Commit e82aaa4b authored by Shmuel H's avatar Shmuel H Committed by Michael Natterer
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Bug 767873 - (CVE-2016-4994) Multiple Use-After-Free when parsing...

...XCF channel and layer properties

PROP_ACTIVE_CHANNEL saves the current object pointer the @info
structure. Others like PROP_SELECTION (for channel) and
PROP_GROUP_ITEM (for layer) will delete the current object and create
a new object, leaving the pointers in @info invalid (dangling).

Therefore, if a property from the first type will come before the
second, the result will be an UaF in the last lines of xcf_load_image
(when it actually using the pointers from @info).

I wasn't able to exploit this bug because that
g_object_instance->c_class gets cleared by the last g_object_unref and
GIMP_IS_{LAYER,CHANNEL} detects that and return FALSE.

(cherry picked from commit 6d804bf9)
parent 25dd2c33
......@@ -904,6 +904,18 @@ xcf_load_layer_props (XcfInfo *info,
GimpLayer *group;
gboolean is_active_layer;
/* We're going to delete *layer, Don't leave its pointers
* in @info. After that, we'll restore them back with the
* new pointer. See bug #767873.
is_active_layer = (*layer == info->active_layer);
if (is_active_layer)
info->active_layer = NULL;
if (*layer == info->floating_sel)
info->floating_sel = NULL;
group = gimp_group_layer_new (image);
......@@ -916,6 +928,13 @@ xcf_load_layer_props (XcfInfo *info,
g_object_ref_sink (*layer);
g_object_unref (*layer);
*layer = group;
if (is_active_layer)
info->active_layer = *layer;
/* Don't restore info->floating_sel because group layers
* can't be floating selections
......@@ -986,6 +1005,12 @@ xcf_load_channel_props (XcfInfo *info,
GimpChannel *mask;
/* We're going to delete *channel, Don't leave its pointer
* in @info. See bug #767873.
if (*channel == info->active_channel)
info->active_channel = NULL;
mask =
gimp_selection_new (image,
gimp_item_get_width (GIMP_ITEM (*channel)),
......@@ -1000,6 +1025,10 @@ xcf_load_channel_props (XcfInfo *info,
*channel = mask;
(*channel)->boundary_known = FALSE;
(*channel)->bounds_known = FALSE;
/* Don't restore info->active_channel because the
* selection can't be the active channel
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