Commit e7ec1aa5 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

app: allow more motion events with line art bucket fill.

When a fill zone was a bit too segmented, you'd want to just stroke
across it. But it was leaving some pieces uncolored, even though the
pointer dragged through it! The exact motion mode allows more events.

Note: I don't set it in the similar color filling (where it could have
been useful too) mostly because it is harder to remove events then (even
if a point was already filled, it could still serve as a seed for more
filling if threshold > 0), thus implied too much processing. Anyway in
all my tests, it was more a problem for line art filling anyway.

(cherry picked from commit 9c13058d)
parent d317fc6d
...@@ -210,6 +210,10 @@ gimp_bucket_fill_tool_constructed (GObject *object) ...@@ -210,6 +210,10 @@ gimp_bucket_fill_tool_constructed (GObject *object)
G_OBJECT_CLASS (parent_class)->constructed (object); G_OBJECT_CLASS (parent_class)->constructed (object);
gimp_tool_control_set_motion_mode (tool->control,
options->fill_area == GIMP_BUCKET_FILL_LINE_ART ?
line_art = gimp_line_art_new (); line_art = gimp_line_art_new ();
g_object_bind_property (options, "fill-transparent", g_object_bind_property (options, "fill-transparent",
line_art, "select-transparent", line_art, "select-transparent",
...@@ -811,6 +815,17 @@ gimp_bucket_fill_tool_options_notify (GimpTool *tool, ...@@ -811,6 +815,17 @@ gimp_bucket_fill_tool_options_notify (GimpTool *tool,
GIMP_TOOL_CLASS (parent_class)->options_notify (tool, options, pspec); GIMP_TOOL_CLASS (parent_class)->options_notify (tool, options, pspec);
if (! strcmp (pspec->name, "fill-area"))
/* We want more motion events when the tool is used in a paint tool
* fashion. Unfortunately we only set exact mode in line art fill,
* because we can't as easily remove events from the similar color
* mode just because a point has already been selected (unless
* threshold were 0, but that's an edge case).
gimp_tool_control_set_motion_mode (tool->control,
bucket_options->fill_area == GIMP_BUCKET_FILL_LINE_ART ?
if (! strcmp (pspec->name, "fill-area") || if (! strcmp (pspec->name, "fill-area") ||
! strcmp (pspec->name, "sample-merged")) ! strcmp (pspec->name, "sample-merged"))
{ {
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