1. 14 Apr, 2018 23 commits
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      Update Chinese (China) translation · 2255f09f
      Aron Xu authored
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      Bug 795185 - Corrective rotation guides are incorrect in GIMP 2.10. · b91742a8
      Jehan authored
      Most expected behavior in normal transform is to see the preview,
      whereas you usually don't want to see it in corrective mode. In 2.8
      actually, it seems like it was not even possible to see the image
      preview in corrective mode.
      So let's set "show-preview" to these defaults when "direction" property
      is updated.  It is still possible to change it manually for any specific
      use cases (i.e. you can hide the preview in normal transform, and
      oppositely you can show it in corrective transform), but at least now
      defaults are sane.
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      Bug 795185 - "Show image preview" works differently if checked before... · 3841d3d5
      Jehan authored
      ... or during rotation.
      If checked before rotation, it works as expected, i.e. one sees only the
      original or the rotated image.
      While rotation is in progress: if unchecked, one sees neither the
      original nor the image preview; if checked, one sees both original and
      rotated preview.
      Let's make the behavior consistent and only show exactly one version at
      all time.
  4. 11 Apr, 2018 2 commits