1. 10 Jun, 2017 10 commits
  2. 09 Jun, 2017 4 commits
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      NEWS: add improved PCX support. · b610d97e
      Jehan authored
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      plug-ins: coding-style fix, adding comments and removing unused var. · dc069e42
      Jehan authored
      Commits 8d4642f4 and daa5611e reviewed. I was only unsured on usage of
      header vs EOF palette as well as the non-B&W monochrome palette since we
      don't find a single authoritative spec. Nevertheless the implementer has
      good argumentation so let's go with this. Simply I add some comments
      about these 2 points in the code, just in case for future references.
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      Fix for Bug 159947 - saving 1bpp PCX files · daa5611e
      Nikc M authored
      +Allows user to save indexed 1bpp and 4bpp PCX files automatically,
      depending on the number of colors used.
      +Creates a general function with parameters for both bpp and # of
      planes, to handle more PCX file types (1bpp, 2planes; 1bpp, 2planes;
      4bpp, 1plane).
      +Removes assumption when loading colormap that 1bpp files are black &
      white only; loads both colors from PCX palette header instead.
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      Bug 159947 - saving 1bpp PCX Files · 8d4642f4
      Nikc M authored
      Allows saving 1bpp and 4bpp indexed PCX files based on number of colors
      used in image. Also provides ability to load additional PCX formats:
      2bpp, 2 planes 1bpp, 3 planes 1bpp, 4bpp.
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