1. 23 Jan, 2019 3 commits
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      app: remove "Edit -> Fade..." · 23ae869f
      Ell authored
      This commit completely removes the "Edit -> Fade..." feature,
      - The main reason is that "fade" requires us to keep two buffers,
        instead of one, for each fadeable undo step, doubling (or worse,
        since the extra buffer might have higher precision than the
        drawable) the space consumed by these steps.  This has notable
        impact when editing large images.  This overhead is incurred even
        when not actually using "fade", and since it seems to be very
        rarely used, this is too wasteful.
      - "Fade" is broken in 2.10: when comitting a filter, we copy the
        cached parts of the result into the apply buffer.  However, the
        result cache sits after the mode node, while the apply buffer
        should contain the result of the filter *before* the mode node,
        which can lead to wrong results in the general case.
      - The same behavior can be trivially achieved "manually", by
        duplicating the layer, editing the duplicate, and changing its
      - If we really want this f...
  4. 19 Dec, 2018 2 commits
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      Issue #2604 - XCF saving bug in xcf_save_buffer() · b06ffe43
      Ell authored
      The NULL terminator of the tile-offset array of dummy buffer-levels
      is erroneously written as an int32, instead of an offset, even in
      version-11+ XCFs, in which offsets are 64-bit.
      Since the dummy levels aren't actually used by GIMP, we're going to
      keep these fields as int32 as an exception, in order to remain
      consistent with existing XCFs, and just add a comment in the code,
      and update the docs.  If we ever make use of the higher buffer
      levels, we should change these fields to offsets, and bump the XCF
      (cherry picked from commit 2168d91c)
  6. 10 Nov, 2018 1 commit
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      libgimpwidgets: add GimpSpinButton · d928ed72
      Ell authored
      GimpSpinButton is a drop-in replacement for (and a subclass of)
      GtkSpinButton.  Unlike GtkSpinButton, it avoids updating the
      adjustment value when losing focus, unless the entry text has
      changed.  This prevents accidental loss of precision, when the
      adjustment value can't be accurately displayed in the entry.
      Note that libgimpwidgets already defines a (deprecated)
      gimp_spin_button_new() function.  This commit stays compatible with
      the old function, by defining GimpSpinButton's _new() function as
      gimp_spin_button_new_(), and defining a variadic
      gimp_spin_button_new() macro, which expands to either the old or
      the new function, based on the number of arguments, so that either
      function can be used transparently as gimp_spin_button_new().  This
      is all gone in master.
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      devel-docs: add the package maintainers in the release-howto. · eb227b1d
      Jehan authored
      Nicknames on IRC/gitlab are hard, even more when they change depending
      on the media! I realize we are regularly asking them or unsure of who to
      contact (for instance here for releases). Let's associate each package
      with its current maintainer to make it easy to contact the right person
      to prepare our official packages before a release.
      (cherry picked from commit dc9a3044)
  10. 20 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  11. 17 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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      app, pdb: add gimp-register-file-handler-priority procedure · c5c0f873
      Ell authored
      Add a gimp-register-file-handler-priority procedure, which can be
      used to set the priority of a file-handler procedure.  When more
      than one file-handler procedure matches a file, the procedure with
      the lowest priority is used; if more than one procedure has the
      lowest priority, it is unspecified which one of them is used.  The
      default priority of file-handler procedures is 0.
      Add the necessary plumbing (plus some fixes) to the plug-in manager
      to handle file-handler priorities.  In particular, use two
      different lists for each type of file-handler procedures: one meant
      for searching, and is sorted according to priority, and one meant
      for display, and is sorted alphabetically.
      (cherry picked from commit b4ac9568)
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  15. 29 May, 2018 3 commits
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      libgimpbase, libgimp, app: pass icon theme dir to plug-ins through config · de108498
      Ell authored
      Pass the current icon theme directory to plug-ins through the
      config message, and add a gimp_icon_theme_dir() libgimp function
      for retrieving it.  Note that we already have a similar
      gimp_icon_get_theme_dir() PDB function, which we keep around, since
      it can be used to dynamically query for the current icon dir,
      unlike the former, and since it returns a dynamically-allocated
      string, while the rest of the config-related functions return
      statically allocated strings.
      Use the new function, instead of gimp_get_icon_theme_dir(), in
      gimp_ui_init().  This allows gimp_ui_init() to run without making
      any PDB calls.  Consequently, this allows us to start plug-ins that
      call gimp_ui_init() without entering the main loop in the main app.
      We're going to add a plug-in that displays an interactive dialog
      while the main app is blocking waiting for an operation to
      complete, and we need to be able to start the plug-in without
      entering the main loop, to avoid the possibility of arbitrary code
      being executed during the wait.
      Bump the protocol version.
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      libgimpwidgets: add GimpBusyBox · aa229145
      Ell authored
      GimpBusyBox is used to show a message indicating an operation is in
      progress.  It's basically just a spinner and a label, with some
      We're going to use it both in app/ and in a plug-in.
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  19. 05 May, 2018 1 commit
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      Bug 795720 - Change MD5 sums to SHA512 ones. · 31f5d7dc
      Jehan authored
      We should stop using MD5 sums altogether and push forward SHA256/SHA512
      hash sums instead. The website is also being updated to display these in
      favor of the deprecated MD5 sums.
      We are most likely not going to remove previously computed MD5 sums, or
      recompute SHA* hashes for older binaries, but at least we should stop
      doing MD5 sums of any future binary.
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