Commit e5988ed9 authored by Jernej Simončič's avatar Jernej Simončič

Installer: install debug symbols by default

parent ff66d3d2
......@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ Name: deps64; Description: "{cm:ComponentsDeps,{#GTK_VERSION}}"; Types: full com
Name: deps64\wimp; Description: "{cm:ComponentsGtkWimp}"; Types: full custom; Flags: dontinheritcheck disablenouninstallwarning; Check: Check3264('64')
Name: debug; Description: "{cm:ComponentsDebug}"; Types: custom; Flags: disablenouninstallwarning
Name: debug; Description: "{cm:ComponentsDebug}"; Types: full custom; Flags: disablenouninstallwarning
Name: gs; Description: "{cm:ComponentsGhostscript}"; Types: full custom
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