1. 28 Jun, 1999 3 commits
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      Use the DEBUG nmake variable to determine whether to build for debugging · ef9bef7d
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      	* */makefile.msc: Use the DEBUG nmake variable to determine
      	whether to build for debugging or not.
      	* libgimp/gimp.def: Add some missing entry points.
      	* plug-ins/makefile.msc: Redo as to Yosh's reorg of the
       	sources. Add some plug-ins missing earlier. (For instance print,
       	which only prints to files on Win32. We still need a real Win32
       	print plug-in. Much code probably could be lifted from the bmp
      	* plug-ins/MapObject/arcball.c: Change Qt_ToMatrix() to void,
       	instead of returning the address of its parameter (dubious
       	practise), as its value is never used anyway.
      	For the following changes, thanks to Hans Breuer:
      	* plug-ins/FractalExplorer/Dialogs.h: Check for feof, not to get
      	into an endless loop on malformed files.
      	* plug-ins/common/header.c: Support indexed images.
      	* plug-ins/common/sunras.c
      	* plug-ins/common/xwd.c
      	* plug-ins/print/print.h
      	* plug-ins/sgi/sgi.h: Include config.h, guard inclusion of
      	* plug-ins/print/print.c: Guard for SIGBUS being undefined. Open
       	output file in binary mode.
      	* po/makefile.msc: Add no.
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      Michael Natterer <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de> · 4cc52e24
      Sven Neumann authored
      1999-06-28  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	    Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* help/Makefile.am
      	* help/eek.png
      	* plug-ins/helpbrowser/helpbroswer.c: to see what this change
      	does, you'll have to compile it :)
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      Michael Natterer <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de> · df108807
      Sven Neumann authored
      1999-06-28  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	    Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/plug_in.c: return a PDB_EXECUTION_ERROR if a procedure
      	requested by a plugin doesn't exist.
      	* plug-ins/helpbrowser/*: The GIMP Help Browser!
      	Not yet built by default. You need GtkXmHTML to make it work.
      	There is a Makefile.classic for testing it.
      	* Makefile.am
      	* configure.in
      	* help/*: some sample help files. Subdirs are possible, too.
  2. 27 Jun, 1999 2 commits
  3. 26 Jun, 1999 2 commits
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app/[all tool related files] app/commands.c app/disp_callbacks.c · c456ba93
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-06-26  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/[all tool related files]
      	* app/commands.c
      	* app/disp_callbacks.c
      	* app/gdisplay.c
      	* app/gimage.c
      	* app/interface.c: hopefully fixed the bugs that appeared with my
      	last fix. And some more changes...
      	- Slightly changed the conditions which cause the tools to be
      	  re-initialized on button_press events and the global
      	  initialisation functions.
      	- The dialog tools now explicitly set tool->gdisp_ptr so they can
      	  be properly hidden on display deletion.
      	- Create the crop info dialog only once and avoid ugly redraw bugs
      	  by blocking the sizeentries' signal when initializing them.
      	- Standardized the tools_new_<tool>() functions. They are
      	  scheduled to be moved to a common constructor in tools.c
      	- Various stuff...
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      Michael Natterer authored
  4. 25 Jun, 1999 3 commits
    • BST 1999 Andy Thomas's avatar
      lc_dialog.c · 9c5f39c1
      BST 1999 Andy Thomas authored
      Fri Jun 25 22:09:04 BST 1999 Andy Thomas <alt@gimp.org>
      	* lc_dialog.c
      	Fixed problem when preview sizes are changed in L&C&P
      	dialog and then the busy cursors stuff tried to change
      	the cursor on a dialog that has been removed. (ie
      	the LCP dialog should be unregistered when it is destroyed)
      	Small previews in LCP dialog image menu do not get created when 		no preview preference is set.
