1. 14 May, 2022 1 commit
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      devel-docs, libgimpbase: getting rid of gimp_checks_get_shades(). · 0c01a443
      Jehan authored
      In the original gimp-2-10 branch where this feature was originally
      worked on, we had to keep gimp_checks_get_shades(). But on `master`
      where we will reset and break API, let's get rid of this function which
      should not be used anymore.
  2. 23 Dec, 2021 1 commit
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      app, devel-docs, libgimp, pdb: remove gimp_item_set_linked(). · 084906db
      Jehan authored
      I cleaned many remaining places where the concept of linked item still
      On loading an XCF file with linked items, we are now going to create a
      named sets for the linked items, allowing people to easily select these
      back if the relation was still needed.
      We don't remove gimp_item_get_linked() yet and in particular, we don't
      save stored items into XCF files. This will come in an upcoming change.
  3. 20 Apr, 2021 1 commit
  4. 19 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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      Fix typos · bb322d94
      luz paz authored and Jehan's avatar Jehan committed
      Found via:
      codespell -q 3 -S ./ChangeLog*,*.po,./.git,./NEWS* -L als,ang,ba,chello,daa,doubleclick,foto,hist,iff,inport,klass,mut,nd,ower,paeth,params,pard,pevent,sinc,thru,tim,uint
  5. 26 Oct, 2020 1 commit
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      devel-docs: add a "removed functions" table with replacement proposal. · 4d67667e
      Jehan authored
      Let's start up some porting guide for plug-in developers. One of the
      first things to do is to get rid of any deprecated functions from 2.10
      or older versions. In the current stable, these would "just" output
      warnings, but in the dev version, all deprecated functions got removed
      and the build would fail.
      This list may not be complete. I mostly created it by some grep on
      deprecated functions from libgimp 2.10.