1. 12 Mar, 2000 1 commit
  2. 24 Feb, 2000 2 commits
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app/gimpbrush.[ch] app/gimpbrushgenerated.[ch] app/gimpbrushlist.[ch] · 8f4adbad
      Michael Natterer authored
      2000-02-24  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/gimpbrush.[ch]
      	* app/gimpbrushgenerated.[ch]
      	* app/gimpbrushlist.[ch]
      	* app/gimpbrushlistP.h
      	* app/gimpbrushpipe.[ch]
      	* app/gimpbrushpipeP.h: did a brushes code-review: indentation,
      	removed some includes, didn't find a bug :-)
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/palette.c: we were leaking all gradient and palette preview
      	pixmaps as well as all lists of palette colors on each refresh.
      	* libgimp/gimpenv.c: updated documentation.
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      fixed a memleak. · 868888fe
      Michael Natterer authored
      2000-02-24  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/datafiles.c: fixed a memleak.
      	* app/gimpbrushlist.c
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/palette.c: use the gimp_path_* functions, cleanups.
      	* app/gimpbrushpipe.c: call the "destroy" function of the parent
      	class, not of the object class. Fixes a huge memleak on each
      	* app/gimpbrushpipeP.h
      	* app/gimplist.c
      	* app/gimpbrush.c: did some cleanups while searching the brush
      	* libgimp/gimpenv.c: gimp_path_get_user_writable_dir(): return a
      	copy of the string.
      	* plug-ins/FractalExplorer/Dialogs.c
      	* plug-ins/gfig/gfig.c
      	* plug-ins/gflare/gflare.c: g_free() the string returned by
  3. 19 Feb, 2000 1 commit
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      gimp_pixmap_new(): set the widget's requisition so it can be properly · 5d57b999
      Michael Natterer authored
      2000-02-19  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* libgimp/gimppixmap.c: gimp_pixmap_new(): set the widget's
      	requisition so it can be properly packed before it's realized.
      	* libgimp/gimpwidgets.[ch]: added a "text" parameter to
      	* app/undo_history.c: use gimp_pixmap_buttons.
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/nav_window.c
      	* app/palette.c
      	* libgimp/gimppatheditor.c
      	* plug-ins/Lighting/lighting_ui.c
      	* plug-ins/MapObject/mapobject_ui.c: changed calls to
      	* plug-ins/MapObject/mapobject_main.c: INIT_I18N() was missing in
      	* plug-ins/pagecurl/pagecurl.c: use GimpVector2 functions instead
      	of reinventing the wheel.
      	* plug-ins/helpbrowser/helpbrowser.c: use gimp_pixmap_buttons.
      	* plug-ins/helpbrowser/back.xpm
      	* plug-ins/helpbrowser/forward.xpm: cropped.
  4. 18 Feb, 2000 1 commit
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      libgimp/Makefile.am simple widget which creates a pixmap from XPM data · f9f4411f
      Michael Natterer authored
      2000-02-18  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* libgimp/Makefile.am
      	* libgimp/gimppixmap.[ch]: simple widget which creates a pixmap
      	from XPM data without the need to worry about it's parent's
      	"realized" state and other stuff.
      	* libgimp/gimpcolorbutton.c: removed a gtk-doc comment from an
      	internal function.
      	* libgimp/gimpwidgets.[ch]: new function gimp_pixmap_button_new().
      	* app/gimpui.h
      	* libgimp/gimpui.h: include gimppixmap.h.
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/nav_window.c
      	* app/palette.c
      	* libgimp/gimpfileselection.[ch]
      	* libgimp/gimppatheditor.c
      	* libgimp/gimpquerybox.c
      	* plug-ins/FractalExplorer/FractalExplorer.c: use GimpPixmaps.
      	* plug-ins/Lighting/*
      	* plug-ins/MapObject/*: some more cleanups: reduced # of includes,
      	made private functions static, use GimpPixmaps.
      	* plug-ins/libgck/Makefile.am
      	* plug-ins/libgck/NEWS
      	* plug-ins/libgck/README
      	* plug-ins/libgck/TODO
      	* plug-ins/libgck/docs/html/gck.html
      	* plug-ins/libgck/docs/html/gck_application_window.html
      	* plug-ins/libgck/docs/html/gck_dialog_window.html
      	* plug-ins/libgck/docs/html/gckmath.html
      	* plug-ins/libgck/docs/html/gckui.html
      	* plug-ins/libgck/docs/html/gckvector.html: removed because they
      	documented files which don't exist any more.