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      auf.. I'm stupid · bb0fa4ef
      Manish Singh authored
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      plug-ins/common/mkgen.pl added a pattern rule to install single plugins · 204908ef
      Manish Singh authored
      * plug-ins/common/mkgen.pl
      * plug-ins/common/Makefile.am: added a pattern rule to install
      single plugins
      * all plugin Makefiles: use $libexecdir instead of $pluginlibdir
      so we get installed on make install-exec
      * plug-ins/gap/gap_filter_iterators.c: removed old Colorify_iter_ALT
  5. 24 Jun, 1999 8 commits
  6. 23 Jun, 1999 9 commits
    • BST 1999 Andy Thomas's avatar
      gimp/app/gimppreviewcache.c gimp/app/gimppreviewcache.h · 9b7d21da
      BST 1999 Andy Thomas authored
      Wed Jun 23 23:52:54 BST 1999 Andy Thomas <alt@gimp.org>
      	* gimp/app/gimppreviewcache.c
      	* gimp/app/gimppreviewcache.h
      	* gimp/app/drawable_cmds.c
      	* gimp/app/gdisplay.c
      	* gimp/app/gimpdrawableP.h
      	* gimp/app/gimage_cmds.c
      	* gimp/app/Makefile.am
      	* gimp/app/layers_dialog.c
      	* gimp/app/channel.c
      	* gimp/app/lc_dialog.c
      	* gimp/app/lc_dialog.h
      	* gimp/app/lc_dialogP.h
      	* gimp/app/layer.c
      	* gimp/app/gimpdrawable.c
      	* gimp/app/internal_procs.c
      	* gimp/libgimp/gimp.h
      	* gimp/libgimp/gimpimage.c
      	* gimp/libgimp/gimpdrawable.c
      	* gimp/libgimp/gimpmenu.c
      	* gimp/tools/pdbgen/pdb/drawable.pdb
      	* gimp/tools/pdbgen/pdb/gimage.pdb
      	Added thumbnail image preview functions.
      	Previews are visible on the L&C&P dialogs as well as in the
      	drawables/channels/ menus generated for plugins
      	(see the bumpmap & Mapobject plugins).
      	PDB interface exists to simply extract a thumbnail preview
      	of a given size. This is much quicker & more efficient
      	than getting the image data tile-by-tile if you only need a small
      	image since a "preview cache" has been implemented. This cache also
      	reduces the number of times the tiles cached is scanned since smaller
      	previews are always generated from large ones if they exists and
      	are valid.
      	Some possible usages (I don't intend to implement these ideas. Just
      	suggestions). More plugins using the thumbnail preview (ie any that
      	use multiple images). Indication of "active image" somewhere.....
      	Actually almost anywhere a drawable/image name appears.
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      forgot to remove a debugging g_printf. · 6bd258c5
      Michael Natterer authored
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app/brightness_contrast.c app/by_color_select.c app/curves.c · d5d99e5c
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-06-23  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/brightness_contrast.c
      	* app/by_color_select.c
      	* app/curves.c
      	* app/disp_callbacks.c
      	* app/histogram_tool.c
      	* app/hue_saturation.c
      	* app/levels.c
      	* app/posterize.c
      	* app/threshold.c:
      	Factored out the cleaning up code to the tool dialog's "cancel"
      	callbacks because they are called from every function which is
      	aborting the tool. This should fix the remaining segfaults.
      	I probably killed a feature of "Levels". The tool wanted to
      	preserve it's drawable all the time, so it was possible to select
      	colors from other displays. If this was the intended behaviour,
      	please flame me and I will try to set the "preserve" flag
      	* plug-ins/common/Makefile.am: "struc" was in the Makefile but not
      	in the directory.
