1. 05 Dec, 2017 5 commits
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      Update Spanish translation · 9f1e3de4
      l authored and Administrator's avatar Administrator committed
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      Updated Italian translation · 94a6ba90
      Marco Ciampa authored
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      app: migrate plug-in-gauss shortcuts to filters-gaussian-blur. · 5aa94284
      Jehan authored
      Since commit ff59aebb, blur-gauss plug-in and the associated
      "plug-in-gauss" action don't exist anymore. Migrate any custom shortcut
      to "filters-gaussian-blur", which is the expected replacement.
      See also bug 775931.
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      app: reorder alphabetically changed action paths in migration code. · 482b907c
      Jehan authored
      This allows for easier code reading and changing.
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      Bug 775931 - Shortcut for non-existing action shadows existing one. · 81d9da0c
      Jehan authored
      Current logics of dealing with duplicate accelerators was just to delete
      one randomly. This works ok in most case since we can't be in the head
      of people and can't know which one they want to keep (yet we can't keep
      both because that makes it very complicated to reset the shortcut
      appropriately by hand/GUI, without a tedious work of researching which
      other action uses the same shortcut. See commit 2a232398).
      There is still some cases where we can be a bit more clever than random
      deletion: when one of the accelerator is mapped to a non-existing
      action. In this case, let's delete this accelerator in priority. Not
      only the chances of this being the expected result are higher; but even
      worse, there is anyway no GUI way to delete the accelerator for the
      non-existing action! Thus you could try and reset your existing action's
      shortcut as many times as you want in the GUI, it would always end up
      deleted at next startup!
      Note that if the non-existing action's shortcut has no duplicate, it
      won't be deleted. This ensure that you could uninstall a plugin, then
      reinstall it later and still have your custom shortcuts saved in the
      meantime. A shortcut of a non-existing action will *only* be cleaned out
      if it is redundant with the shortcut of an existing action.
  2. 04 Dec, 2017 4 commits
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      Bug 790810 - Nested layer groups lead to a deadlock with multithreading · 4e4c1cd5
      Ell authored
      Use gimp:buffer-source-validate, introduced in the previous commit,
      for the source node of GimpDrawables.  This avoids threading issues
      with layer groups, or any other drawables that may use a validating
      buffer, by making sure the buffer is validated before any
      succeeding operations, and hence the associated graph is processed
      on the same thread as the parent composition.
      Restore multithreaded processing in GimpOperationLayerMode.
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      app: add gimp:buffer-source-validate operation · dec2375a
      Ell authored
      gimp:buffer-source-validate is a drop-in replacement for
      gegl:buffer-source, however, if the attached buffer has a
      validating tile-handler, it makes sure the required region is
      validated during process().  This avoids a situation in which
      validation happens in different worker threads at the same time
      during the processing of a succeeding operation; since validation
      is protected by the buffer's tile-storage mutex, this can result in
      either a deadlock (currently), or an effective fallback to single-
      threaded processing.
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      configure.ac: require perl >= 5.10.0 · fd9cce57
      Ell authored
      Commit 4b521435 uses recursive
      regex patterns in gimp-mkenums, which requires perl >= 5.10.0.
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