1. 25 Jan, 2022 2 commits
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      INSTALL: update the install instructions regarding librsvg. · a08224f7
      Jehan authored
      Currently it's a mandatory option (and it has been the case for years,
      ever since commit 43e21885) so let's update the info.
      Note that there are still discussions going on about this dependency and
      it being hard or impossible to build on many platforms (which are stuck
      on old C version, before the move to Rust). See #6821.
      We'll see how it goes.
    • Jehan's avatar
      build: sync nightly flatpak with updates from the dev flatpak. · 650e0fa7
      Jehan authored
      This includes:
      - "copy-icon" set
      - Permission and cleanup rules updated
      - Exiv2 bumped to 0.27.5
      - Adding an x-checker-data for OpenEXR
      - Poppler bumped to 22.01.00
      - OpenBlas bumped to 0.3.19
      - graphviz bumped to 2.50.0
  2. 24 Jan, 2022 6 commits
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      Update Slovenian translation · 54e2c30f
      Matej Urbančič authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      icons: fix missing icons with the --disable-vector-icons option. · 996e5ef1
      Jehan authored
      We should really get back to a single shared list as we have in
      Also just keeping the "no SVG icons" option feels wrong to me, yet it
      turns out librsvg is quite a problem because of Rust, so recent versions
      are just not available on many platforms (see #6821). This is what
      blocked me so far to remove this whole listing of PNG variants for our
      vector icon themes. Otherwise they would be gone by now.
      I really wonder as well about all these size categories. Not that they
      are not needed when in PNG format, but because it feels like nobody has
      really taken the time to list which icons are needed in which size for
      years. We really need to do some cleaning in this area.
    • Lukas Oberhuber's avatar
      macos: support standard fullscreen · 96c23903
      Lukas Oberhuber authored and Jehan's avatar Jehan committed
      This moves to standard fullscreen behavior for Gimp.
      Added benefit is that it no longer requires gdkquartz-cocoa-access.h
      which the Gtk team wish to stop supporting gtk!4303.
      Bug 756178 also no longer manifests, cdc7542d
      so it is now safe to do.
      Finally, removes dependency on objective c in the app/display directory.
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      devel-docs: fix autotools dist rules. · 84d298d4
      Jehan authored
      Since I removed some files and forgot to change these rules. Though I
      actually wonder if this still makes sense to distribute all these files
      within the tarball anymore. It made sense in the way software was
      distributed 20 years ago, but nowadays people who want to develop would
      clone the git repo not get a tarball. We'll see.
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      Update Chinese (China) translation · c2ef33e6
      Boyuan Yang authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
    • Lukas Oberhuber's avatar
      macos: support python plugins in meson · ce90cc28
      Lukas Oberhuber authored
      This change makes sure that plugins can load when gimp is built with
      meson. This is because .typelibs and .gir files do not have full library
      paths when build using meson (this is different from autotools).
  3. 23 Jan, 2022 2 commits
  4. 22 Jan, 2022 4 commits
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      devel-docs: update further the devel docs. · 67a1d9f4
      Jehan authored
      Add more links to other files after I reviewed they were still relevant.
      The `gitlab-milestones.txt` in particular had to be updated because the
      contents was outdated (though we still need to manage milestones, simply
      now we are a bit more fine-grained).
    • Jehan's avatar
      devel-docs: add CI info in developer docs. · e4cb7e12
      Jehan authored
      Also remove the now deprecated Jenkins tutorial. We have not had this CI
      system running for some time now, and the Gitlab CI has totally replaced
    • Jehan's avatar
      devel-docs: add directory structure of the repo to developer docs. · fac84db0
      Jehan authored
      Loosely based on the old structure.xml, except it was widely outdated.
      So I removed or updated what was obsolete and added missing folders.
      Obviously getting rid of the old `structure.xml` (now we have easier doc
      generation through Gitlab).
      Finally, I fix the table of contents and replaced the title with some
      metadata-style stuff which Gitlab docs suggest (otherwise the document
      title ends up in the table of contents, which is a bit silly).
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      tools: add a `flatpak-releases` tool for quick testing with Flatpak. · 66cfa752
      Jehan authored
      Sometimes we want to make quick tests on old versions of GIMP.
      Rebuilding from source is definitely still an option, yet with flatpak,
      we have many past builds available easily to us (at time of writing: 19
      stable builds, 12 dev point-release builds and at least 3 nightlies —
      though I seem to have issues with signatures on gnome-nightly right now,
      so maybe there are more!).