  5. 12 Feb, 2000 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app/gdisplay_ops.c app/gradient.c app/palette.c removed the "eek" wilber · 9f92453c
      Michael Natterer authored
      2000-02-12  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/gdisplay_ops.c
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/palette.c
      	* plug-ins/gflare/gflare.c: removed the "eek" wilber from all
      	query boxes except the "Quit the GIMP?" warning.
      	* libgimp/gimpfileselection.c
      	* libgimp/gimpunitmenu.c: be a bit more clever with widget signals
      	(destroy, unmap) which affect the widget's sub-dialogs.
      	* libgimp/gimphelpui.c: pass a GtkWindow, not a GtkWidget to
      	* libgimp/gimpquerybox.[ch]: added documentation.
  6. 10 Feb, 2000 3 commits
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      as all boolean query boxes are confirmations for deleting/closing · a90cc52d
      Michael Natterer authored
      2000-02-10  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* libgimp/gimpquerybox.[ch]: as all boolean query boxes are
      	confirmations for deleting/closing something, I added the "eek"
      	wilber (you can still disable the pixmap by passing FALSE to the
      	constructor's "eek" parameter).
      	* app/app_procs.c
      	* app/gdisplay_ops.c
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/palette.c
      	* plug-ins/gflare/gflare.c: pass eek==TRUE to the boolean query
      	box constructor.
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      removed the query boxes. · 9ffed655
      Michael Natterer authored
      2000-02-10  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/gimpui.[ch]: removed the query boxes.
      	* po-libgimp/POTFILES.in
      	* libgimp/Makefile.am
      	* libgimp/gimpui.h
      	* libgimp/gimpquerybox.[ch]: new files. Added a boolean query box
      	to get rid of all those handmade "yes/no" query dialogs. Changed
      	the query box callback prototypes to return the entered value
      	instead of a pointer to it.
      	* app/commands.c
      	* app/display_ops.c
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/palette.c
      	* app/paths_dialog.c: correctly call the new query box functions
      	and use the boolean query box instead of inventing this wheel over
      	and over again.
      	* app/global_edit.[ch]: same as above and cleaned up the public
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      Makefile.am new file. · 9cb95b19
      Michael Natterer authored
      2000-02-10  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* Makefile.am
      	* pixmaps/wilber.xpm: new file.
      	* libgimp/gimpdialog.[ch]: uncommented some lines. Depending on
      	your window manager, you'll figure out what it does without having
      	to look at the sources...
      	* app/app_procs.c
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/menus.c: minor changes to bring the goodie above to all
      	places. Did dome cleanups.
      	* app/commands.c: I18N fix.
      	* app/channels_dialog.c: removed an unused declaration.
  7. 08 Feb, 2000 1 commit
  8. 29 Jan, 2000 1 commit
    • Sven Neumann's avatar
      app/brush_select.c create the dialog at mouse position if not the main · c69e85c8
      Sven Neumann authored
      * app/brush_select.c
      * app/gradient_select.c: create the dialog at mouse position if not
        the main dialog (which is session-managed)
      * app/convert.c: small UI changes
      * app/gradient.c: don't include session.h
      * app/session.c: the gradient_select dialog is not the gradient_editor
  9. 25 Jan, 2000 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      removed BOUNDS, MINIMUM and MAXIMUM. No need to include both <glib.h> and · 49230471
      Michael Natterer authored
      2000-01-25  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/appenv.h: removed BOUNDS, MINIMUM and MAXIMUM. No need to
      	include both <glib.h> and <gtk/gtk.h>.
      	* app/*
      	* tools/pdbgen/pdb/text_tool.pdb: s/BOUNDS/CLAMP/,
      	same for MIN and MAX.
      	* app/preferences_dialog.c: the "Check Size" widget was connected
      	to the transparency_type variable.
      	* plug-ins/common/sobel.c: removed definitions of MIN and ROUND.
      	* libgimp/gimp.h: #include "gimplimits.h" and "gimpcolorspace.h".
