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    • Adrián Pérez de Castro's avatar
      plug-ins: port web-page to WebKitGTK+ 2 · d37f3528
      Adrián Pérez de Castro authored
      This is the minimum set of changes needed to make the web-page plug-in
      buildable again using WebKitGTK+ 2.x. Tested as building with WebKitGTK+
      version 2.20.3, but unfortunately I cannot test the plug-in as GIMP will
      produce an error when trying to use it.
    • Adrián Pérez de Castro's avatar
      plug-ins: port help-browser to WebKitGTK+ 2 · d34f46b3
      Adrián Pérez de Castro authored
      This is the minimum set of changes needed to update help-browser to the
      WebKitGTK+ 2 API. Fortunately, the plug-in did not use parts of the old
      API which would have been difficult to port (DOM bindings, for example),
      and therefore the code translates quite well to the new API. The main
      differences are:
      - WebKitWebFrame is gone, most of its methods are now in WebKitWebView.
      - Searching for text inside Web pages has to be done now through the
        WebKitFindController object.
      - Checking whether there is selected text that can be copied now goes
        through WebKitEditorState.
      - The WebKitWebView::title-changed signal is no more, the callback is
        connected to notify::title instead.
      - The load-started and load-finished pair of signals are now merged
        into WebKitWebView::load-changed.
      - There are no methods to zoom a WebKitWebView in and out, instead
        the zoom-level property is set. The updated code ensures that the
        zoom lovel stays inside the [0.1, 10.0] range.
      - Page visit history now goes through WebKitBackForwardList.
      The updated plug-in was successfully built in tested with WebKitGTK+
      version 2.20.3.
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    • Michael Natterer's avatar
    • Ell's avatar
      plug-ins: add support for loading merged image data from PSD files · 1d9a8a91
      Ell authored
      PSD files may include a "merged", pre-composited, version of the
      image (in Photoshop, this is the case when saving files with
      "Maximize Compatibility" enabled; GIMP always saves the merged
      image data in exported PSD files.)  This commit adds support for
      loading the merged image version from PSDs, instead of the full
      layer hierarchy.  This is useful when loading PSD files that use
      features that we don't currently support, and therefore can't
      render correctly, such as adjustment layers.
      When loading the merged image version, we avoid loading certain
      additional data from the file, such as channels, paths, and
      guides, while still loading metadata, making this akin to loading
      other "flat" image formats.
      This option is currently exposed as an additional file type
      ("Photoshop image (merged)"), which has to be explicitly selected
      from the file-type list when opening the image.
    • Salamandar's avatar
      Replace #include .c -> #include .h · 38295dcb
      Salamandar authored
      glib_compile_resources generate .c as sources and .h as headers
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      libgimp: remove gimp_gamma() · fe648c87
      Michael Natterer authored
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  13. 16 Jun, 2018 3 commits
    • Salamandar's avatar
      Fix Python files: · 15075932
      Salamandar authored
      * Prefer python2 to python that may point on python3 on modern installs.
      * Fix indent/spaces consistency.
      (cherry picked from commit 22657012)
    • Jehan's avatar
      plug-ins: recognize "python2" env to launch the python interpreter. · 3c6f789c
      Jehan authored
      (cherry picked from commit 769325e5)
    • Jehan's avatar
      m4macros, plug-ins: run more accurately the "python2" interpreter. · 42b13216
      Jehan authored
      Our configure test checks the presence of a Python2, but then uses
      "python" as interpreter, which is a problem nowadays as the default
      python is set to be Python 3 on some distributions (and this will be
      more and more the case). So GIMP may end up trying to run our plug-ins
      through Python 3 (which would fail) even if Python 2 is present.
      Now AM_PATH_PYTHON2() m4 macro will set $PYTHON to a more accurate
      Python version as priority.
      Similarly let's use "python2" in the binfmt string for extension search.
      (cherry picked from commit 03ea9cac)
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