1. 01 Aug, 2020 5 commits
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      tools: add performance-log-progressive-coalesce.py; use in performance-log-viewer · 76f9e5fe
      Ell authored
      Add a new performance-log-progressive-coalesce.py tool, which
      coalesces partial address maps in progressive performacne logs into
      a single global address map, suitable for processing by the rest of
      the tools.
      Use the new tool as part of the pipeline in performance-log-viewer.
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      tools: add performance-log-close-tags.py, use in performance-log-viewer · e5fe1ef1
      Ell authored
      Add a new performance-log-close-tags.py tool, which closes unclosed
      tags in incomplete performance logs, allowing the rest of the
      perofmance-log tools to process them.  This is necessary for
      unfinished progressive logs.
      Use the new tool as part of the pipeline in performance-log-viewer.
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      app: add progressive performance logs · 146c2343
      Ell authored
      Add an option to record progressive performance logs.  Progressive
      logs contain complete information after each recorded sample, by
      writing partial address maps at each sample, containing all new
      addresses introduced by the sample.  Furthermore, when recording a
      progressive log, the output stream is flushed after each sample.
      This allows recording complete logs even in cases where they can't
      be properly terminated, such as when GIMP crashes or freezes in the
      middle of the log.
      Progressive logs are disabled by default, since they potentially
      increase the sampling cost.  They can be enabled through a toggle
      in the log file-dialog, or through the
      GIMP_PERFORMANCE_LOG_PROGRESSIVE environment varaible.
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      app: allow controlling performance-log parameters through the UI · 126002c5
      Ell authored
      When recording a performance log, allow setting the log parametrs
      through the file dialog.  Currently, this includes the sample
      frequency, and the option to include backtraces.
      These options are still controllable through the
      GIMP_PERFORMANCE_LOG_BACKTRACE environment variables.  When set,
      the variables override the values entered through the UI.
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      app: in GimpBacktrace Windows backend, return NULL backtrace if not initialized · 95b69dd7
      Ell authored
      In the Windows implementation of gimp_backtrace_new(), return NULL
      if the backend is not fully initialized.
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      app: GimpToolRectangle multi-layer aware. · 281f17e5
      Jehan authored
      This fixes default constraint values when multiple layers are selected.
      In particular fixed aspect ratio defaults in Crop or Rectangle Select
      tools, in layer mode, when several layers are selected, the default
      aspect ratio is the layer's ratio if all layers have the same
      dimensions, otherwise it's the image dimension ratio.
      Also fixes a bug when trying to create the tool rectangle while multiple
      layers are selected (the rectangle was always of size 0 at point 0).
      Finally fixes the auto-shrink feature with multiple layers selected. The
      rectangle will now auto-shrink to the smallest rectangle which
      encompasses the contents of all selected drawables inside the existing
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      Issue #5472 - CRITICAL while using Move tool with arrow keys · 3a462a5e
      Ell authored
      In gimp_edit_selection_tool_translate(), perform the active-item
      checks even when the effective translation offset is 0, and only
      bail afterwards.  This avoids erroneously calling
      gimp_tool_message_literal() with a NULL message in this case.
  5. 28 Jul, 2020 4 commits