1. 17 Jul, 2021 3 commits
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      Issue #6994: Color Noise produces artifacts with highly saturated… · 3b3f34cd
      michaelmcl1960 authored
      … source colors
      Reviewer's (Jehan) note: a git blame shows this is a clear bug
      introduced in commit 9d19bf2a, which was a cleanup patch, and the
      BOUNDS() macro was not doing exactly the same thing as the code before
      the change.
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      build: MSYS2 python package is now Python 3.9. · 681d8e74
      Jehan authored
      The MSYS2 package got recently bumped from 3.8 to 3.9.6.
      At first I wanted to update our packaging and installer scripts to be
      more generic using glob patterns (so that they should work now and
      should continue to work even if bumping to a higher minor version in the
      future). Unfortunately this would work for `package-gimp-msys2.sh` but
      in `files.isi`, it would only work for `libpython3.*.dll`, not for the
      python3.9/ folder. InnoSetup apparently doesn't support using a folder
      as source (or maybe just a folder with glob like `python3.*`) as it
      resulted in a "No files found matching" error.
      So leave everything with the accurate version (because anyway it's much
      better to get an early failure than only at the very last step).
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      build: bump GTK to 3.24.30. · bd71814e
      Jehan authored
      Same as MSYS2, add a patch to fix keyboard input when using IMEs (which
      should hopefully fix #1603). Note that this patch should be in the next
      Also remove the Windows Pointer Input Stack support as it is in 3.24.30.
      Finally apply the patch from gtk!3661 for testing (instead of the patch
      from gtk!3275), as it is supposed to fix #5475. This is the reason why
      we still build our own GTK3.
  2. 11 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  3. 07 Jul, 2021 4 commits
  4. 06 Jul, 2021 8 commits
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      libgimpwidgets: use g_printerr() instead of g_warning() for app icons. · 4a00a993
      Jehan authored
      Unit testing consider warnings as criticals and doesn't like when it
      cannot find the installed application icons. To fix the `make check`,
      just print the missing icon information to stderr, but don't make it a
      GLib warning.
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      desktop: add scalable/gimp.svg to distributed tarball. · 2d801596
      Jehan authored
      This is part of fixing the distcheck.
    • Jehan's avatar
      Revert "gitlab-ci: install GIMP before running `make check`." · 97ae2811
      Jehan authored
      This reverts commit fe329adc.
      `make check` is meant to be working even without `make install`. Also
      this didn't fix anything anyway.
    • Jehan's avatar
      gitlab-ci: install GIMP before running `make check`. · fe329adc
      Jehan authored
      Since GIMP looks for its icons at runtime and would output warnings if
      it doesn't find them, it's better to install first. Not really sure it's
      ideal though, but it will do for now. Maybe I should just g_printerr()
      instead of g_warning().
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      libgimpwidgets: fix meson/mingw-w64 build and relocatable builds. · 8025962a
      Jehan authored
      While passing the DATADIR macro works fine natively on Linux, it somehow
      failed with the mingw-w64 build with a very weird error:
      > <command-line>: error: expected identifier or '(' before string constant
      I could not understand what it means, as the '-DDATADIR="/some/path"'
      syntax is completely fine as far as I can see.
      Anyway since I see that DATAROOTDIR is already defined in meson config.h
      (but not in the autotools build, just the meson one!), and using
      datarootdir instead of datadir seems to be just fine (actually maybe
      even more appropriate when it comes to looking up the hicolor
      application icons), I just switched to using it.
      In the same time, I realized that my code using build-time macros won't
      work for relocatable builds anyway. So this commit also adds a bit of
      code path variant using gimp_installation_directory() in the case of
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      desktop: install 64x64 app icon. · b7c2fbe6
      Jehan authored
      For some reason, this size was installed in the meson build, not the
      autotools one.
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      app, libgimpwidgets: drop the thumbnail icon feature. · 35985624
      Jehan authored
      From years of discussions, it turns out that:
      - The thumbnailed-Wilber icon replacing the generic icon of GIMP often
        makes the application harder to spot in the icon list of running
      - In single-window mode in particular, it makes even less sense as we
        just show the one active image anyway.
      - Even in multi-window mode, nowadays many OSes or desktop group windows
        of a same application under one icon. So we end up with several image
        windows under a thumbnail only showing the top image. This happens in
        KDE, GNOME, Cinnamon and Windows at least apparently (as far as is
        being reported).
      - Some platforms would just use only the OS-declared icon and not care
        about runtime-declared ones. This is apparently the case on macOS, and
        also on GNOME when the desktop file is seen by the desktop
        environment. So all our code about generating thumbnailed icon is
        wasted on these platform anyway.
      - When intensively testing the current behavior, I had cases when the
        icon was not properly updated. We could of course investigate and fix
        the issues, but considering all the previous points, it might make
        more sense to simply drop the feature which is mostly useless, or
        worse bothersome, hence simplify the code greatly.
