Commit eadceef9 authored by Massimo Valentini's avatar Massimo Valentini
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plug-ins: fix a typo in noise-randomize

Applying the filter noise slur on a white image produces
black artifacts at the first rows. Seen in meetthegimp162.mp4.
parent f53f8432
......@@ -530,7 +530,7 @@ randomize (GimpDrawable *drawable,
* prepare the first row and previous row
randomize_prepare_row (sp, pr, x1, y1 - 1, (x2 - x1));
randomize_prepare_row (dp, cr, x1, y1, (x2 - x1));
randomize_prepare_row (sp, cr, x1, y1, (x2 - x1));
* loop through the rows, applying the selected convolution
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