1. 20 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      Issue #2828: Scrolling up with a mouse within a drop-down list. · 1d984542
      Jehan authored
      We were doing it all the wrong way, fixing one combo box object at a
      time. So this commit basically reverses commits 68a33ab5, 6dfca83c
      and a9a979b2 and instead runs the same code in the class code. This
      way, all objects based on these base classes will have the fix from
      These improved various other drop-down lists (I found some of them, and
      probably not all) as I fixed all GIMP custom widgets based on
      Note that it has to be run after filling the list apparently (I had the
      problem especially with GimpIntComboBox if running in the _init() code,
      then the list widget showed wrong).
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