      	* plug-ins/*: don't include the two files.
  10. 09 Jan, 2000 1 commit
  11. 06 Jan, 2000 1 commit
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      app/[all files using the dialog or action area constructors] added a · 884f2235
      Michael Natterer authored
      2000-01-06  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/[all files using the dialog or action area constructors]
      	* libgimp/gimpdialog.[ch]: added a "slot_object" agrument to the
      	constructors' va_args lists to allow the action area buttons to be
      	connected wich gtk_signal_connect_object().
      	* libgimp/gimphelp.c: show the correct help page for plugins.
      	* plug-ins/common/CEL.c
      	* plug-ins/common/CML_explorer.c
      	* plug-ins/common/Makefile.am
      	* plug-ins/common/aa.c
      	* plug-ins/common/align_layers.c
      	* plug-ins/common/animationplay.c
      	* plug-ins/common/apply_lens.c
      	* plug-ins/common/blinds.c
      	* plug-ins/common/blur.c
      	* plug-ins/common/bumpmap.c
      	* plug-ins/common/checkerboard.c
      	* plug-ins/common/colorify.c
      	* plug-ins/common/colortoalpha.c
      	* plug-ins/common/compose.c
      	* plug-ins/common/convmatrix.c
      	* plug-ins/common/csource.c
      	* plug-ins/common/cubism.c
      	* plug-ins/common/curve_bend.c
      	* plug-ins/common/decompose.c
      	* plug-ins/common/deinterlace.c
      	* plug-ins/common/depthmerge.c
      	* plug-ins/common/despeckle.c
      	* plug-ins/common/destripe.c
      	* plug-ins/common/diffraction.c
      	* plug-ins/common/displace.c
      	* plug-ins/common/grid.c
      	* plug-ins/helpbrowser/Makefile.am
      	* plug-ins/helpbrowser/helpbrowser.c: use the dialog constructor
      	and enable the "F1" help key.
  12. 03 Jan, 2000 1 commit
    • Sven Neumann's avatar
      libgimp/gimpcolorspace.c Prefixed all functions with gimp_ to avoid · 3fc4eb84
      Sven Neumann authored
      * libgimp/gimpcolorspace.c
      * libgimp/gimpcolorspace.h: Prefixed all functions with gimp_
        to avoid namespace collisions.
      Changed the License in the header to LGPL. If you don't like this,
      please remove those files! (But I would like them to stay since this
      moving those functions into libgimp is something that should have
      happened much earlier.) Nice work, Daniel!
  13. 02 Jan, 2000 1 commit
  14. 30 Dec, 1999 2 commits
  15. 28 Dec, 1999 1 commit
  16. 19 Dec, 1999 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      Added a confirmation dialog for "delete palette". · 703b961a
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-12-19  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/palette.c: Added a confirmation dialog for "delete palette".
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/palette.c: Attach help_data strings to the gradient/palette
      	ops buttons (for context help).
  17. 17 Dec, 1999 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app/menus.c Minor help system fixes. · 6eae7942
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-12-17  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/menus.c
      	* app/paths_dialog.c: Minor help system fixes.
      	* app/app_procs.c: I thought we should have a real splash (without
      	decoration). Like it???
      	* app/about_dialog.c
      	* app/flip_tool.c
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/levels.c
      	* app/measure.c
      	* app/text_tool.c
      	* app/tools.c
      	* app/transform_tool.c: Did some code browsing: I18N fixes,
      	s/gtk_window_position/gtk_window_set_position/g, indentation
      	paranoia, some g/<type>/g<type>/, various stuff (didn't change any
  18. 06 Dec, 1999 1 commit
  19. 02 Dec, 1999 2 commits
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      Enable the popup menu containing only "New" in the whole area inside the · 373e512d
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-12-02  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/palette.c: Enable the popup menu containing only "New" in
      	the whole area inside the palette's scrolled window.
      	This way you don't have to correctly hit the small line a newly
      	created palette consists of.
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/gradient_select.c: Set the "Gradient" clist column to it's
      	optimal size but ensure a minimal size, so the column title is
      	fully visible with all languages and font sizes.
