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2001-01-11 Sven Neumann <>
* README: changed for gimp-1.3
2001-01-11 Valek Filippov <>
* plug-ins/script-fu.c: changed INIT_I18N() to INIT_I18N_UI().
The GIMP: The GNU Image Manipulation Program: The Hadjaha Release
The GIMP: The GNU Image Manipulation Program
This is version 1.3, the developers version of The GIMP. Only use
it if you are brave and curious and want to participate development
towards the next stable release version 1.4. Please do not yet report
bugs in this version. This is a developers version. We know it has
bugs and it might not even compile. You have been warned!
The GIMP is designed to be a professional image manipulation program
suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image
......@@ -82,20 +88,22 @@ Many of the developers hang out there. One of the Byxnet servers are:
The look of GIMP's interface can be customized like any other GTK app
by editing the ~/.gtkrc file or by using "themes" (ready-made
customizations). For downloadable themes and further details, see Additionally GIMP reads ~/.gimp-1.2/gtkrc so you Additionally GIMP reads ~/.gimp-1.3/gtkrc so you
can have settings that only apply to The GIMP.
Included is a set of keybindings similar to those in Adobe Photoshop (tm).
You can find them in the ps-menurc file. To use them, copy this file to
~/.gimp-1.2/menurc. You can also manually change the keybindings to any of
your choice by editing ~/.gimp-1.2/menurc.
~/.gimp-1.3/menurc. You can also manually change the keybindings to any of
your choice by editing ~/.gimp-1.3/menurc.
5. Bugs
We sincerely hope you enjoy the program. Please report problems to Before reporting a problem, you may want to see if someone
else did already - check for this.
Since this is a developers version, we are at the moment not really
interested in receiving bug-reports. If you find a bug, contact the person
who is working on this particular part of the program (check the ChangeLog)
or try to fix it yourself.
Have fun,
......@@ -103,4 +111,13 @@ Have fun,
Peter Mattis
Federico Mena
Manish Singh
Sven Neumann
Michael Natterer
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