1. 27 Nov, 1999 8 commits
  2. 26 Nov, 1999 11 commits
  3. 25 Nov, 1999 7 commits
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      1.1.13 stuff · 01d5fb26
      Manish Singh authored
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      Augh, fix stupid braino from my last change · fb801cce
      Manish Singh authored
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      updated. · b9736494
      Vincent Renardias authored
      * fr.po: updated.
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      Removed the definitions of the tearoff menu items and build them on the · 720518b3
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-11-25  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/menus.c: Removed the definitions of the tearoff menu items
      	and build them on the fly. Added N_()-marked submenus instead so
      	they get properly translated. Removed N_() from all separators.
      	Hacked menu_translate(): Don't try to translate separators,
      	tearoffs and the /File/MRUxx entries. Avoid multiple lookups in
      	the "gimp-std-plugins" domain. Translating plug-in menu entries is
      	still broken.
      	Defined all filter categories for proper translation and a first
      	try to order them and to add separators (please comment...).
      	New Category /Filters/Web.
      	(Did 'make update-po' in the po* directories and updated the
      	german translations.)
      	* app/about_dialog.c
      	* app/brush_select.c
      	* app/drawable.c
      	* app/errors.c
      	* app/free_select.c
      	* app/gradient.c
      	* app/info_dialog.c
      	* app/plug_in.c
      	* app/tool_options.c: minor i18n updates like removing _() from
      	some error messages.
      	* app/context_manager.c: a private context for the Xinput Airbrush.
      	* plug-ins/common/video.c: Register under /Filters/Distorts
      	* plug-ins/imagemap/imap_main.c: Register under /Filters/Web
      	(Marc, what about putting "prepare for gif" and "webify" there?)
      	* plug-ins/perl/po/de.po: s/Xtn/Xtns/g
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      ja.po: Japanese Translation Update for 1.1.12 from SHIRASAKI Yasuhiro. · e4d411f8
      Yukihiro Nakai authored
             See his serious attitude for the Japanized GIMP.
             I recommend you give him a translation commit account and
             tell him before a new version release...
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      restrict movements to 15 degrees (the circle way) · d82cdfc8
      Sven Neumann authored
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      1.1.12 stuff · f0cde437
      Manish Singh authored
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