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      Default to "Cancel" in the "Really Quit?" dialog. · c688e055
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-12-02  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/app_procs.c: Default to "Cancel" in the "Really Quit?" dialog.
      	* app/app_procs.c
      	* app/brush_select.c
      	* app/gimpbrushlist.c: Call brush_select_[freeze|thaw]_all() from
      	brushes_init() and brushes_free(), so refreshing the brushes from
      	plugins/scripts is faster.
      	* app/brightness_contrast.c
      	* app/color_balance.c
      	* app/curves.c
      	* app/file_new_dialog.c
      	* app/hue_saturation.c
      	* app/levels.c
      	* app/posterize.c
      	* app/threshold.c:
      	Reorder the action are buttons: [ "OK" "Reset" "Cancel" ]
      	* app/menus.c: Some more cleanups in the menu code. Reorder
      	<Image>/Filters/Misc only if ot exists. Generalized
      	menu_translate() in preparation for correctly supporting catalogs
      	which only exist sometimes (like gimp-perl).
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/gradient_select.c: Save some lines of code by using
      	gtk_clist_new_with_titles() instead of gtk_clist_new().
      	* libgimp/gimpunitmenu.c: Code cleanup and made the clist titles
      	of the unit selection un-clickable.
  20. 25 Nov, 1999 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      Removed the definitions of the tearoff menu items and build them on the · 720518b3
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-11-25  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/menus.c: Removed the definitions of the tearoff menu items
      	and build them on the fly. Added N_()-marked submenus instead so
      	they get properly translated. Removed N_() from all separators.
      	Hacked menu_translate(): Don't try to translate separators,
      	tearoffs and the /File/MRUxx entries. Avoid multiple lookups in
      	the "gimp-std-plugins" domain. Translating plug-in menu entries is
      	still broken.
      	Defined all filter categories for proper translation and a first
      	try to order them and to add separators (please comment...).
      	New Category /Filters/Web.
      	(Did 'make update-po' in the po* directories and updated the
      	german translations.)
      	* app/about_dialog.c
      	* app/brush_select.c
      	* app/drawable.c
      	* app/errors.c
      	* app/free_select.c
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/info_dialog.c
      	* app/plug_in.c
      	* app/tool_options.c: minor i18n updates like removing _() from
      	some error messages.
      	* app/context_manager.c: a private context for the Xinput Airbrush.
      	* plug-ins/common/video.c: Register under /Filters/Distorts
      	* plug-ins/imagemap/imap_main.c: Register under /Filters/Web
      	(Marc, what about putting "prepare for gif" and "webify" there?)
      	* plug-ins/perl/po/de.po: s/Xtn/Xtns/g
  21. 14 Nov, 1999 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app/airbrush.c app/apptypes.h app/brushes_cmds.c · 0c922cd3
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-11-14  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/airbrush.c
      	* app/apptypes.h
      	* app/brushes_cmds.c
      	* tools/pdbgen/pdb/brushes.pdb
      	* app/bucket_fill.c
      	* app/clone.c
      	* app/gimpbrushpipe.c
      	* app/paint_core.c
      	* app/patterns.h
      	* app/patterns_cmds.c
      	* tools/pdbgen/pdb/patterns.pdb: removed the GimpBrushP and
      	GPatternP types and use ordinary pointers instead.
      	The following stuff makes the "no_data" behaviour consistent. As a
      	side-effect it should make the gimp work when there are _really_ no
      	* app/brush_select.c
      	* app/pattern_select.c: set the initial brush/pattern name to "No
      	Brushes/Patterns available" instead of "Active".
      	* app/devices.c: set the device contexts' brush/pattern/gradient
      	names if we started with no_data, so we find them on refresh.
      	* app/gimpbrushlist.c: set the name of the standard_brush to
      	* app/gimpcontext.c: don't replace the current
      	brush/pattern/gradient's name if the new one to be set is the
      	standard one. Together with the change in devices.c, this ensures
      	that we get what is set in devicerc. Minor fixes.
      	* app/gradient.c: changed gradients_init() to work like the other
      	data init functions. Only insert a default gradient in the
      	gradients list when the editor is opened (this means that the
      	gradients now behave like brushes/patterns when we start with
      	New function gradient_update() avoids tons of useless redraws of
      	all clist gradient previews whenever the gradient editor wants to
      	update it's large preview.
