1. 27 Jul, 2005 2 commits
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      #include gimpimage-colormap.h · bd5d4106
      Manish Singh authored
      2005-07-27  Manish Singh  <yosh@gimp.org>
              * app/core/gimpdrawable-foreground-extract.c: #include
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      app/core/Makefile.am moved cpercep from here ... · d429a944
      Sven Neumann authored
      2005-07-28  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	* app/core/Makefile.am
      	* app/core/cpercep.[ch]: moved cpercep from here ...
      	* app/base/Makefile.am
      	* app/base/cpercep.[ch]: ... to here.
      	* app/base/siox.[ch]: use the cpercep routines for RGB->LAB
      	conversion, gives a 20% speedup. Removed normalization which seems
      	redundant. Make it work for grayscale and indexed, not only RGB.
      	* app/core/gimpdrawable-foreground-extract.c
      	* app/core/gimpimage-convert.c: changed accordingly.
  2. 26 Jul, 2005 2 commits
  3. 25 Jul, 2005 3 commits
    • Maurits Rijk's avatar
      make buffer large enough to hold all polygon data. · 4c28829d
      Maurits Rijk authored
      2005-07-25  Maurits Rijk  <m.rijk@chello.nl>
      	* plug-ins/imagemap/imap_csim.y: make buffer large enough to hold
      	all polygon data.
      	* plug-ins/imagemap/imap_csim_parse.[ch]: regenerated. Fixes #169698
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      Some DND fixes / cleanup: · c1c876a9
      Michael Natterer authored
      2005-07-25  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	Some DND fixes / cleanup:
      	* app/widgets/widgets-enums.h: renamed GIMP_DND_TYPE_TOOL to
      	* app/widgets/gimpselectiondata.[ch]: s/tool/tool_info/g. Moved
      	private functions to the end of the file. Include GIMP's PID in
      	all GtkSelectionData strings which are used to pass around stuff
      	by reference. For things which are referenced by name, also encode
      	the object's address in the GtkSelectionData so having a brush
      	called "Standard" or a named buffer called "Global Buffer" will
      	work together with DND.
      	* app/widgets/gimpdnd.[ch]: s/tool/tool_info/g. Renamed
      	gimp_dnd_get_data_data() to gimp_dnd_get_object_data() since it's
      	not limited to GimpData objects. Follow above selection data API
      	changes. Cleanup.
      	* libgimp/gimpbrushmenu.c
      	* libgimp/gimpdrawablecombobox.c
      	* libgimp/gimpfontselectbutton.c
      	* libgimp/gimpgradientmenu.c
      	* libgimp/gimpimagecombobox.c
      	* libgimp/gimppalettemenu.c
      	* libgimp/gimppatternmenu.c: follow GtkSelectionData format change
      	and check the dropped things' PID against the return value of
    • Sven Neumann's avatar
      on Win32, include <process.h> for getpid(). · 1999d56e
      Sven Neumann authored
      2005-07-25  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	* tools/pdbgen/pdb/misc.pdb: on Win32, include <process.h> for
      	* app/pdb/misc_cmds.c: regenerated.
  4. 24 Jul, 2005 3 commits
  5. 23 Jul, 2005 3 commits
  6. 22 Jul, 2005 4 commits
  7. 21 Jul, 2005 3 commits
  8. 20 Jul, 2005 3 commits
  9. 19 Jul, 2005 6 commits
  10. 18 Jul, 2005 4 commits
  11. 17 Jul, 2005 4 commits
    • Sven Neumann's avatar
      plug-ins/common/nlfilt.c plug-ins/common/pat.c plug-ins/common/svg.c · 712ce5c8
      Sven Neumann authored
      2005-07-17  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	* plug-ins/common/nlfilt.c
      	* plug-ins/common/pat.c
      	* plug-ins/common/svg.c
      	* plug-ins/common/tiff.c
      	* plug-ins/common/tile.c
      	* plug-ins/common/uniteditor.c
      	* plug-ins/common/wmf.c: fixed signedness warnings.
    • Sven Neumann's avatar
      added missing casts. · 2c544f73
      Sven Neumann authored
      2005-07-17  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	* app/widgets/gimpdnd-xds.c: added missing casts.
    • Manish Singh's avatar
      plug-ins/pygimp/gimpmodule.c revert to old behavior of parasite_find · 1612db65
      Manish Singh authored
      2005-07-17  Manish Singh  <yosh@gimp.org>
              * plug-ins/pygimp/gimpmodule.c
              * plug-ins/pygimp/pygimp-drawable.c: revert to old behavior of
              parasite_find functions returning None when there isn't a parasite
              found. Fixed bug #310666.
    • Nate Summers's avatar
      spiffy new widget that given a physical size, displays that size in an · d3ca47f9
      Nate Summers authored
      	* libgimpwidgets/gimpresolutionentry.[ch]: spiffy new widget that given
      	a physical size, displays that size in an arbitrary unit, and lets
      	you select a resolution via changing either the corresponding width
      	and height or specifying it directly in pixels per your chosen unit.
      	* libgimpwidgets/Makefile.am
      	* libgimpwidgets/gimpwidgets.def
      	* libgimpwidgets/gimpwidgets.h
      	* libgimpwidgets/gimpwidgetstypes.h: added appropriate files, function,
      	headers, and types, respectively
      	* devel-docs/libgimpwidgets/libgimpwidgets.types: added
      	gimp_resolution_entry_get_type.  A section still needs to be created
      	for it.
      	* plug-ins/common/poppler.c (run): bugfix that accidentally wasn't
      	merged in previous commit.
      	* plug-ins/common/poppler.c (load_dialog): replaced resolution
      	spinbutton with a GimpResolutionEntry.
  12. 16 Jul, 2005 1 commit
  13. 15 Jul, 2005 2 commits
    • Nate Summers's avatar
      bah evil epiphany error messages · bf865b3e
      Nate Summers authored
    • Nate Summers's avatar
      merged in all the changes in my current gimp-poppler tree that don't need · b1d0b2c1
      Nate Summers authored
      	* plug-ins/common/poppler.c: merged in all the changes in my
      	current gimp-poppler tree that don't need c++ or cause regressions.
      	Insignificant code cleanups.
      	* plug-ins/common/poppler.c (load_dialog): display title of pdf
      	at the top of the dialog, and show the page labels in the page
      	selector.  The loop for the page labels might be profitably moved
      	into another thread, but I haven't actually timed how long it takes
      	to be sure.