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This ChangeLog contains all the changes from the plug-in cvs server
# this file controls which files get mirrored from/to
# the sourceforge gimp-plug-ins cvs tree
# the syntax is easy, below are files/directories, with
# a prefix character that specifies the action that should be done to it:
# M mirror the file/dir from the gimp cvs to the plug-in cvs.
# these are the files that go _TO_ the gimp-plug-in server
# U update the file/dir from the plug-in cvs to the main gimp cvs.
# these are the files that come _FROM_ the plug-in cvs server
# I simply ignore the file/dir (it is not moved between the cvs trees)
# these are the files that are in only one cvs tree
# C a comment for the following line
# * Later entries in the list take precedence over earlier ones.
# * File deletes do not get mirrored. Damn!
# * Directories should end in a trailing slash.
# NOTE: If anything goes havoc, then just delete this file from cvs
# the mirror script will NOT try to do anything when this file is missing
C The "default" mode is mirroring of the main tree
M /
C The plug-in ChangeLog file
U ChangeLog.plug-ins
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