      	* app/gradient_select.c: don't segfault when the user tries to
      	drag from an empty gradient list.
      	* app/patterns.c: set the index of the standard_pattern to -1 to
      	indicate that it's not part of the pattern list.
  22. 07 Nov, 1999 1 commit
    • GMT 1999  Austin Donnelly's avatar
      delay the showing of the full-size pattern, brush or gradient by 150ms as · 4d93809f
      GMT 1999 Austin Donnelly authored
      Sun Nov  7 18:59:22 GMT 1999  Austin Donnelly  <austin@gimp.org>
      	* app/gimpcontextpreview.c: delay the showing of the full-size
      	    pattern, brush or gradient by 150ms as the brush and pattern
      	    selector dialogs currently do.  Also, only generate a "click"
      	    event if the user has clicked quickly, ie, the mouse up event
      	    came before the timeout caused the popup to be displayed).
      	* app/gimprc.c: default image size now 983x857, in an attempt to
      	    flush out problems to do with large images, images with
      	    incomplete tiles around the edges, and images with
      	    width != height.  Non-square pixels and other resolution stuff
      	    will come in at a later stage when we've got the first round
      	    of problems fixed.
      	* app/gradient.c: don't allow two gradients with the same name -
      	    replace the first.  Mainly this stops us having two "Default"
      	    gradients if you start up with --no-data.
      	* app/interface.c: can now create an indicator panel in the
      	    toolbox even if we have --no-data, since we have built-in
      	    defaults now.
  23. 03 Nov, 1999 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app/brush_select.[ch] app/gradient.c app/gradient_select.[ch] · 0302ed0a
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-11-03  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/brush_select.[ch]
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/gradient_select.[ch]
      	* app/interface.[ch]
      	* app/palette.c
      	* app/pattern_select.[ch]: allow dragging a brush/pattern/... from
      	the selections with mouse2 without changing the active element in
      	the dialog.
      	* app/channels_dialog.c
      	* app/color_area.c
      	* app/color_panel.c
      	* app/color_select.c
      	* app/colormap_dialog.i.c
      	* app/devices.c
      	* app/gimpcontextpreview.[ch]
      	* app/gimphelp.[ch]
      	* app/gimpui.[ch]
      	* app/indicator_area.c
      	* app/interface.[ch]
      	* app/layers_dialog.c
      	* app/lc_dialog.c
      	* app/ops_buttons.[ch]
      	* app/paths_dialog.c
      	* app/preferences_dialog.c
      	* app/tools.[ch]: wrapped gtk_tooltips_set_tip() with
      	gimp_help_set_help_data() and moved it to gimphelp.[ch].
      	This should (hopefully) be the final state of the help system. The
      	New function allows a "private tip" to be set without a visible
      	tooltip. This way the tooltips inspector (shift+F1) can search for
      	help data in the parent containers of the clicked widget. E.g. the
      	ops buttons in the layers dialog have private tips like
      	"#new_layer" which gets composed with the help data of the layers
      	dialog notebook page resulting in a complete help path.
      	Allow mouse2 for all dnd operations. Mouse1 still works like before.
  24. 28 Oct, 1999 1 commit
  25. 26 Oct, 1999 1 commit
  26. 04 Oct, 1999 1 commit
  27. 03 Oct, 1999 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      The GIMP Help System part II: press "F1" while browsing a menu to show the · a11f3334
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-10-03  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	The GIMP Help System part II: press "F1" while browsing a menu
      	to show the help page for the menu entry you're currently over
      	with the mouse.
      	* app/color_notebook.c: all color selectors have to register with
      	a help page now.
      	* app/color_select.[ch]: register with a help string. Removed
      	the dialog part of the files because it's use was deprecated
      	anyway (use color notebooks instead).
      	* app/colormap_dialog.i.c
      	* app/colormap_dialog.p.h
      	* app/palette.c
      	* app/palette_select.c: use a color notebook instead of a color
      	* app/gimphelp.c
      	* app/gimpui.c: minor changes.
      	* app/gimprc.c: "use help" defaults to TRUE now.
      	* app/lc_dialog.c
      	* app/lc_dialogP.h: a special help function which shows the help
      	for the currently selected notebook page.
