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Update NEWS for GIMP 2.9.4

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......@@ -10,6 +10,238 @@ Generally, all bug fixes that are applied on the stable GIMP 2.8
branch are also applied here, but they are usually not mentioned
in NEWS.
Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.9.2 to GIMP 2.9.4
color management:
- add new GimpColorTransform object to create abstraction from LittleCMS
- now color-managed:
- layer/image/color palette/gradient/pattern previews,
- Color Picker tool,
- color buttons of GimpColorHistory,
- GimpFgBgEditor, as used e.g. in the toolbox
- color selectors,
- DND widget,
- painting tools,
- copying layers/paste buffer between images
- Colors applied to images
- GimpColorPanel and its color dialog (color widgets in dialogs)
- color areas created from menu actions
- color management for greyscale images, including setting preferred
ICC profile
- add fast switching between color managed display and soft-proofing
- add a per-image "is color managed" switch and show the image's
"is color managed" state in the window title string
- add basic support for creating images with color profiles
- add "Optimize" options for display and soft-proofing to optionally
speed-up rendering at the cost of color fidelity
- add Image -> Color Management -> Save Color Profile to File...
- improve the naming of generated ICC profiles
- add a shortcut to the profile chooser dialog on OS X too
- don't let display color management settings affect file import
- enable color management when a profile is assigned to the image
- enable color management when the image is converted to a profile
- pass the right color profile around in gimp_selection_float()
- hardcode the CMYK selector's conversion parameters, as well as NTSC
parameters in babl/GEGL/GIMP
- have all previews track the monitor they are on
- add "Select -> Flood" select action
- add "Select -> Remove Holes" action
- add "Border style" combo to the "Select -> Border..." dialog
- do not request xcf compat mode when compat_toggle not sensitive.
- initialize fontconfig in the background to be able to show a pulsing
progress bar when rebuilding the list of fonts (typically, the first
time GIMP runs)
- fix the Behind blending mode
- make Burn mode output match Gimp 2.8 ( partial revert of bug 744265 )
- improve file magic matching
- add a custom guide concept
- improve updating the statusbar messages and icons
- move the image-duplicate action next to image-new
- add Image -> Color Management -> Color Management Enabled
- change "Select _Custom Color..." to "_Custom Color..."
- change "Export" to "Export..." in the FIle menu
- include recently used colors in the Dockable Colors Dialog
- add RGB-based Luminance channel to the Histogram dialog
- fix remembering the order of dockable dialogs.
- reorder the prefs categories tree and rename some pages
- move "Snap Distance" to the prefs dialog's "Snapping" page
- add configuration for undo preview size
- clean-up Preferences -> Color Management
- add "Shortcut [some modifier] + Mousewheel" for changing pen size
- rename theme "Default" into "System"
- add new GUI themes: Lighter, Light, Gray, Dark, Darker
- add icon theme selection and make the icon theme path configurable in prefs
- preserve 2.8 pixel-perfect icon theme under the name "Legacy"
- add new symbolic icon theme for GIMP
- add a scalable icon theme and a configure option --enable-vector-icons
- add new GimpBufferSourceBox widget and use it in GimpOperationTool
- fix various bugs related to rotated convas
- make GIMP not ignore 'Maximized' windows hints on startup
- enable a pulsing progress bar in the splash
- make new images jump around much less
- fix image position when entering/leaving fullscreen mode
- make layer boundary re-drawn correctly on scrolling
- make images not appear completely black when images dockable is visible
- have all previews track the monitor they are on
Fuzzy Select:
- add "Diagonal neighbors" option
Foreground Select:
- fix ghost brush outline
Bucket Fill:
- add "Diagonal neighbors" option
- turn the posterize tool into an ordinary GEGL filter
- remove posterize from Tools -> Colors
- turn the Desaturate tool into a normal GEGL filter
- move "Desaturate" to Colors -> Desaturate
- add vertical offset to distribution options
- improve performance
- rename options to "Transform" and "Direction"
Cage Transform:
- fix a few performance issue
Unified Transform:
- make the tool not fail when currently selected layer is hidden
- add advanced input methods support for CJK
- add background colors setting, only exposed for advanced input methods
- use gegl:distance-transform in the blend tool, it has a progress now
- add shapeburst handles to the blend tool
All Painting Tools:
- add mirror symetry
- remove artefacts from painting tools in Burn blending mode
- add shortcut actions for changing spacing, hardness, and force
- dramatically improve performance of the tool and enable it by default
- add Colorize mode
- add a toggle to change between erase & paint mode
- add a brush selector to the MyPaint brush options
- add a dockable dialog to choose a brush, with tagging
- read tags from MyPaint brushes
- improve blend math
- allow plug-ins to register procedures in the <MyPaintBrushes> menu
- fix the clipping of out-of-gamut channel values
- fix the handling of layers with alpha channels
- the range of angle is now [-PI..PI]
- add a "split preview" feature to GEGL ops
- allow to switch the split preview between horizontal and vertical
- allow to swap the before/after position
- update the "Recently used" menu with gegl filters
- replace Selective Gaussian Blur with the GEGL version
- add gegl:saturation as Colors -> Saturation
- add gegl:high-pass as Filters > Enhance > High Pass
- add new gegl:gegl filter that executes a custom processing chain
- port Tile and Pagecurl plug-ins to gegl
- refactor the screenshot plug-in into backend and front-ends, one
per, Wayland, Windows, OS X
- add Monochrome option to the GEGL version of Channel Mixer
- bring dialog titles and help IDs to GEGL filter dialogs
file plug-ins:
- add darktable plug-in top pre-process varios raw images
- port file-gif-save and file-tiff to GIO
- TIFF support:
- make libtiff a hard dependency
- merge the file-tiff-load and file-tiff-save plug-ins
- fix various tiff exporting bugs
- EXR support:
- read comment, Exif, and XMP data from EXR files
- use GIMP's internal profile when loading EXR
- PSD support:
- fix the loading of files with adjustment or fill layers
- fix the reading of layer group structure
- fix the raw image loader
- fix the layer groups support in OpenRaster
- code cleanup in file-bmp
- fix the exporting of KISS - CELL (*.cel) images
- resurrect the email plugin
- use GIO to figure if a file is hidden
- update pyconsole code
- add binding for GimpImageType
- add GimpColorConfig object
- add type definition for GimpColorManaged
- make GimpParasite type known to the code generator
- require Pycairo in configure, link gimpui against pycairo
- fix the application of paintbrush size in Python scripts
- make regex matching return character indexes
- fix the hanging of Script-fu on machines with 64-bit longs
- update tinyscheme code from upstream
- Bug 759104 - Allow coordinates of sample points to be accessed from scripts
- Start building libmypaint.
- Add pcre and upgrade glib2 to 2.48.1
- Upgrade exiv2 to 0.25
- Clear DISPLAY before building.
- Disable webkitgtk.
OS-specific changes:
- Add support for generating crash backtraces using Dr. MingW
Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.8.0 to GIMP 2.9.2
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