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......@@ -7,6 +7,37 @@ GIMP 1.3 is the development branch of The GIMP. Here's where the
development takes place on the road to the next stable release
GIMP version 2.0.
Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0pre3
- 127451: Anchor floating selection when creating a text layer (Mitch)
- 50649: Allow to call script-fu scripts from plug-ins (Mitch)
- 132617: Improved gimp-remote behaviour (Sven)
- 132036: Fixed issues with libart scan conversion (Simon)
- 132041: Made info window not grab the focus (Mitch)
- 132077: Redraw layer boundary when using transform tools (Mitch)
- 132089: Flip tool misbehaviours (Mitch)
- 132032: User interface issues with Plugin Details (David Odin)
- 132145: Use default values when stroking from the PDB (Mitch)
- 132162: Anchoring a floating selection on a channel (Mitch)
- 132271: Mosaic filter on selections (Simon)
- 132322: gimp-levels on grayscale images (Mitch)
- 132329: Info window doesn't show inital values (Shlomi Fish)
- 118084: Info window not updated in automatic mode (Shlomi Fish)
- 132495: Positioning of glyphs that extend the logical rectangle (Sven)
- 108659: Use g_spawn in postscript plug-in (Peter Kirchgessner)
- 132508: Problems with path tool in Edit mode (Simon)
- 132504: Fixed unsharp mask script (Mitch)
- 132595: Don't draw the selection if it's hidden (Sven)
- 132027: Crash in gimpressionist (Sven)
- 132596: Use default values for color DND (Mitch)
- 132493: Tuned Comic Logo script (Pedro Gimeno)
- 132649: Allow to fill the whole selection using bucket-fill (Mitch)
Other contributions:
Manish Singh, Tor Lillqvist
Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0pre2
- 130828: Compile error with gcc 2.95 (Adrian Bunk)
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