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      changed log · ac73ea58
      Manish Singh authored
    • Manish Singh's avatar
      shut up cvs · a7fd4646
      Manish Singh authored
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      Finished plugin reorg · 9ef0877f
      Manish Singh authored
    • Manish Singh's avatar
      plug-in reorg · 4ca0d0be
      Manish Singh authored
    • Manish Singh's avatar
      bye bye · 00410c3b
      Manish Singh authored
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      Moved. · 780b221f
      Manish Singh authored
  7. 21 Jun, 1999 10 commits
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      don't try to figure out G_BYTE_ORDER for ourselves · 650aae34
      Manish Singh authored
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      namespace cleanups. · f1b5e1ae
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-06-21  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/context_manager.c: namespace cleanups.
      	* app/commands.[ch]
      	* app/menus.c: moved the "Toggle Selection" menu entry to "View",
      	sprinkled some separators and made the layers/channels/paths popup
      	menus consistent with Tigert's last ops buttons change.
      	* app/fileops.c
      	* app/plug_in.c: check for gdisplay_active() returning NULL in
      	some more places.
      	* app/[all tool related files]:
      	- Turned the ToolAction and ToolState #define's into typedef'ed
      	  enums, so the compiler can do some more sanity checking.
      	- Removed one more unused global variable "active_tool_layer".
      	- Removed some #include's from tools.c.
      	- Standardized the individual tools' structure names.
      	- Moved showing/hiding the tool options to separate functions.
      	- Stuff...
      	* app/commands.c
      	* app/disp_callbacks.c
      	* app/gdisplay.c
      	* app/tools.c: fixed the segfaults which happened when the image
      	of one of the tools which have dialogs (levels/posterize/...) was
      	deleted. My approach was to do stricter sanity checking and to set
      	some gdisplay pointers correctly where appropriate, so I can't
      	tell exactly where the bug was.
      	The curves tool now(??) updates on every _second_ display change
      	only, which is really obscure.
      	Finding/changing the display to operate on should definitely be
      	done by connecting to the user context's "display_changed"
      	* app/gimpset.c: emit the "remove" signal _after_ removing the
      	pointer from the set. If this was not a bug but a feature, please
      	let me know, we'll need two signals then.
    • Manish Singh's avatar
      cosmetic change · b8bb67bd
      Manish Singh authored
      * app/Makefile.am: cosmetic change
      * app/plug_in.c: reordered #includes to prevent MAX/MIN conflict
      * app/menus.c: removed the weird translation code in favor of
      the item factory translation function. This may have broken some
      .po files.. we'll see. Also, added some more tearoffs and made
      tearoffs appear automagically when plugins register menu entries.
      * libgimp/gimpimage.c
      * libgimp/gimpenums.h: redid the GOrientation enum to match the
      app. Removed special casing in the handler.
      * plug-ins/guillotine/guillotine.c: small clean up
    • Marc Lehmann's avatar
      see plug-ins/perl/Changes · f6fdc9cf
      Marc Lehmann authored
    • Tuomas Kuosmanen's avatar
      The button reorganization. /tig · cf1a6475
      Tuomas Kuosmanen authored
    • Tuomas Kuosmanen's avatar
      Changed the Delete layer button to be on the right edge. For consistency · 7404ec7c
      Tuomas Kuosmanen authored
      I will do this to all the notebook tabs, probably later today. /Tigert
    • Yukihiro Nakai's avatar
      ja.po: Japanese translation update from SHIRASAKI Yasuhiro. · 81124dce
      Yukihiro Nakai authored
      ja.po: Japanese translation update from SHIRASAKI Yasuhiro.
    • Yukihiro Nakai's avatar
      Add Japanese tips text from SHIRASAKI Yasuhiro. · e1ac5b8b
      Yukihiro Nakai authored
      Add Japanese tips text from SHIRASAKI Yasuhiro.
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Update version. · 12938f1b
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      	* libgimp/gimpfeatures.h.win32: Update version.
      	* app/file_new_dialog.c: Include gimpcontext.h.
      	* app/gdisplay.c: Don't pass a pointer as an int parameter,
      	pass the result of an inequality comparison to zero.
      	* app/makefile.msc: Add new files.