      	* app/menus.c: some weird code which catches "key_press_event"
      	in all menu shells and pops up the corresp. help page for the
      	selected item. Embedded the GtkItemFactoryEntry in a new
      	GimpItemFactoryEntry to allow a help path to be stored.
      	Will be partially exported and moved to gimphelp.[ch] later to
      	catch key_press for plug-in menu items (don't try this now ;-)
      	* app/app_procs.c
      	* app/brush_edit.c
      	* app/brush_select.c
      	* app/channel_ops.c
      	* app/channels_dialog.c
      	* app/commands.c
      	* app/convert.c
      	* app/devices.c
      	* app/file_new_dialog.c
      	* app/fileops.c
      	* app/gdisplay.c
      	* app/gdisplay_color.c
      	* app/gdisplay_color_ui.c
      	* app/gdisplay_ops.c
      	* app/global_edit.c
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/gradient_select.c
      	* app/interface.c
      	* app/layers_dialog.c
      	* app/module_db.c
      	* app/paths_dialog.c
      	* app/pattern_select.c
      	* app/preferences_dialog.c
      	* app/qmask.c
      	* app/resize.c
      	* app/undo_history.c: changed all dialog constructors to point
      	to the right place in the new help file structure.
      	* configure.in
      	* help/*: the basic new help file structure.
      	* modules/colorsel_gtk.c
      	* modules/colorsel_triangle.c
      	* modules/colorsel_water.c: register a help page.
      	* plug-ins/helpbrowser/helpbrowser.c: load the help files
      	according to the new help file structure.
  28. 30 Sep, 1999 1 commit
  29. 27 Sep, 1999 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app/Makefile.am app/gimphelp.[ch] new files · 002aa905
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-09-27  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/Makefile.am
      	* app/gimphelp.[ch]
      	* app/gimpui.[ch]: new files
      	* app/interface.[ch]
      	* app/preferences_dialog.[ch]
      	The GIMP Help System part 1: Press "F1" in any dialog to pop up
      	the help page for this dialog.
      	Moved the widget constructors from preferences_dialog.[ch] and the
      	query boxes from interface.[ch] to gimpui.[ch].
      	The dialog constructors take a help_func and a help_data
      	parameter and install the "F1" accelerator which emits the new
      	"help" signal.
      	The "help" signal callback calls help_func(help_data) which finally
      	has to call gimp_help() which in turn invokes the help browser.
      	Still have to find a proper way to (1) prevent "F1" being assigned
      	to some menu item and (2) to catch "F1" while browsing the menu
      	trees in order to pop up the help for the selected item.
      	* app/menus.c: a <Toolbox>/File/Help... menu item.
      	* app/commands.[ch]: a command callback for the "Help..." menu item.
      	* app/gimprc.[ch]: new boolean gimprc variable "use_help".
      	* app/info_dialog.[ch]: pass a help function and data to the info
      	dialog constructor.
      	* app/tools.[ch]: store the tools help page names in the tool info
      	structure. Export a special tools_help_func() which shows the help
      	page for the active tool.
      	* app/[all files calling a dialog constructor]: pass the dialog's
      	help page to the constructor.
      	Most dialogs are now created by gimp_dialog_new() which also sets
      	up the action_area and the WM delete event callback, so I removed
      	the resp. code from these files.
      	Fixed some minor bugs and did some other stuff but didn't change
      	any logic except dialog creation.
      	* plug-ins/helpbrowser/helpbrowser.c: don't try to call a running
      	help browser and don't install any menu path (all done in
      	app/gimphelp.[ch] now).
  30. 01 Sep, 1999 1 commit
  31. 04 Aug, 1999 1 commit
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Define ROUND(), RINT(), SQR(), G_PI and G_PI_4. The latter two will · 933b8661
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      	* app/appenv.h: Define ROUND(), RINT(), SQR(), G_PI and
      	G_PI_4. The latter two will presumably eventually be in
      	GLib. RINT() calls rint() if we have it, otherwise adds 0.5 and
      	calls floor().
      	* app/*.c: Remove the multiple identical definitions of M_PI. Use
      	G_PI instead of M_PI. Remove ROUND() and rint() definitions. Use
      	RINT() instead of rint().
