1. 10 Dec, 2017 9 commits
  2. 09 Dec, 2017 14 commits
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      NEWS: adding HGT support. · 1a1b1757
      Jehan authored
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      plug-ins: leave a message for translators. · 733b2344
      Jehan authored
      "Digital Elevation Model" (DEM) is a technical term which therefore
      cannot be translated just by its meaning.
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      plug-ins: let's special-case just a bit the HGT data. · b78b14b1
      Jehan authored
      - Display title "Digital Elevation Model data" instead of just "Image".
      - Don't show the type combo anymore, since HGT is always 16-bit signed
        integer in big endian.
      - Don't show the width and height either, but instead show a dropdown
        list to choose between either SRTM-1 or SRTM-3 data. There seems to be
        only these 2 types of data, and this will determine the width and
        height. This choice (SRTM-1 vs 3) will mostly likely be better known
        by people than knowing what image dimension they have to set,
        especially since official links for such files seem to all include the
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      plug-ins: minor cleaning and fixes. · 88ccdb4e
      Jehan authored
      - Add some parentheses to sizeof (*pointer). Maybe it's just me, but it
        is just a bit clearer to me.
      - Free in_raw when out_raw allocation failed.
      - Use strrchr() instead of strchr() to get the extension (I had a case
        when testing where the file was inside a folder named similarly with a
        ".hgt" and it would break the comparison test).
      - Do a case-insensitive comparison. Even though the original files from
        NASA use lowercase, just to be sure.
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      Bug 771661: Extend the raw data import plugin to open .hgt files · c572bdf6
      Massimo Valentini authored and Jehan's avatar Jehan committed
      add support to load single channel 16 bit, signed/unsigned,
      little/big endian 2d raster data as a 16 bit RGB gamma GIMP image
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      plug-ins: s/Windows.h/windows.h/. · 36daa6db
      Jehan authored
      I just cross-compiled for Windows after a long time. The header file is
      all lowercase on a cross-compilation MinGW-w64 environment. I'm not sure
      what is the case on Windows, but since this platform is case-insensitive
      for file names, I believe this won't break anything on native builds.
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      plug-ins: fix a bunch of coding style. · bf13c13e
      Jehan authored
      The screenshot-win32.c file was absolutely not following our coding
      style. A lot of things are still wrong (like camelCase functions), but
      at least I fixed a bunch of indentations, space between function and
      arguments, alignments, curly brackets at start of lines, etc.
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      app: use FAST filter when painting xfer surface · 36258a67
      Ell authored
      Use CAIRO_FILTER_FAST when painting the xfer surface to the
      screen.  This notably improves performance when the canvas is
      rotated, at the cost of lower filtering quality.
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      app: another off-by-one chunking fix · 6d19e9e8
      Ell authored
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      app: fix off-by-one error in last commit · 709c929d
      Ell authored
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      Bug 759287 - Canvas Tearing While in Rotated Canvas View · 8029508f
      Ell authored
      Based on a patch by Massimo.
      Move the entire image-space/screen-space transformation logic from
      gimp_display_shell_render() to gimp_display_shell_draw_image(), so
      that the former works entirely in image space, and do the chunking
      and clipping in screen-space, making sure that image-space chunks
      are never larger than
      even when the window's scale factor is greater than 1.
      Add a GIMP_BRICK_WALL environment variable, which, when set, shows
      the screen-space chunk bounds.
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      Bug 791352 - Screenshot delay is broken for region shots in GNOME. · 614bcf6d
      Jehan authored
      Delay should indeed happen before root and window screenshots, but must
      happen in-between region selection and region screenshot.
      One can notice that the logics is different for Windows screenshot in
      X11. The reason is that X11 window screenshot has an additional window
      selection step (and therefore delay must happen in between selection and
      actual screenshot). Window screenshot in Wayland doesn't have this step
      and simply screenshots whatever is the currently active Window.
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      Bug 791352 - Screenshot delay is broken for region-grab screenshot. · d9cd4b61
      Jehan authored
      Fix first the delay in X11.
      Actually both for region and window screenshots, it makes no sense to
      delay *before* region or window selection. Usually when one uses a
      delay, the point is to prepare in-between selection and shot. For
      instance, I often used a delay to snap the contents of a menu because
      PrintScreen key would not work when a menu is opened. So I would set a
      delay, select my window/region, then quickly open the menu before the
      delay is counting down. This would not be possible with the way delay
      occurred (before selection), which just has no use that I can see of.
  3. 08 Dec, 2017 9 commits
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      libgimpwidgets: add private headers for GimpPickButton implementations. · ef6559b3
      Jehan authored
      Though forward declarations of the implementations are ok, it is cleaner
      to have proper header files for each variant (default, kwin, quartz
      right now). Of course these new header files are not installed and must
      be kept private for build only.
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      Bug 780375 - Color picker won't pick on Wayland. · 06bbf3e4
      Jehan authored
      Add support for KWin API, for KDE on Wayland.
      Unfortunately though, KWin's "pick" API seems to have failures, so I
      fallback to the default color picking when this happens. This will still
      not work on Wayland, but at least won't cause regression for color
      picking on KDE/X11.
      See also KDE bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=387720
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      plug-ins: fix indentation. · 3f1dcaad
      Jehan authored
      The risk of search and replace. Bad me!
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      Bug 781020 - GIMP UI vector icons are drawn way too small. · 3023227f
      Jehan authored
      Though the bug was mostly fixed, it seems to still happen on Windows XP,
      where apparently no content type had been registered for SVG.
      GTK+ developers don't seem too keen to patch GTK+ 2.24 for a platform
      which they don't support anymore.
      Also if not mistaken, GIMP does not officially support Windows XP
      anymore either. A patch though has already been provided by Edward E.
      and it really doesn't look like it could break anything since it just
      adds a last "else if" when everything else failed (and inside a #ifdef
      affecting only WIN32 builds).
      So let's just add it in our builds at least. We still don't have support
      for it, but I see no reason to just refuse a minor patch which won't
      break anything else.
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      Bug 791360 - Add Screenshot implementation for KDE/Wayland. · b9034e26
      Jehan authored
      Only thing I could not properly figure out yet is how to select an area.
      The "screenshotArea" method is there in KDE API, but it needs
      coordinates and I can't find the API to grab coordinates in Wayland (as
      in GNOME shell API).
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      app: update GimpContainerView row expanded state ... · 5d544c2a
      Ell authored
      ... when inserting/reordering items
      Otherwise, newly inserted/reordered group layers are always
    • Ell's avatar
      app: copy expanded state of duplicated items · 4c554179
      Ell authored
      ... so that duplicated group layers maintain the expanded state of
      the original.
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      app: remove redundant opacity clamp from gimp_layer_new() · 06f41db6
      Ell authored
      The opacity will be clamped by gimp_layer_set_opacity().
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      Bug 791386 - New layer with AUTO everything always uses normal mode · 776b4a9a
      Ell authored
      In gimp_layer_new(), set opacity and mode using the setter
      functions, instead of modifying the members directly, so that all
      the necessary side effects take place.
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