1. 21 Aug, 1999 11 commits
  2. 20 Aug, 1999 8 commits
  3. 19 Aug, 1999 7 commits
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      see plug-ins/perl/Changes · a86617d5
      Marc Lehmann authored
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      app/Makefile.am new file containing the dnd data definitions. · 311c83b0
      Michael Natterer authored
      1999-08-19  Michael Natterer  <mitschel@cs.tu-berlin.de>
      	* app/Makefile.am
      	* app/gimpdnd.h: new file containing the dnd data definitions.
      	* app/disp_callbacks.[ch]
      	* app/interface.c: drop layers on the toolbox to create a new
      	image and on the display to copy it to the image's layer stack.
      	* app/layers_dialog.c: drop layer on the "New" button to create an
      	empty layer with the dropped layer's properties, to "Duplicate" to
      	duplicate it and on the trashcan to delete it.
      	Thanks to Andy for the ultra-cool dnd preview pixmap patch.
      	* app/layer.[ch]
      	* app/undo.c: renamed layer_mask() to layer_get_mask(). Prototyped
      	some function headers.
      	* app/disp_callbacks.c: Wheelmouse stuff: Shift+wheel scales the
      	* app/airbrush.c
      	* app/eraser.c
      	* app/paint_options.h
      	* app/paintbrush.c
      	* app/pencil.c
      	* app/tool_options.c: moved the "Incremental" toggle to the
      	PaintOptions structure because it is used more often now.
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      support for adding guides at the handles · e7c1e756
      Sven Neumann authored
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      #include "channel.h" and "layer.h" for GIMP_CHANNEL, GIMP_IS_LAYER, and · 8a95c9c2
      Manish Singh authored
      * tools/pdbgen/pdb/drawable.pdb: #include "channel.h" and "layer.h"
      for GIMP_CHANNEL, GIMP_IS_LAYER, and GIMP_LAYER #defines
      The rest of these files are generated from the fresh pdbgen run
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      data/brushes/vine.gih new files, a sample hose and a sample pixmap brush · 34237419
      Adrian Likins authored
              * data/brushes/vine.gih
              * data/brushes/pepper.gpb: new files, a sample hose
              and a sample pixmap brush
              * docs/gpb.txt
              * docs/gih.txt: vague description of the current pixmap
              brush and hose formats
              * app/gimpbrushhose.c
              * app/gimpbrushpicmap.c: use the brush spacing info now
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      add GradientPaintMode enum move above enum use above enum · 311953b1
      Adrian Likins authored
      Wed Aug 18 22:49:31 1999 Adrian Likins <alikins@redhat.com>
              * app/apptypes.h: add GradientPaintMode enum
              * app/paint_core.h: move above enum
              * app/paintbrush.c: use above enum
              * app/drawable_cmds.c: include "layers.h" so it
              will link again
  4. 18 Aug, 1999 5 commits
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      Add apptypes.h. · fcf6d3ac
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      	* tools/pdbgen/Makefile.am: Add apptypes.h.
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      ChangeLog for previous commit; additionally: · 808a7d17
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      	* tools/pdbgen/pdb/drawable.pdb
      	* tools/pdbgen/pdb/layer.pdb: Add a few casts.
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      Actually use the enum types GimpImageType, GimpImageBaseType, · f6858e21
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      	* app/*.[ch]: Actually use the enum types GimpImageType,
      	GimpImageBaseType, LayerModeEffects, PaintApplicationMode,
      	BrushApplicationMode, GimpFillType and ConvertPaletteType, instead
      	of just int or gint. Hopefully I catched most of the places
      	where these should be used.
      	Add an enum ConvolutionType, suffix the too general constants
      	instead of NORMAL in some places (this was what was intended). Fix
      	some minor gccisms.
      	* app/apptypes.h: New file. This file contains the above
      	enumeration types, and some opaque struct typedefs. It was
      	necessary to collect these in one header that doesn't include
      	other headers, because when we started using the above mentioned
      	types in the headers, all hell broke loose because of the
      	spaghetti-like cross-inclusion mess between headers.
      	(An example: Header A includes header B, which includes header C
      	which includes A. B uses a type defined in A. This is not defined,
      	because A hasn't defined it yet at the point where it includes B,
      	and A included from B of course is skipped as we already are
      	reading A.)
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      almost done with the measure tool ... · 088a9d71
      Sven Neumann authored
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  5. 17 Aug, 1999 6 commits
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      Fix it. Now the hose itself, interpreted as a pixmap brush (which the hose · 4b22d03f
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      	* app/gimpbrushhose.c (gimp_brush_hose_load): Fix it. Now the hose
      	itself, interpreted as a pixmap brush (which the hose is a
      	subclass of), is the first brush in its list. The rest of the
      	pixmap brushes in the list are separately allocated ones. Don't
      	read the pattern names into dummy buffers, just seek past.
      	* app/pixmapbrush.c (pixmapbrush_motion): Now works better, and
      	actually steps through the pixmaps in the hose's list. The
      	paint_core->brush (which points to a brush hose in the cases we're
      	interested in) is temporarily replaced with the current pixmap
      	brush to use, and restored after applying the pixmap brush.
      	* app/makefile.{cygwin,msc}: Add new files.
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      just reformatted · ffd97288
      Marc Lehmann authored
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      test hash lookup result · 1e3c91f3
      Asbjørn Pettersen authored
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      ooops, forgot Makefile.am · 0c08558b
      Adrian Likins authored
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      oops, missed a couple of file · 33a045c1
      Adrian Likins authored
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      app/gimpbrushhose.c new files to implement a GimpBrushHose type. The idea · e87ae53a
      Adrian Likins authored
      Mon Aug 16 20:48:33 1999 Adrian Likins <alikins@redhat.com>
              * app/gimpbrushhose.c
              * app/gimpbrushhose.h: new files to implement a GimpBrushHose
              type. The idea being its derived from gimpbrushes, so we can
              make regular tools use it if need be, and fold it into the brushes
              dialog nice and easy.
              * app/gimpbrush.c
              * app/gimpbrushgenerated.c
              * app/gimpbrushpixmap.c:
              * app/gimpbrushpixmap.h: Modified the *_get_type() functions
              to behave more correctly. As suggested by Tim Janik <tim@gtk.org>
              * app/pixmapbrush.c: Since pixmapbrush tool wasnt doing anything
              useful anyway, start using it as a testbed for "image hoses".
              Right now it doesnt really work correctly.
      I'll try to upload a sample hose to http://adrian.gimp.org/pixmap-brushes/
      shortly, and maybe some docs about the lame format.
  6. 16 Aug, 1999 3 commits