Commit ff7139d3 authored by Adrian Likins's avatar Adrian Likins
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Sun Dec 7 15:27:14 EST 1997 Adrian Likins <>
* fixed refract.c to look for megawidget.h in the proper place
* fixed the in plugins/script-fu/script to install
the texture files too
* added a check in channels_dialog.c to make the aspect ratio
really go away
* fixed a minor error in the alien-glow-* scripts with an
extra parenthesis
* added the new wilber.h
* patched convert.c with Adam D. Moss's patch to avoid color counting when
not needed
* patched gif.c with Adam D. Moss's patch to fix some weirdness with
transparncy in anim gifs
Sat Dec 6 15:27:23 EST 1997 Adrian Likins <>
* Added a check in some of the layer/channel preview code
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