      	* plug-ins/makefile.msc: Build the ps plug-in, too.
      	* plug-ins/ps/ps.c: Add code to use a "real" output file, not a
       	pipe (needed with Win32 port of ghostscript).
      	Use g_strdup_printf() instead of separate g_malloc() and sprintf()
       	calls. No need to check failure of g_malloc(), it aborts on
       	failure. Open files in binary mode.
      	(Win32:) Use indirect command line file to guard for too long
       	command line. (Not sure if this is really needed.) Use the
       	gswin32c program.
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      Eeeeek, checked in from the wrong tree before. Fortunately, only one · aacac3ad
      Michael Natterer authored
      one file was old...
  8. 20 Jun, 1999 3 commits
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      connect to the user context's "display_changed" and to the image context's · a72dbe86
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-06-21  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/context_manager.c: connect to the user context's
      	"display_changed" and to the image context's "remove" signal to
      	avoid dangling references and to set the menu sensitivity on
      	display change.
      	* app/disp_callbacks.c
      	* app/file_new_dialog.c
      	* app/fileops.c
      	* app/gdisplay.c
      	* app/gdisplay_ops.c
      	* app/gimpcontext.c
      	* app/interface.[ch]: entirely moved the active display stuff to
      	the user context:
      	- The active display is set by any event in the display shell,
      	  by File/New and File/Open.
      	- gdisplay_delete() resets the active display to NULL if we
      	  deleted the active display.
      	- Reduced gdisplay_active() to a single statement returning the
      	  context's active display. Should replace it by a macro.
      	- gdisplay_flush_whenever() sets the menu sensitivity for the
      	  active display.
      	- Removed global variable popup_shell since it was only set all
      	  the time but never used. I guess it's original job is now done
      	  by the context anyway.
      	- gdisplay_set_menu_sensitivity() works with gdisp == NULL.
      	- There are mysterious Gdk-CRITICALs if both <Image> and one of
      	  it's sub-menus are teared-off. Probably a gtk+ bug.
      	To do all this stuff at a central place, there needs to be a
      	GimpSet of displays (and ideally, GDisplay should be a GtkObject).
      	* app/commands.c
      	* app/lc_dialog.c: fixed segfaults happening with teared-off menus.
    • Tuomas Kuosmanen's avatar
      new icon for delete button (layers, channels, paths, whatever) · 14464978
      Tuomas Kuosmanen authored
      I hope this wont break anything. Tomorrow is a better day to hack some C :)
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app/commands.c app/disp_callbacks.c app/gdisplay.c app/lc_dialog.c applied · 142ccb74
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-06-20  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/commands.c
      	* app/disp_callbacks.c
      	* app/gdisplay.c
      	* app/lc_dialog.c
      	* app/menus.c: applied a patch from <Simon.Budig@unix-ag.org>
      	which implements tear-off-menus(!!!). Modified it to use the
      	The sensitivity of the menu entries is not updated after
      	executing a command. This leaves the sensitivity in the state
      	before the command was executed (which is buggy). Will probably
      	have to update the sensitivity from gdisplays_flush().
      	Simon called the patch "temporary" but it looks pretty stable to
      	me. Please test it :-)
      	* app/context_manager.[ch]: minor changes.
      	* app/gimpcontext.[ch]: the user context keeps track of the
      	current display and image. The image is set automatically from
      	Still have to figure out how this should interact with
      	gdisplay_active() (the current state is a hack).
      	Made the context attributes real GtkObject arguments.
      	Pass the changed attributes to the callbacks which connect to
      	the <attribute>_changed signals.
      	* app/gimpset.[ch]
      	* app/gimpsetF.h
      	* app/gimpsetP.h: made the gimpset properly derivable by adding
      	signal slots to the object class structure. Added copyright
      	* app/gimpsignal.[ch]: new type gimp_sigtype_double, copyright
      	header and my usual indentation fanaticism.