      - Finally API to set icons from GdkPixbuf data has been removed in GTK4.
        So long term, trying to keep this whole machinery feels like just
        making our life difficult for a feature which all OSes seem to
        deprecate and which might not be possible anymore soon (or just get
        harder and harder to implement).
      Note that I don't use gtk_window_set_default_icon_name() because it
      would use the icon from our theme, yet so far we are not sure it makes
      sense for the application icon which we probably always want to be the
      same, whatever the chosen theme. Finally I just list various common icon
      sizes because GTK API doesn't seem to be clever enough yet. I can't just
      give it 1 SVG image (e.g. with gtk_window_set_default_icon_from_file())
      and hope it does the resizing at the last minute. It turns out it
      doesn't and we get an extra-small icon. So instead, let's generate
      common sizes ourselves from the same SVG.
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      desktop: install a scalable GIMP icon too. · 36f103c9
      Jehan authored
      The source is still desktop/src/gimp.svg.
  5. 05 Jul, 2021 6 commits
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      Update Ukrainian translation · f5eed269
      Yuri Chornoivan authored
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      app: add a comment and some newlines before the debug data section. · d3105e5c
      Jehan authored
      The markdown triple-quote (```) has to be on its own at the start of a
      newline. Schumaml was telling me that too many reporters would paste
      just after some text, which would therefore break the markdown syntax.
      Instead let's add 3 newlines before the triple-quote, so that even
      people who would not hit the "Copy Bug Information" button (but instead
      select and copy) have a hint that these newlines are made on purpose.
      Also add a comment (which is discarded by Gitlab) to make this even more
      Then even when pasting just after some text on the same line, the
      triple-quote will end up on its own line.
    • Jehan's avatar
      app: new gimp_display_grab_focus() function. · 086ae779
      Jehan authored
      The goal of this function is to give the focus to the active image
      display. This is implemented as a core GimpDisplay virtual function
      (with the actual implementation in GimpDisplayImpl), allowing to be used
      even in core code, without actual GUI code (this was not necessary right
      now, but I think it will be useful in future use).
      This function is now called from the toolbox code (cf. 2 commits
      earlier), avoiding code duplication. I also added a usage at the end of
      toolbox_paste_received() so that a newly opened image by middle-click
      paste in the toolbox directly gains focus.
    • Jehan's avatar
      app: fix wrong unref-ing. · 2d123b82
      Jehan authored
      Testing this middle-click opening of image by their PATH/URI in the
      toolbox, I realized there was a bug. The original author was obviously
      intending to unref the toolbox which was ref-ed when calling
      gtk_clipboard_request_text(), not freeing the toolbox context, which
      could have dire consequences!
      Fixes this CRITICAL:
      > g_object_unref: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
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      Issue #6869: Toolbox buttons should focus the canvas as side effect. · 3d9996f1
      Jehan authored
      Toolbox buttons don't require focus keeping (no further keyboard input
      needed and navigating through/selecting tools can be done in various
      other ways with a keyboard), which is why I removed focusability of
      toolbox buttons years ago (cf. commit c83ee61c).
      Nevertheless this is not enough, and since toolbox is meant to work on
      the canvas anyway, let's give back canvas focus as soon as any click
      happens on dead areas of the toolbox, as well as on the Wilber (dnd)
      drawing, but also each time a toolbox button is selected (though not on
      the longer clicks to see tool groups' contents without selecting a tool
      in the end).
      This will allow to directly start working on the image without requiring
      a click first (for instance panning with Space or similar interactions
      which would not give focus to the image canvas).
      This can also count as an alternative to the "Esc" shortcut to get
      canvas focus back, with a mouse click instead of a keyboard key.
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      Issue #5875: Close button too big on wayland backend. · 68851c1a
      Jehan authored
      The issue is that on X11, the window manager draws the title bar hence
      uses the window-close button from the system theme, though on Wayland,
      GTK draws its own decorations. Since we provide a window-close, we end
      up with a disparity between this button and the minimize/maximize
      For now, let's just get rid of the window-close icon as an easy
      solution, thus GIMP will always use the window-close icon from system
      Maybe we can restore our own window-close icon later, but we should make
      sure to at least have also window-maximize and window-minimize icons so
      that the 3 buttons next to each others won't look too mismatched. And
      probably we should also have smaller-size design because it doesn't look
      so nice when huge (though it might simply have been the size mismatch
      which gave this feeling).
  6. 01 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  7. 29 Jun, 2021 1 commit
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      build: do not copy a binary dependency when it already exists. · 179334b6
      Jehan authored
      The dll_link script would overwrite the same dependencies over and over,
      for instance when needed for several binaries, but worse when available
      in several source directories. In our case, we look up 2 source
      directories: our install prefix first, then the prefix for MSYS2
      pre-built packages. So it turns out we would be overriding any
      custom-built package also installed through MSYS2 (such as our patched
      GLib, see my previous commits).