  32. 24 Jul, 1999 2 commits
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app/brush_select.c app/pattern_select.c wheelmouse support for the · 1899c612
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-07-24  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/brush_select.c
      	* app/pattern_select.c
      	* app/gradient.c: wheelmouse support for the brush/pattern lists
      	and for the gradient preview.
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      set the "preserve" flag to FALSE. This way the tool doesn't have to detect · 9b9f3d10
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-07-24  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/color_picker.[ch]: set the "preserve" flag to FALSE. This
      	way the tool doesn't have to detect drawable changes by itself.
      	Misc stuff like below.
      	* app/gradient.c: heavily changed the beast:
      	- Reviewed the whole ui code and indented it.
      	- Standard ui for all sub-dialogs.
      	- Handle the wm delete event of the sub-dialogs.
      	- "+" and "-" pixmaps instead of "zoom in" and "zoom out".
      	- Made the gradient preview resizable again.
      	- i18n fixes.
      	- Removed some code duplication in the sub-dialogs' cancel/delete
      	- Grouped functions together and commented the groups and their
      	- Didn't change any core functionality (just the ui).
      	- Please don't kill me, but I couldn't resist to indent most
      	  functions ;-)
      	* app/info_dialog.c: no need to call gettext() on a string which
      	was passed to a function (it's the job of the caller).
      	* app/ink.c: grab the pointer in the blob preview.
      	* app/palette.c: standardized the ui of the dialog and all it's
      	sub-dialogs, function header indentation, namespace cleanup.
  33. 22 Jul, 1999 2 commits
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      same cleanups as in my previous checkin. · 88648f40
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-07-22  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/brightness_contrast.c: same cleanups as in my previous
      	* app/gradient.c: made the gradient editor look like the other
      	dialogs. It's now possible to set the background color with
      	<Ctrl>+click. Indentation madness in all functions I modified.
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      new ui for the "Layer Offset" dialog. · a4c1e8a5
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-07-22  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/channel_ops.[ch]: new ui for the "Layer Offset" dialog.
      	* app/channels_dialog.c
      	* app/layers_dialog.c: major code cleanup: Folded some callbacks
      	into common ones, "widget" instead of "w", indentation, ...
      	* app/commands.c
      	* app/interface.[ch]
      	* app/global_edit.c: the query boxes must be shown by the caller
      	now. There's no need to split up the string for the message box
      	manually as the Gtk 1.2 label widget handles newlines corectly.
      	Added the "edge_lock" toggle to the "Shrink Selection" dialog.
      	Nicer spacings for the query and message boxes.
      	* app/ink.c: tried to grab the pointer in the blob preview but
      	failed. Left the code there as a reminder (commented out).
      	* app/menus.c: reordered <Image>/Select.
      	I was bored and grep-ed the sources for ancient or deprecated stuff:
      	* app/about_dialog.[ch]
      	* app/actionarea.[ch]
      	* app/app_procs.c
      	* app/brush_edit.c
      	* app/brush_select.c
      	* app/color_select.c
      	* app/convert.c
      	* app/devices.c
      	* app/gdisplay.c
      	* app/gdisplay_ops.c
      	* app/histogram_tool.[ch]
      	* app/info_window.c
      	* app/install.c
      	* app/ops_buttons.c
      	* app/palette.c
      	* app/palette_select.c
      	* app/paths_dialog.c
      	* app/pattern_select.c
      	* app/resize.c
      	* app/scale_toolc.c
      	* app/text_tool.c:
      	s/sprintf/g_snprintf/g, replaced some constant string lengths with
      	* app/bezier_select.c
      	* app/blend.c
      	* app/boundary.c
      	* app/errors.[ch]
      	* app/free_select.c
      	* app/gimpbrushlist.c
      	* app/gimprc.c
      	* app/iscissors.c
      	* app/main.c
      	* app/patterns.[ch]
      	* app/text_tool.c: namespace fanaticism: prefixed all gimp error
      	functions with "gimp_" and formated the messages more uniformly.
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/gradient_select.c: same stuff as above for the ui
      	code. There are still some sub-dialogs which need cleanup.
      	Did some cleanup in most of these files: prototypes, removed tons
      	of #include's, i18n fixes, s/w/widget/ as above, indentation, ...