1. 27 Apr, 2018 4 commits
  2. 26 Apr, 2018 17 commits
  3. 25 Apr, 2018 19 commits
    • Jehan's avatar
      libgimpconfig: fix the fix of the fix! · d4404aa4
      Jehan authored
      So apparently, it's "parenthesis" in singular.
      Cf. commit 1b44812a.
    • Jehan's avatar
      NEWS, authors.xml: add the 2.10 splash author. · 04aff3d4
      Jehan authored
      See commit ea3de6d5.
      Also update the translation list in NEWS.
    • Jehan's avatar
      desktop, NEWS: release date and NEWS updated. · bd86c5f6
      Jehan authored
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      libgimpconfig: fix wrong typo fix. · 1b44812a
      Jehan authored
      Actually after re-reviewing previous commit, I found at least one wrong
      fix in commit 4a77ff2d.
      s/the opening parentheses/the opening parenthese/
    • luz.paz's avatar
      Bug 795557 - Misc. typo fixes in source, comments and doxygen (pt3) · 4a77ff2d
      luz.paz authored
      Found via `codespell` and grep.
    • Ell's avatar
      app: use half the cache size for symmetric conical gradients · 6e87ceb8
      Ell authored
      Symmetric conical gradients only span half a revolution (unlike
      assymetric ones, which span an entire revolution), and therefore
      require only half the cache size.
    • Pat David's avatar
      splash: Add 2.10 splash image + svg · ea3de6d5
      Pat David authored
      This image is CC-BY from Philipp Haegi.
      I added the graphics overlay for the splash.
    • Anders Jonsson's avatar
      Update Swedish translation · c4674037
      Anders Jonsson authored
    • Anders Jonsson's avatar
      Update Swedish translation · 4cba5227
      Anders Jonsson authored
    • Ell's avatar
      app: crop GimpDrawableFilter output · d6a73026
      Ell authored
      Add a crop node to the GimpDrawableFilter graph, applied after the
      filter's output, cropping the output to the filter area (the same
      area used for the input crop node).  If we fail to do this, filters
      whose op's bounding box is bigger than the input region can affect
      areas outside the drawable, when the filter is rendered as part of
      the image graph (in contrast to being comitted).  This is
      particularly relevant to source ops, that may have an infinite
      bounding box.
      We probably didn't notice this until now, since before the recent
      GimpProjection update-area changes, only the drawable's area would
      get invalidated in response to changes in the filter, so regions
      outside the drawable wouldn't normally get rendered.  However, this
      could still have been triggered by causing regions outside the
      drawable to be invalidated by other means.
    • Piotr Drąg's avatar
      Update Polish translation · 08f2b2d9
      Piotr Drąg authored
    • Jehan's avatar
      desktop: preparing appdata for 2.10.0 release. · fb6328b9
      Jehan authored
      Adding today's (hopeful) date.
      Also removing the trick from commit 447d9bbc because the bug in
      appstream-util has been fixed, but adding the same trick elsewhere for
      another bug in this validation script:
    • Ell's avatar
      app: use gradient cache for conical gradients · 5970046e
      Ell authored
      Add gimp_drawable_gradient_adjust_coords(), which adjusts the
      gradient segment coords according to the gradient type, so that, in
      cases where the gradient span is unrelated to the segment length,
      the gradient cache (in GimpOperationGradient) is big enough not to
      produce banding.  Use the new function in gimp_drawable_gradient()
      and in the gradient tool, instead of duplicating the logic.
      Move the shapreburst coordinate-adjustment logic to the new
      function, and add appropriate logic for conical gradients.
      Remove the code that avoids using the gradient cache for conical
      gradients from GimpOperationGradient.
    • Ell's avatar
      app: in GimpOperationGradient, move cache generation back to process() · 38ba45cf
      Ell authored
      Undo the part of commit fa9a4108
      that moved cache generation from process() to prepare().  prepare()
      is called after each property change, in order to calculate the
      op's bounding box for invalidation.  Since we only need the cache
      for actual processing, generating it in process() avoids that
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app: protect GimpContext's "parent" pointer against dangling · ef5bd98e
      Michael Natterer authored
      with a weak ref and call set_parent(NULL) in dispose().
    • Ell's avatar
      app: use paint composite-mode, instead of AUTO, in more places · 45be8b25
      Ell authored
      In the various types of fill operations, and in fade operations,
      use the paint composite-mode of the current paint mode, which is
      the composite mode we use during painting, instead of AUTO, which
      results in the default mode we use for layer compositing.  This
      effectively means that filling using any non-legacy, non-
      subtractive mode can paint over transparent areas, rather than
      being limited to nontransparent areas.
    • Ell's avatar
      app: remove multithreading warning from the preferences dialog · 95921427
      Ell authored
      Since we're prepping for a release, it's a about time we've done
      that.  I hereby pronounce multithreading support fit for general
    • Ell's avatar
      app: various improvements to GimpOperationGradient · fa9a4108
      Ell authored
      Invalidate the gradient cache while setting relevant properties,
      and validate it, reconstructing if necessary, during prepare(),
      rather than process(), to avoid the need to use a mutex.
      Make sure the cache has at least two elements, corresponding to
      the initial and final colors of the gradient, since both colors
      might be needed, and to avoid division by zero.
      Avoid using a cache if its necessary size is too big, or if the
      gradient type is conical, since the necessary cache size for
      conical gradients is unrelated to the gradient line length.
      Improve index rounding during cache lookup.
      Lots of indentation fixes.
    • Ell's avatar
      Bug 793714 - Error when merging layer group with Pass through mode · 4fce5d25
      Ell authored
      When merging a pass-through group, change its mode to NORMAL first,
      to avoid a critical when duplicating the group as a regular layer.
      Preserve the group's blend/composite space/mode while changing its
      mode (note that only the composite space currently matters, since
      the other parmaeters are immutable for pass-through groups.)