1. 08 Oct, 1998 1 commit
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      Modified Files: ChangeLog app/Makefile.am app/channel.c · e2a601d4
      jaycox authored
       Modified Files:
       	ChangeLog app/Makefile.am app/channel.c app/drawable_cmds.c
       	app/drawable_cmds.h app/gimage_cmds.c app/gimage_cmds.h
       	app/gimpdrawable.c app/gimpdrawable.h app/gimpdrawableP.h
       	app/gimpimage.c app/gimpimage.h app/gimpimageP.h
       	app/internal_procs.c app/layer.c app/plug_in.c
       	app/procedural_db.c app/procedural_db.h libgimp/Makefile.am
       	libgimp/gimp.c libgimp/gimp.h libgimp/gimpdrawable.c
       	libgimp/gimpenums.h libgimp/gimpimage.c libgimp/gimpprotocol.c
       	libgimp/gimpprotocol.h plug-ins/dbbrowser/dbbrowser_utils.c
       	plug-ins/script-fu/script-fu.c plug-ins/tiff/tiff.c
       Added Files:
       	app/parasite.c app/parasite.h app/parasiteF.h app/parasiteP.h
       	app/parasite_cmds.c app/parasite_cmds.h libgimp/gimpparasite.c
         	Allow plug-ins (and scripts) to attach arbitrary data
      	(parasites) to images, layers and channels that can be read
      	back at a later time.
  2. 24 Sep, 1998 1 commit
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      app/channel.[ch] app/channel_cmds.c app/drawable.h app/channels_dialog.c · 0fb97ecb
      jaycox authored
      	* app/channel.[ch]
      	* app/channel_cmds.c
      	* app/drawable.h
      	* app/channels_dialog.c
      	* app/gimage_cmds.c
      	* app/gimpdrawable.[ch]
      	* app/gimpimage.c
      	* app/layer.[ch]
      	* app/layer_cmds.c
      	* app/layer_select.c
      	* app/layers_dialog.c: enforce unique names for layers and
      	channels.  New functions {channel,gimp_drawable,layer}_{get,set}_name
  3. 01 Jul, 1998 1 commit
  4. 30 Jun, 1998 1 commit
    • Lauri Alanko's avatar
      start collecting some core stuff to libgimpim.a · ef3e162e
      Lauri Alanko authored
      	Started separating crud out of drawables.
      	Isolated the id system of images entirely within pdb. Even the
      	window titles and menus use pointers instead of ids. Should at
      	least remind people that this is a developers' version. :)
  5. 29 Jun, 1998 1 commit
  6. 28 Jun, 1998 1 commit
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      return a GtkType value and initialize the GtkTypeInfo structure correctly. · 81d0e430
      Tim Janik authored
      Sun Jun 28 08:32:20 1998  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
              * app/layer.c (gimp_layer_mask_get_type):
              * app/drawable.c (gimp_drawable_get_type):
              * app/channel.c (gimp_channel_get_type):
              return a GtkType value and initialize the GtkTypeInfo structure
              * app/layer.h:
              * app/drawable.h:
              * app/channel.h:
              provide GIMP_TYPE_* and GIMP_IS_*_CLASS() macros.
  7. 10 Jun, 1998 1 commit
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      app/brushes.c app/drawable.c app/patterns.c app/procedural_db.c · c639350d
      Owen Taylor authored
      Tue Jun  9 19:47:19 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
      	* app/brushes.c app/drawable.c app/patterns.c
      	  app/procedural_db.c plug-ins/script-fu/script_fu_server.c
      	Fixes for warnings generated by changing GCompareFunc
      	and GHashFunc to take const arguments.
  8. 28 May, 1998 1 commit
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      gimp_message. libgimp also overrides g_message for all plugins. Converted · 1d95a05a
      Manish Singh authored
      * redid the error message handling. g_message now calls message_box or prints
      to console depending on whether the no_interface is set or not. gimp-message
      is also exported to the PDB as a wrapper to g_message, and libgimp has a new
      API: gimp_message. libgimp also overrides g_message for all plugins. Converted
      lots of messages in app/* to g_message. Made script-fu a little friendlier.
      * updated the regex code from grep 2.2
      * said goodbye to the old script-fu logo in script-fu.h
  9. 13 Apr, 1998 1 commit
  10. 19 Mar, 1998 2 commits
  11. 25 Jan, 1998 1 commit
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      Misc changes for .18 · 2ce0e150
      Manish Singh authored
              * app/indexed_palette.c: fix for wrong color selected in indexed
              palette dialog
              * app/xcf.c: don't crash on bad input (0 byte files)
              * app/plug_in.h
              * app/plug_in.c: fixes Gimp's most obscure bug. Failed plugin
              queries are handle correctly now
              * app/commands.c: added marching ants speed to preferences
              * plug-ins/tiff/tiff.c: correction for inversion for MINISWHITE
              images without alpha
              * plug-ins/pcx/pcx.c: updated to new version
              * app/paint_funcs.h: changed OPAQUE and TRANSPARENT to
              OPAQUE_OPACITY and TRANSPARENT_OPACITY to avoid possible
              conflicts. All affects .c files changed.
  12. 22 Jan, 1998 2 commits
  13. 24 Nov, 1997 1 commit