1. 16 Aug, 2019 4 commits
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      plug-ins: add a Lua goat-exercise. · a09b7a9c
      Jehan authored
      It is working fine except that it crashes at the end when running
      procedure:new_return_values(). I have not understood why yet, but it may
      be a bug in lua LGI. Maybe we'll have to create the returned
      GimpValueArray by hand in Lua.
      Also the dialog does not show the source yet.
      This is not installed yet (and lua interpreter is not checked at
      configure) because of these issues which I will have to figure out. In
      the meantime, I commit this work-in-progress.
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      plug-ins: add Python and JavaScript files to the DIST. · ef5c091e
      Jehan authored
      So it seems that whatever is in _SCRIPTS is not in the distribution by
      default (I suppose the reason is that even scripts can be generated). So
      let's add the non-generated scripts to EXTRA_DIST.
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      libgimpbase: update the def file. · 1320a22f
      Jehan authored
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      libgimpconfig: Prevent GIR conflicts in GimpConfigWriter · 284ba5c8
      Niels De Graef authored
      GimpConfigWriter contains several constructors with the convention
      `gimp_config_writer_new_* ()`. This will lead to problems however with
      languages like Vala, where it cannot disambiguate the following:
      // calls config_writer_new_string()
      Gimp.ConfigWriter w = new ConfigWriter.string("xxx");
      // calls config_writer_string()
      Using `from_` in constructors is general practice in GObject-bsed
      libraries because of this.
      This also fixes an error when trying to use vapigen on the GIMP .GIR
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