Commit e23e99e2 authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

app: add missing translation context for undo descriptions

parent 314a6ab9
......@@ -192,14 +192,14 @@ gimp_vectors_class_init (GimpVectorsClass *klass)
item_class->transform = gimp_vectors_transform;
item_class->stroke = gimp_vectors_stroke;
item_class->default_name = _("Path");
item_class->rename_desc = _("Rename Path");
item_class->translate_desc = _("Move Path");
item_class->scale_desc = _("Scale Path");
item_class->resize_desc = _("Resize Path");
item_class->flip_desc = _("Flip Path");
item_class->rotate_desc = _("Rotate Path");
item_class->transform_desc = _("Transform Path");
item_class->stroke_desc = _("Stroke Path");
item_class->rename_desc = C_("undo-type", "Rename Path");
item_class->translate_desc = C_("undo-type", "Move Path");
item_class->scale_desc = C_("undo-type", "Scale Path");
item_class->resize_desc = C_("undo-type", "Resize Path");
item_class->flip_desc = C_("undo-type", "Flip Path");
item_class->rotate_desc = C_("undo-type", "Rotate Path");
item_class->transform_desc = C_("undo-type", "Transform Path");
item_class->stroke_desc = C_("undo-type", "Stroke Path");
item_class->reorder_desc = C_("undo-type", "Reorder Path");
item_class->raise_desc = C_("undo-type", "Raise Path");
item_class->raise_to_top_desc = C_("undo-type", "Raise Path to Top");
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