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      INSTALL: update GEGL build instructions. · 3f597691
      Jehan authored
      Recently updated my distrib, so it's a good time to see what is wrong in
      our instructions. In particular, we must build GEGL with Cairo,
      otherwise gegl:npd is not built (and it's a mandatory operation for
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      INSTALL: update info about libmypaint. · 1028345b
      Jehan authored
      Since recently, one can also install the new "libmypaint-v1" branch. It
      is not so different, but has several fixes. Among them, it fixes
      building with recent automake.
  12. 05 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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      app, libgimpbase: --enable-relocatable-bundle replaces --enable-binreloc · 4d84c1d7
      Jehan authored
      Older --enable-binreloc configure option had basically the same purpose
      as the newer --enable-relocatable-bundle, though the old binreloc was
      only used for gimpenv.c code.
      As a consequence, commit 10ce7021 was still not working fine since
      gimp_installation_directory_file() also need binreloc enabled (to be
      actually relocatable).
      Let's get rid of this whole mess, by implying we want binreloc code to
      be used when --enable-relocatable-bundle is ON. We don't need the
      m4macros anymore, since AM_BINRELOC was basically just checking that
      `/proc/self/maps` was present. But anyway being present at compile time
      does not mean it will be at runtime (nor the opposite). So this test is
      not that useful. The binreloc code will anyway fallback gracefully to
      the non-binreloc code (i.e. trying to use build-time install paths) if
      the procfs is lacking at runtime.
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      configure: check presence of "gegl:matting-levin" with `gegl --exists`. · 9560a653
      Jehan authored
      This is a runtime dependency. If absent, we simply won't have access to
      the alternative Matting Levin engine in the foreground selection tool.
      If we don't add a test in configure, this may be easily forgotten. I
      created the `gegl --exists` feature specifically for this kind of
      checks, so let's check operation existence.
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      INSTALL: make clear not to install libmypaint from master. · 1806e564
      Jehan authored
      Also add a note about installing possibly from the release tarball or
      from the package manager of a distribution, since apparently some assume
      it has to be installed from repository, making their own life harder
      that it has to!
      Finally split the libmypaint and mypaint-brushes into their own numbers
      to make things even clearer.
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      INSTALL: various fixes. · 21227c25
      Jehan authored
      Adding GIMP 2.8 as compatible regarding plug-ins, fixing a few typos,
      and replacing --enable-vector-icons by --disable-vector-icons (since
      vector icons are now the default).
  29. 03 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      INSTALL: add some information about PKG_CONFIG_PATH for mypaint-brushes. · 0f29e670
      Jehan authored
      I didn't think I'd have to be this detailed, but it appears a lot of
      people were not aware that data package .pc files would end up under
      share/pkgconfig/ (and not lib/) and have problems with installing this
      new "mypaint-brushes" dependency. Hopefully this will be enough.
  30. 02 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      INSTALL: use spaces instead of tabs for pretty-printing. · 1e259e33
      Jehan authored
      Using tabs aligns text correctly only if the viewer display tabs the
      same size as the editor. Using spaces allows always having well aligned
      texts, especially in table-like outputs like this dependency listing.
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      INSTALL: update dependency information. · 7d8dd66e
      Jehan authored
      It seems we forgot to move librsvg from optional to mandatory
      dependency. Also add RawTherapee as an optional runtime dependency.
      Finally reorder the lists alphabetically.
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      Bug 791397 - Gimp import multi page PDF only imports first page. · a207570c
      Jehan authored
      Poppler and poppler-data are now hard dependencies.
      PDF is a common-enough format nowadays that import support is likely
      considered as a granted feature by everyone. Moreover the current
      fallback to the PostScript plug-in for PDF support just gives a degraded
      experience with less features (and probably a lot of bugs since
      basically nobody uses this code).
      Poppler-data is also considered mandatory because non-western language
      support should never be considered an "option". People using non-western
      languages are not second class citizens and therefore if we say that PDF
      import is now a hard feature, it should also include PDF using CJK or
      Cyrillic languages.
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