1. 30 Sep, 2019 8 commits
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      plug-ins: generated rc files depends on git-version.h. · e65639ec
      Jehan authored
      We must make sure that git-version.h has already been generated before
      we run windows.compile_resources() for the Windows host.
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      gitlab-ci: run gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders. · 203509fe
      Jehan authored
      It was not necessary when I was only running the cross-build job. Not
      sure why it is needed now. What do the parallel jobs share exactly in
      this CI system? Anyway…
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      libgimp: fix meson build. · f87ae8cc
      Jehan authored
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      build, gitlab-ci: add a script to cross-build GIMP with Gitlab CI. · e17efb7a
      Jehan authored
      It looks like Arch does not have mingw64 cross-compilers in core package
      repository. It does have some package in the user repository (AUR), but
      I assume that such a repository cannot be deemed as safe.
      Anyway I still tried, but apparently these AUR packages have to be built
      and when I tried, I got this error:
      >  ERROR: Running makepkg as root is not allowed as it can cause
      > permanent, catastrophic damage to your system.
      Anyway it's all a big mess. Then I tried to move the cross-CI to Debian
      testing, which is anyway our base compatibility system. Unfortunately I
      encountered like what looked like some glibc++ macro problem on some
      packages (most likely because the pre-built packages I use are Fedora
      ones which likely uses a cross-compiler differently built from the
      Debian one).
      So in the end, for simplicity, I use a Fedora image, then I am sure to
      get a good match between the system cross-compiler and the pre-built
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      plug-ins: same cleanup in the DDS load dialog · d3cfae27
      Michael Natterer authored
      and some more general cleanups.
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      plug-ins: prepare file-dds for GimpProcedureConfig porting · b10bdf88
      Michael Natterer authored
      by replacing its own combo box code by GimpIntComboBox which is
      trivially portable to propwidgets. Also some formatting cleanup in the
      save code.
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      Update Spanish translation · de03dbed
      Rodrigo Lledó Milanca authored
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      Issue #3994 - Artifacts when committing half-cached filters · 88c6f829
      Ell authored
      In gimp_gegl_apply_cached_operation(), when applying a non-point
      filter with the same source and destination buffers, render the
      result to a temporary buffer to avoid chunking artifacts.  We'd
      previously duplicate the source buffer instead (with commit
      35729ee0 erroneously copying the
      cached results to the source/destination buffer before duplicating
      it, causing this bug), but we now use a temporary result buffer
      instead; this has roughly the same overhead, but would allow us to
      keep the original operation-node input when committing a drawable
      filter in a future commit, which would avoid dropping any cached
  2. 29 Sep, 2019 1 commit
  3. 28 Sep, 2019 9 commits
  4. 27 Sep, 2019 4 commits
  5. 26 Sep, 2019 9 commits
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      Issue #3990: make the status of the XCF docs a bit clearer (hopefully). · 80e2e0a5
      Jehan authored
      Though it may have started as an unofficial document, it is clearly now
      an official one (which should be obvious since it is in our source
      repository, but apparently some people get misled by the historical
      "Status" text to think this to be somehow unofficial).
      So first of all, change the s/official/unofficial/ mention.
      Secondly, add a small paragraph explicitly telling that the document is
      complete (and meant to be), to the best of our knowledge. This document
      is a detailed, full and exhaustive written "specification" of the XCF
      format up to GIMP 2.10.x (even though the normative spec is still the
      code itself). Now we are humans, we may have missed something, and if
      so, this is just to be considered as any other bug, and reported to us
      nicely to be fixed.
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      Update Catalan translation · ab16f001
      Jordi Mas authored
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      Updated Slovenian translation · eb070343
      Martin Srebotnjak authored
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      Updated Slovenian translation · 5c966343
      Martin Srebotnjak authored
    • Martin Srebotnjak's avatar
      Updated Slovenian translation · 8829a728
      Martin Srebotnjak authored
    • Martin Srebotnjak's avatar
      Updated Slovenian translation · 44ad1a67
      Martin Srebotnjak authored
    • Martin Srebotnjak's avatar
      Updated Slovenian translation · 2ea77e87
      Martin Srebotnjak authored
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      libgimp: improve handling of procedure default values a lot · 45e96a0f
      Michael Natterer authored
      Add internal GimpProcedureConfig API to load/save "default values"
      which are to be treated as if they were the hardcoded GParamSpec
      defaults, but user-configurable. Also make all other load/save
      functions available to other libgimp files.
      In gimp_procedure_run(), if incomplete arguments are passed, don't
      just complete them with the GParamSpec defaults, but look up the
      user-saved defaults and use them if they exist. This happens before
      everything else and brings back the PNG export feature of using
      user-saved defaults also in non-interactive mode (but for all
      procedures not just PNG export).
      In GimpProcedureDialog, add "Load Defaults" and "Save Defaults"
      buttons, they are the only way of managing the user-configurable
      procedure defaults.
      When clicking "Reset", show a popover with the reset options "Initial
      Values" and "Factory Defaults".
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  6. 25 Sep, 2019 8 commits
  7. 24 Sep, 2019 1 commit
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      plug-ins: port file-png to GimpProcedureConfig and use propwidgets · 1793a085
      Michael Natterer authored
      Remove the save dialog's builder file and construct the dialog
      manually, which is actually less and more obvious code thanks to
      propwidgets, which are not suited for a builder GUI.
      I guess file-png-save counts as a real test for the new procedure
      config stuff, and it seems to work nicely. The only thing that's a bit
      ugly is the GimpMetadata integration which doesn't exist yet.