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      app, libgimp, libgimpbase: big plug-in API refactoring part three · 0a6f157d
      Michael Natterer authored
      - libgimpbase: change GPParam to transfer all information about the
        GValues we use, in the same way done for GPParamDef. GPParam is now
        different from GimpParam from libgimp, pointers can't be casted any
        longer. The protocol is now completely GimpPDBArgType-free. Remove
        gp_params_destroy() from the public API.
      - libgimp: add API to convert between an array of GPParams and
        GimpValueArray, the latter is now the new official API for dealing
        with procedure arguments and return values, GimpParam is cruft (the
        wire now talks with GimpPlugIn more directly than with the members
        of GimpPlugInInfo, which need additional compat conversions).
      - libgimp, app: rename gimpgpparamspecs.[ch] to simply
        gimpgpparams.[ch] which is also more accurate because they now
        contain GValue functions too. The code that used to live in
        app/plug-in/plug-in-params.h is now completely in libgimp.
      - app: contains no protocol compat code any longer, the only place
        that uses GimpPDBArgType is the PDB query procedure implementation,
        which also needs to change.
      - app: change some forgotten int32 run-modes to enums.