      As a side effect, it should also make the packaging step faster as we
      don't re-copy unecessarily the same DLLs over and over again. The first
      one to go in stays in.
  8. 28 Jun, 2021 5 commits
  9. 18 Jun, 2021 11 commits
    • Yuri Chornoivan's avatar
      Update Ukrainian translation · 0d42693c
      Yuri Chornoivan authored
    • Jehan's avatar
      desktop: make validate-desktop a unit test. · 1a3efe09
      Jehan authored
      Instead of a target, let's make it a test. Also I realize it already
      existed as desktop_file test. But it's simpler to run it directly (no
      need of an external script).
      Note: I still leave the test-desktop.sh script as it is used for the
      autotools test.
    • Jehan's avatar
      build, gitlab-ci: generated files should be in the build dir. · 0e4263d8
      Jehan authored
      Also update the CI script to copy the generated language files before
      creating the installer so that the gimp3264.iss script finds them.
    • Jehan's avatar
      build: improve the script to test for Windows installer languages. · 602add8c
      Jehan authored
      We were only comparing the po list with the language list in the
      gimp3264.iss. Nevertheless since we also generate the <code>.setup.isl
      files, we should also verify generated files corresponds exactly to the
      same list of languages.
      This commit does it for meson and autotools build.
      This is also how I fixed the meson list (cf. previous commit).
    • Jehan's avatar
      build: complete Windows installer lang list in meson and fix iconv… · a6c44a71
      Jehan authored
      … conversion when some characters are not convertible.
      Currently failed conversion ended up in incomplete .isl files (autotools
      build) or would break the build (meson build). Ideally we should use a
      target encoding which contains all source characters, but we use the
      encoding as set upstream in the LanguageCodePage for the given language
      I'm not sure if maybe we can mix the encoding by adding our own
      LanguageCodePage at the top of our generated <code>.setup.isl, then we
      could just use UTF-8 for any language. It will have to be tested.
      For now let's just discard non-convertible characters, assuming there
      shouldn't be too many of these. It's the lesser evil in this situation.
    • Jehan's avatar
      meson.build: fix more xmllint validation. · 2d6bf6de
      Jehan authored
      The authors.xml validation was also not run. This is nearly the last of
      getting rid of run_target(). There is still the desktop file validation
      but it doesn't have any output argument. We'll see how we update this
      last one.
      The only other usages of run_target() are proper usage (creating
      'install-*' targets).
    • Jehan's avatar
      data: fix more xmllint validation. · 27303619
      Jehan authored
      Similarly to the previous commit, the tips and tags validation was never
      happening as it was implemented as a custom top-level meson target. It
      was not run during a normal build. Now it is.
    • Jehan's avatar
      menus: fix validating the XML menu files with meson build. · 19e545bc
      Jehan authored
      Basically the build was never running this target (unless maybe in some
      edge cases as could be demonstrated by the Arch repository build, though
      it doesn't look they did anything particular; this is how we discovered
      the bug #6447 as this was not run on our own local or CI builds).
      Reading the docs of run_target(), it may actually have been normal.
      run_target() looks to be only about creating top-level targets (which
      one could run with `ninja validate_menus` in our case for instance), not
      actually running the command (i.e. badly named function).
      For the command to be actually run on a normal build, let's use a
      custom_target() as proposed by Paolo Bonzini. After testing, the xmllint
      validation is properly run on a normal build and dependency works fine
      with both the source XML and generated XML files (touching these files
      trigger a rebuild).
      The output of xmllint is stored in some dummy file, which is only useful
      to prevent re-running the command at each build even though source XML
      were unchanged (so it's more of a flag file).
      See discussion in #6447.
    • Mayank Suman's avatar
      libgimp: tooltip added to all widgets in GimpProcedureDialog · 38cda060
      Mayank Suman authored
      Appropriate tooltip is displayed for all widgets in GimpProcedureDialog.
    • Mayank Suman's avatar
      libgimp: new GtkSizeGroup for widgets inside a container · c99ae376
      Mayank Suman authored
      All the widgets with label inside GimpProcedureDialog have same
      GtkSizeGroup (dialog->priv->label_group), which result in wrong sizes of
      widget if any of the label is long. In this commit, a new GtkSizeGroup
      is made for each of the container, so that labels are aligned but size
      of widget in one container do not affect size of widgets in other
      For the widget not belonging to any of the container, default
      GtkSizeGroup (dialog->priv->label_group) is used.
    • Mayank Suman's avatar
      plug-in, libgimp: Fixes #6753: redesign of WebP Export dialog · d8062d1d
      Mayank Suman authored
      Added an option for exporting thumbnail in WebP Export dialogbox.
      Additionally, introduced a function gimp_procedure_dialog_fill_expander.
      The function is similar to gimp_procedure_dialog_fill_frame but allows
      adding GtkExpander instead of GtkFrame.