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updated NEWS for 2.5.1

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......@@ -375,7 +375,7 @@
2008-05-30 Martin Nordholts <>
Made moving the selection mask in the varoius ways automatically
Made moving the selection mask in the various ways automatically
commit any pending rectangle/ellipse selection. Fixes bug #349340.
* app/tools/gimprectangleselecttool.c
GNU Image Manipulation Program
Development Branch
......@@ -15,13 +15,30 @@ Changes in GIMP 2.5.1
- improved Alpha to Logo filters
- better cursor feedback in the Intelligent Scissors tool
- rotate JPEG thumbnails according to the EXIF orientation
- tweaked behavior of the new Polygon Selection tool
- improved event smoothing for paint tools
- prepared PSP plug-in to deal with newer versions of the file format
- allow plug-ins to work in parallel on different layers of the same image
- pass through GEGL command-line options
- added 22 new variations to the Flame plugin
- only show operations from relevant categories in the GEGL tool
- allow to enter the zoom ratio in the status bar
- don't keep the file-chooser dialogs around
- ported scan-convert code to Cairo, removing libart dependency
- allow the paint velocity to affect brush size, opacity and the like
- allow for random variations of the brush size, opacity and the like
- renamed Dialogs menu to Windows
- keep a list of recently closed docks in the Windows menu
- allow to go from Brightness-Contrast to Levels to Curves
- improved the handling of color tool settings
- merged the new Polygon Selection tool with the Freehand Select tool
- allow to lock dockables
- made Desaturate into a tool with preview in the image window
- ported translation contexts to msgctxt
- added GimpRuler widgets, an improved version of GtkRuler
- moving the selection mask now commits a pending rectangle selection
- added keyboard shortcut for resetting the brush scale (Backslash)
- ported the Help Browser plug-in to WebKit
- allow to use the online user manual
- added new translation (Icelandic)
- bug fixes and code cleanup
......@@ -79,7 +96,7 @@ Plug-ins:
- randomize: added previews
- ripple: added a Phase Shift control
- screenshot: optionally add the mouse cursor image on an extra layer
- uri: use GIO/GVfs where available
- uri: use GIO/GVfs where available
- whirlpinch: allow a larger range for the whirl angle
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