1. 23 Dec, 2017 2 commits
  2. 22 Dec, 2017 19 commits
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      NEWS: still keeping the NEWS up-to-date. · 3f60a80d
      Jehan authored
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      app: fix a typo (realtive) · 4df282a6
      Piotr Drąg authored
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      Update POTFILES.in · 09035bc3
      Piotr Drąg authored
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      Bug 753412 - New Canvas rotation feature rotates brush. · eded91e1
      Ell authored
      Replace the "lock brush size to zoom" paint option with a "lock
      brush to view" option, which links the entire brush transform to
      the view transform, so that the brush remains invariant in display
      space under scaling, rotation, and reflection.
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      app: add support for brush reflection · a0b73420
      Ell authored
      Add support for reflecting brushes as part of their transformation.
      The reflection is performed as the last step of the transformation,
      across the vertical axis.
      The option to reflect the brush is not exposed in the UI, or
      through the PDB, but is intended to be used for linking the brush
      transformation to the view transformation, in the next commit.
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      app: fix angle calculation of generated brushes · 27688ee7
      Ell authored
      ... so that we don't effectively take the absolute values of
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      app: also show line info (distance, angle) when moving an endpoint. · 5f00c189
      Jehan authored
      When you move an endpoint in the Blend Tool, angle and distance
      information are especially important, in case you want to draw a
      gradient with specific values.
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      app: use gimp_display_shell_get_line_status() for GimpToolLine. · e1621c32
      Jehan authored
      Currently Blend tool only shows the vector coordinates whose usefulness
      is a bit of a question. Now it will also show distance (in current shell
      unit) and angle!
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      app: use the new gimp_display_shell_get_line_status() for measure... · 2069496a
      Jehan authored
      ... and paint tools (shift-click mode). The feature was already there
      but reimplemented twice. Just replace the code to use the same function.
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      app: new gimp_display_shell_get_line_status(). · 0116d731
      Jehan authored
      Factorize the code to show status for tools needing to show line
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      Update Icelandic translation · ae12413b
      Sveinn í Felli authored
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      Bug 791514 - Cannot export to webp file. · 317f7fa5
      Jehan authored
      fopen() modes "wb+" and "w+b" are aliases of the same opening mode
      (truncate/create in binary read/write). But it turns out that Windows
      implementation does not understand "wb+". The alias "w+b" works fine in
      my tests.
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      plug-ins: clean the rest of the file-fli plug-in. · eb218190
      Jehan authored
      While I am at it, let's just do all the files in there. Other also had a
      bunch of tabs and wrong coding style.
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      plug-ins: clean-up coding style of fli plug-in code. · 375b7679
      Jehan authored
      There should be absolutely no code change semantic in this commit. If
      there is, that's a mistake and it's on me. I only cleaned up the syntax
      in the C file which basically was following none of GIMP coding style
      (tabs everywhere, brackets at end of lines, nearly no space anywhere so
      all the code was a compressed mess which was hard to read, indentation
      absolutely wrong everywhere, etc.).
      I cleaned it up with a bunch of regexp search-and-replace followed by a
      lot of manual cleaning and verification as well.
      I also tested with various FLI files found on the web, and they were
      loading fine in GIMP. So I believe/hope that I didn't mess up somewhere,
      but it looks as the cleaning went all fine.
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      Bug 739133 - (CVE-2017-17785) Heap overflow while parsing FLI files. · edb251a7
      Tobias Stoeckmann authored
      It is possible to trigger a heap overflow while parsing FLI files. The
      RLE decoder is vulnerable to out of boundary writes due to lack of
      boundary checks.
      The variable "framebuf" points to a memory area which was allocated
      with fli_header->width * fli_header->height bytes. The RLE decoder
      therefore must never write beyond that limit.
      If an illegal frame is detected, the parser won't stop, which means
      that the next valid sequence is properly parsed again. This should
      allow GIMP to parse FLI files as good as possible even if they are
      broken by an attacker or by accident.
      While at it, I changed the variable xc to be of type size_t, because
      the multiplication of width and height could overflow a 16 bit type.
      Signed-off-by: Tobias Stoeckmann's avatarTobias Stoeckmann <tobias@stoeckmann.org>
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      app: add gimpdisplayshell-utils.[ch] · fff57f84
      Ell authored
      ... should have been part of last commit.
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      app: constrain line angles in display space, not image space · 984ed6ce
      Ell authored
      Add an offset_angle parameter to gimp_constrain_line(), which
      offsets the radial lines by a given angle.
      Add gimpdisplayshell-utils.[ch], with two new functions:
        - gimp_display_shell_get_constrained_line_offset_angle():
          Returns the offset angle to be passed to
          gimp_constrain_line(), in order to constrain line angles in
          display space, according to the shell's rotation angle and
          flip mode.
        - gimp_display_shell_constrain_line():  A convenience function
          which calls gimp_constrain_line() with the said offset angle.
      Use the new functions in all instances where we constrain line
      angles, so that angles are constrained in display space, rather
      than image space.
      The only exception is GimpEditSelectionTool, which keeps
      constraining angles in image space, since it's not entirely obvious
      that we want to constrain angles of dragged layers/selections in
      display space.
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      NEWS: keep it up-to-date! · 59fd0315
      Jehan authored
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