      There are some command lines needed to check the build history, then to
      install a specific build, which I explained in developer docs (see
      devel-docs/debugging-tips.txt, section "Testing older GIMP versions").
      Yet it's clearly cumbersome and slow so I wrote this script today to
      automatize the process a bit.
      Running simply this command will list all available releases on the
      Flathub repository (adding --beta or --nightly will list the development
      releases and nightly builds instead):
      $ tools/flatpak-releases
      The listing will contain a topic describing the build as well as the
      date, all this prefixed by a number. For instance, this is an excerpt of
      the output for the dev releases:
      $ tools/flatpak-releases --beta
       0: Update dependencies (127a0fa7) [2022-01-13 16:59:43 +0000]
       1: Issue #106:  File->Create->From Screenshot not working. (9c831b14) [2021-12-14 21:46:52 +0000]
       2: Release GIMP 2.99.8. (908bf5b0) [2021-10-20 20:29:00 +0000]
       3: Release GIMP 2.99.6. (e04355dd) [2021-04-26 14:08:32 +0000]
      The last build updates dependencies, the previous one fixes some
      specific issue and the 2 previous ones are point releases.
      Now say I needed to test/compare some behavior with how it was in 2.99.6
      (e.g. to verify a regression), I would then run:
      $ tools/flatpak-releases --beta -3
      This would install this specific dev build number 3. In just 2
      easy-to-remember commands and a few seconds, we can therefore list and
      install specific Flatpak builds.
  5. 21 Jan, 2022 2 commits
  6. 20 Jan, 2022 8 commits
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      devel-docs: add a README.md. · 1aeee787
      Jehan authored
      This will be the root page for the developer documentation. Note that
      there are other files in this directory (old `README` included) which
      will need to be deleted but I don't do it just yet on purpose until I
      checked them and integrate anything which could be of interest back into
      the new documentation.
    • Jehan's avatar
      devel-docs: move specifications to their own subfolder. · b35c44cb
      Jehan authored
      Let's make the devel-docs folder a bit less crowded.
    • Jehan's avatar
      libgimpbase: undeprecate GExiv2 calls in GimpMetadata. · 2e8abf46
      Jehan authored
      There are still deprecations going around but for GExiv2 0.14.0 so we
      can't change these yet.
      Note also that I try a slightly different approach as I don't set a
      GError for well-known tags as there is no reason these fail. I only add
      a GError when we construct tags or similar calls.
    • Jehan's avatar
      libgimp: more un-deprecating GExiv2. · c76172d9
      Jehan authored
      Last deprecated usages in this file. Actually there are a few other
      calls but deprecated on GExiv2 0.14.0, hence over our current
      requirement. So we'll have to handle these later.
    • Jehan's avatar
      libgimp: undeprecate some more GExiv2 calls. · 0d33ede6
      Jehan authored
      Replace functions gexiv2_metadata_set_xmp_tag_struct() and
      gexiv2_metadata_get_tag_type() with their _try_ variants.
      Note that I print to stderr rather than raising a warning here as I am
      quite unsure where the list of XMP metadata we are gathering comes from.
      Is it fully validated by GExiv2, and therefore no errors are ever
      supposed to happen? (in such case, we should raise a warning if it does)
      Or is it user-provided data (e.g. from a file loaded in GIMP which can
      contain broken metadata)? In such a case, we should probably handle the
      error slightly differently to warn for non-processable data (hence
      possibly metadata loss at export time).
      For the time being, then go with this weak handling and take care of
      this better when we can look further into this.
    • Jehan's avatar
      libgimp: port a bunch of gexiv2_metadata_set_tag_string() to … · e3c80329
      Jehan authored
      … gexiv2_metadata_try_set_tag_string().
      These are usage where we have full control over tag names and values so
      no error is supposed to happen. This is why we use them as code warnings
      and not returned error (because if an error did happen, this would be a
      bug rather than a user error or a system error).
    • Jehan's avatar
      libgimp: fix and workaround Exif.Photo.UserComment interpretation. · 96e25b78
      Jehan authored
      Here are the changes:
      - Separate the check for comment contents and the one of whether or not
        it starts with "charset=Ascii ". Indeed in my tests, we still want to
        handle the empty string case or the "binary comment" case even without
        the charset prefix (currently it was both or none, so I encountered
        cases with a broken "binary comment" comment because the charset
        prefix was absent).
