    • Jacob Boerema's avatar
      plug-ins: fix saving of XMP BAG/SEQ array values in metadata-editor · a2335962
      Jacob Boerema authored
      XMP array tags of type BAG and SEQ can have multiple values, each of
      which is on a separate line. However, we were reading and saving it as
      just one value.
      We change this by setting each line as a separate value with
      In addition to that we found that setting the type of tag struct with
      gexiv2_metadata_set_xmp_tag_struct caused arrays of multiple values per
      tag to be set incorrectly: the last value in the list got added multiple
      times. I'm not sure if we are using this function incorrectly, or that
      there is a bug in gexiv2 or exiv2. Anyway, since it seems that all tags
      and values I tested work without calling this function, let's just omit
      this call.
      (cherry picked from commit a4cb134f)
    • Jacob Boerema's avatar
      plug-ins: improve loading of XMP BAG/SEQ tags in metadata-editor · dd830db3
      Jacob Boerema authored
      XMP array tags of type BAG and SEQ can have multiple values, each of these
      values needs to be on a separate line to be correctly recognized as a
      different value in the tag array. We were incorrectly loading all values
      on one line separated by a comma.
      For those tags that have equivalent IPTC tags we were also comparing just
      the one XMP value with the whole, possibly multiple lines, of the same
      IPTC, which could cause a failure to recognize identical tags.
      We changed this to now have each value in a tag array on a separate line
      by adding \n between values.
      Each IPTC equivalent tag value is now compared to each value in the XMP
      tag array and only added when a different value is found.
      (cherry picked from commit 76dc649b)
    • Jacob Boerema's avatar
      plug-ins: in metadata-viewer improve how we show XMP tags. · 3150f08a
      Jacob Boerema authored
      XMP tags that have multiple values (usually of type XMpBag or XmpSeq) were
      shown on one line. Which, especially for long text values, could make it
      difficult to see the separate values for that tag.
      Let's do the same as we do for IPTC tags that can occur multiple times and
      show each value on a separate line.
      (cherry picked from commit baaa1380)
    • Jacob Boerema's avatar
      plug-ins: use separate function for adding multiple values per tag · 7a7f209c
      Jacob Boerema authored
      In the metadata-viewer refactor the code that adds multiple values per tag
      to the list store into a separate function.
      Currently used for IPTC tags only but the intention is to reuse it for
      XMP tags with multiple values.
      (cherry picked from commit e9ab89fa)
      # Conflicts:
      #	plug-ins/metadata/metadata-viewer.c
    • Jacob Boerema's avatar
      plug-ins: fix #6258 Hierarchical XMP tag should be written to Array · aed3d9c7
      Jacob Boerema authored
      When saving XMP metadata were using gexiv2_metadata_get_tag_string for all
      tags, even those that can have multiple values. This caused those values
      to be saved as one value instead of multiple.
      To fix this we use gexiv2_metadata_get_tag_multiple, except for XmpText.
      Then we add all returned values for that tag separately to our metadata.
      (cherry picked from commit af888e48)
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