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      app: add a "visible" property and API to GimpCanvasItem · 10111126
      Michael Natterer authored
      and use it to set visibility of guides and sample points, so this
      reression is fixed.
      - return NULL extents for invisible items and never draw them
      - do nothing for invisible items in more places, like the group
      While hacking this, it turned out that it was a braino to collect an
      item's region before and after a change in
      dispatch_properties_changed(), so a new update had to be devised:
      - add a "change count" and new API begin_change()/end_change()
      - in begin_change(), remember the item's extents before the change
      - in end_change(), combine old and current extents and emit "update"
      - add some protected function to emit "update", and to figure if
        it makes sense at all to emit "update" on an item.