1. 31 Dec, 2011 2 commits
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      [l10n]Updated Turkish translation · 47e0ddee
      Mustafa AYDIN authored
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      Fix the bugs in the conversion from drawables to cairo surfaces. · d2076552
      Barak Itkin authored
      Most of the code was taken from the print plugin, and it includes iterating
      over pixel regions (instead of fetching them at once), correct support for RGBA
      (which was buggy previously), etc.
      This commit removes the usage of A8 cairo surfaces for GRAY layers, simply
      because it seems not to work. This should be investigated and fixed in order
      to optimize the file size (by saving gray images as gray).
      Also should be checked is why we treat the cairo bpp as 4 when calculating the
      pixel locations in RGB cairo buffers. The print plug-in does this and it works,
      and when I tried 3 it didn't work. May be because of word alignment...
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