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EXEEXT was fixed by yosh, not by me. Indented multiline bug fixes.

parent 777a76a8
......@@ -11,18 +11,18 @@ GIMP version 2.0.
Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0pre4
- 128825: Improved misleading debug output and hide it in the stable branch
- 133467: Fixed autoshrink selection (Mitch)
- 131634: Fixed text-circle script-fu (David Odin)
- 133532: Quit the imagemap plug-in when it is finished (Sven)
- 133456: Disallow editing of data objects which have no save functionality
- 113142: Don't attempt to render the display out of bounds (Mitch)
- 133763: Fix use of EXEEXT in tiff checks (Mitch)
- 133763: Fix use of EXEEXT in tiff checks (Yosh)
- 131044: Attempt to read layer names from TIFF files (Pablo d'Angelo)
- 133490: Fixed handling of missing pluginrc file (Sven)
- 121074: Suppress some harmless warnings in the stable branch (Sven)
- 132351: Fixed harmless iscissor tool warnings (Sven)
- 132351: Fixed harmless iscissors tool warnings (Sven)
- 97999: Indicate progress when scaling a drawable (Sven)
- 133244: Fixed crash in Curve Bend plug-in (Wolfgang Hofer)
- 133818: Added a runtime check for fontconfig >= 2.2.0 (Mitch)
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0pre3
- 132969: Set help-id for tool on tool options dock (Mitch)
- 132999: Make assembler code PIC safe (Yosh)
- 119878: Use the same keyboard shortcuts in all GIMP windows
(except the toolbox window) (Mitch)
(except the toolbox window) (Mitch)
- 131975 &
- 132297: Disable some warnings while loading TIFFs (Raphael)
- 129529: Add a "randomize" toggle to random number widget (Dave Neary)
......@@ -93,22 +93,22 @@ Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0pre2
- 120424: Add dirty flag to default image title (Brix)
- 130912: Fix rounding errors in JPEG plug-in (
- 131016: Add support for layer offsets in multipage tiff loading (Pablo
- 124073: Modify behaviour of zoom tool to avoid funny fractions (Dave Neary,
- 131088: fix select-to-pattern script-fu (Mitch)
- 82478: Fix zoom handling in fractal explorer (Pedro Gimeno)
- 115793: Make thumbnail preview of indexed images match display (Pedro Gimeno)
- 130471: Handle RGBA images correctly in the CEL plug-in (Dov Grobgeld)
- 131109: Remove EMX specific code (Sven)
- 130118: Handle GIMP2_DIRECTORY with non-UTF-8 characters correctly (Tor
Lillqvist, Sven)
Lillqvist, Sven)
- 82465: Make preview match image when image is greyscale (Sven)
- 92586: Force SF_IMAGE value to reflect the selected image (Sven)
- 116765: Fix selection artifacts while moving selections (Pedro Gimeno, Mitch)
- 131215: Only call bind_textdomain_codeset when available (Reinhard Geissler)
- 125141: Resolve API issues with GimpPixelFetcher and GimpRegionIterator
(David Odin, Maurits Rijk)
(David Odin, Maurits Rijk)
- 109078: Fix histogram for graylevel images (Pedro Gimeno, Mitch)
- 131146: Fix drag & drop of patterns to layer masks (Dave Neary, Mitch)
- 128112: Use a better error message if help files are not present (Mitch)
......@@ -118,10 +118,10 @@ Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.0pre2
- 82464: Fix SuperNova preview for greyscale images (David Odin)
- 121966: Fix SuperNova plug-in (David Odin)
- 110610: Allow user to choose file formats even if the current image type is
not supported by them (Pedro Gimeno)
not supported by them (Pedro Gimeno)
- 131980: Fix crash in crop tool (David Odin, Sven)
- 131030: Allow saving data without pre-multiplying by alpha channel in tiff
plug-in (Pablo d'Angelo, Dave Neary)
plug-in (Pablo d'Angelo, Dave Neary)
- 125864: Guides behave correctly when spacing is set to 1px (Brix)
- 131721: Fix handling of alpha channels across undo steps (Mitch)
- 128025: Fix behaviour when there is a floating selection (Mitch)
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