      - Add some #warning in order not to forget to remove the bogus "binary
        comment" test. Indeed after some digging in Exiv2 code, I could
        confirm this return value got removed in commit 9b510858 of Exiv2
        repository, i.e. since Exiv2 0.27.4. Now in my test case where I had a
        tag containing only 0s, Exiv2 returns an empty string, which is
        perfectly fine (and it's up to us to keep or ignore it).
      - Use gexiv2_metadata_try_get_tag_interpreted_string() instead of their
        deprecate non-try counterparses. Right now, I am just outputting any
        error message to stderr, as I'm not sure if this is the kind of errors
        we want to warn people about. I guess it would depend on which type of
        errors exactly are returned, so let's see if we encounter some case in
        the future. For now stderr is fine to detect these.
    • Jehan's avatar
      libgimpcolor: use the proper GimpColorRenderingIntent type. · 32945864
      Jehan authored
      GimpColorRenderingIntent and BablIccIntent are actually 1-on-1
      equivalent (for the common base values), but it's better anyway to call
      with the right type. Also fixes this warning:
      > libgimpcolor/gimpcolortransform.c:215:53: warning: implicit conversion
      > from 'enum <anonymous>' to 'GimpColorRenderingIntent'
      > [-Wenum-conversion]
  7. 19 Jan, 2022 6 commits
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      clang-format: improve according to our coding style. · 3d97a408
      Jehan authored
      - Align macro values.
      - Align backslashes to escape newlines.
      - Added explicit PointerAlignment though this one seems unneeded.
      - Increase the column limit (even though 80 is really the official one)
        and add some penalty on breaking on very unexpected places, such as
        around assignments or on first parameters in calls/declaration. We
        want short lines but this is more of a soft rule which should not
        override sensible line breaking rules.
      - Group some rules and reorder rule names alphabetically within groups.
    • Jehan's avatar
      .gitlab: search common git ancestor with `mr-origin` remote. · 1e47c891
      Jehan authored
      It looks like origin is the same as mr-origin when the contributor
      pushes to one's branch. But when a reviewer rebases through the Gitlab
      "Rebase" button on web GUI, I got a fatal error:
      > fatal: ambiguous argument 'origin/asalle/use-dynamics-flag': unknown
        revision or path not in the working tree.
      Possibly `origin` is then the remote of the person who rebased (it would
      be weird, yet it's a fact the branch is not found). Let's go with this
    • Asa's avatar
      .gitlab-ci.yml: add clang-format rules and pipeline · 9385a640
      Asa authored and Jehan's avatar Jehan committed
      Fixes #950
      `.gitlab/search-common-ancestor.sh`'s original authors are
      Philip Withnall and Frederic Martinsons.
      (Jehan/reviewer's note: script further improved by Asalle)
    • Hugo Carvalho's avatar
      Update Portuguese translation · 26ed0d63
      Hugo Carvalho authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
    • Jehan's avatar
      Coding style: update. · df06eebe
      Jehan authored
      - Add recommendations on whether to break MRs into 1 or more commits.
      - Add style for one-line struct initialization.
      - Protect some texts in backticks' markdown syntax.
    • Nikc's avatar
      Issue #4009: enables option to capture cursor in screenshot (Windows) · 94c7f802
      Nikc authored and Jehan's avatar Jehan committed
  8. 18 Jan, 2022 3 commits
    • Yuri Chornoivan's avatar
      Update Ukrainian translation · 5c4c5c5b
      Yuri Chornoivan authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
    • Jacob Boerema's avatar
      plug-ins: fix #7524 DICOM File is broken · e51ca66e
      Jacob Boerema authored
      This is the same issue as with IM000001.dcm mentioned in issue #313.
      There are two problems: incorrect endian conversion for 16 bits per pixel,
      and not handling photometric interpretation "MONOCHROME1", which means
      minimum value is white instead of black.
      The endian conversion was fixed as suggested in issue #313.
      For "MONOCHROME1" we added a variable bw_inverted and we invert the pixel
      value if that variable is true.
    • Jacob Boerema's avatar
      plug-ins: fix #6871 indexed tga file cannot be saved · 059599fc
      Jacob Boerema authored
      Exporting an image to TGA fails with a crash when it's an indexed image
      with alpha channel. We were not taking into account that even though
      the output is 1 byte per pixel, the input should allocate memory for
      2 bytes per pixel (1 color index and 1 alpha channel).
  9. 16 Jan, 2022 3 commits
  10. 13 Jan, 2022 1 commit
  11. 11 Jan, 2022 3 commits