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      (erich) lots of changes to gimptcl · f430950e
      Eric L. Hernes authored
      1) better integration to automake/autoconf/configure...
         The rules are:
         * by default look at -ltcl and -ltk
         * you can specify --with-tcl and --with-tk to use
           different versions, e.g. you can use --with-tcl=tcl80
           and --with-tk=tk80 to use them.
         * if your system has a dl library, it uses it, otherwise
           not.  This may cause problems if you have a -ldl, but
           your tcl library doesn't need it :(  There'll probably
           be a --with-tcldl=no someday
      2) make a few arrays bigger, particularily in the PDB interface.
      3) type most of the numeric returns from the PDB, e.g.
         a proc that returns a layer now returns `layer-#' instead
         of just `#'.  This may cause problems for scripts that
         get an array and then iterate over it. (as in gimp-list-images
         or similar)
      4) consolio is now based on Jeff Hobbs `tkcon', much better than
         the older one.  And the license is much less restrictive.
      5) The switch to tkcon unveiled several errors with the internal
         packages, so I fixed most of them.  Now sub-interpreters
         can use the same PDB interface as the ``parent'' interp.
         I should be able to make something akin to the script-fu
         mechanism out of this... (someday)
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