1. 21 Jan, 2021 3 commits
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      Update Catalan translation · d3194c1f
      Jordi Mas authored
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      xcf: fix #6138 Stack Overflow when saving xcf. · 6b65998b
      Jacob Boerema authored
      Although I haven't been able to reproduce it, it is apparently
      possible to get a Stack Overflow when loading xcf files with
      presumably very large dimensions on Windows. From what
      I'm reading Windows normally has a smaller stack size than
      Linux, probably why it hasn't surfaced there.
      Instead of allocating on the stack let's do a g_malloc0
      combined with g_free.
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      devel-docs: Introspected Python libgimp and libgimpui docs generation. · 82209920
      Jehan authored
      Based on the proposed process proposed by Akkana Peck. Thanks Akk!
      For now, it's only in the meson build, which is fairly terrible to use
      as soon as we do custom build rules. Here are the list of issues:
      - meson does not allow building in subdir (issue 2320 on meson tracker).
        Sure I could make several subdirs with meson in them. But here the
        future goal would be to be able to generate docs for other
        introspected languages, and maybe also other output formats (epub or
        whatnot). For this, since these are basically the same commands which
        are used, the best practice would be to have loops generating one
        target per language/format combination, reusing code rather than ugly
        copy-pasting in subdirectories' meson files).
      - custom_target() requires the output parameter to be the complete list
        of generated files. But we have more than a thousand of them. It's not
        practical. Maybe we could try to find a way to generate the list from
        the contents of the .def files which are already exhaustive and exact.
      - Install also requires the output list to be complete.
      - I temporarily have these docs not generated by default (because the
        gtk-doc option is already crazy slow as it is, making meson near
        unusable for development if it's enabled). If you want to generate the
        docs, the commands are as following (yeah I don't understand what the
        target names are for since meson does not actually create targets with
        these names, so we have to use fake output names instead):
      > ninja devel-docs/g-ir-docs/Gimp-python-html
      > ninja devel-docs/g-ir-docs/GimpUi-python-html
  2. 20 Jan, 2021 2 commits
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      app, libgimp, pdb: improve gimp_vectors_stroke_get_length() docs. · fee22116
      Jehan authored
      The `precision` parameter in particular had no min/max, which meant we
      could provide a forbidden parameter (e.g. a negative precision) which
      would cause a core CRITICAL. We must forbid illegal values from PDB side
      (hence outputting a normal plug-in error message, not a core bug).
      Also improving a bit the description of this parameter as I was
      wondering what precision was needed exactly to get a stroke length. This
      is the precision for determining whether a portion of the stroke is
      "straight enough" or if we want to break it into smaller pieces until we
      get a straight portion.
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      app: allow 0.0 precision for gimp_coords_interpolate_bezier(). · e813d90f
      Jehan authored
      All it will mean is that we are looking for perfectly straight lines
      when deciding if a bezier curve can be considered straight. It's a fair
      condition and represents perfectly what a precision of 0.0 would mean.
  3. 19 Jan, 2021 4 commits
  4. 18 Jan, 2021 15 commits
  5. 17 Jan, 2021 4 commits
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      plug-ins: fix #6279 Error loading PSD file: Unexpected end of file. · 83ab86eb
      Jacob Boerema authored
      We were not handling all possible record sizes for mask info and
      in case it was an unknown size we set everything to 0 instead
      of reading the parts we do recognize.
      Let's make it more flexible by reading the parts we do know
      about and skip the remaining data if any.
      Also added a few more g_debug statements to make it
      easier to check some values when needed.
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      plug-ins: fix crash at end of JPEG export. · 823ae50c
      Jehan authored
      Not sure why we didn't see the crash earlier and it suddenly shows up
      now. Anyway we must delete the exported image **after** calling
      gimp_procedure_config_end_export() on it, obviously.
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      plug-ins: fix plugin-defs for file-heif. · 07a3734d
      Jehan authored
      Commit 01e1587e had directly edited the Makefile.am, which was wrong.
      This file is generated by plugin-defs.pl. Add the proper dependencies
      for file-heif and regenerate the Makefile.am.
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      Update Japanese translation · be457997
      sicklylife authored
  6. 16 Jan, 2021 3 commits
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      plug-ins: export with explicit PNG's sRGB chunk when no profile written. · f77e261c
      Jehan authored
      When a profile is set, we should not set the sRGB chunk, because it
      would be a contradiction. But when we don't set the profile, then our
      code explicitly saves as sRGB. So let's add the sRGB chunk.
      Also when we do so, let's also set the relevant gAMA and cHRM chunks
      corresponding to sRGB as recommended by the PNG spec:
      > An application that writes the sRGB chunk should also write a gAMA
      > chunk (and perhaps a cHRM chunk) for compatibility with applications
      > that do not use the sRGB chunk. In this situation, only the following
      > values may be used: […]
      This is why I use png_set_sRGB_gAMA_and_cHRM() and not just
      See also discussions in #5363.
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      Update Japanese translation · 26903fde
      sicklylife authored
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      Update Japanese translation · f78b131c
      sicklylife authored
  7. 15 Jan, 2021 9 commits