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removed ripply-anim.scm since it didnt work and noones fixed it.

parent ba455761
......@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@ Thu Mar 19 14:13:33 EST 1998 Adrian Likins <>
* applied patch from Andy Thomas to brushes.c to
improve brush loading via pdb. Fixes problems with
bruses of the same name.
*plugins/script-fu/scripts/ripply-anim.scm: removed
until someone fixes it.
Thu Mar 19 13:21:28 MET 1998 Sven Neumann <>
; "Rippling Image" animation generator (ripply-anim.scm)
; Adam D. Moss (
; 97/05/18
; Designed to be used in conjunction with a plugin capable
; of saving animations (i.e. the GIF plugin).
(define (copy-layer-ripple dest-image dest-drawable source-image source-drawable)
(gimp-selection-all dest-image)
(gimp-edit-clear dest-image dest-drawable)
(gimp-selection-none dest-image)
(gimp-selection-all source-image)
(gimp-edit-copy source-image source-drawable)
(let ((floating-sel (car (gimp-edit-paste dest-image dest-drawable FALSE))))
(gimp-floating-sel-anchor floating-sel)))
(define (script-fu-ripply-anim img drawable displacement num-frames)
(let* ((width (car (gimp-drawable-width drawable)))
(height (car (gimp-drawable-height drawable)))
(ripple-image (car (gimp-image-new width height GRAY)))
(ripple-layer (car (gimp-layer-new ripple-image width height GRAY_IMAGE "Ripple Texture" 100 NORMAL))))
; this script generates its own displacement map
(gimp-image-disable-undo ripple-image)
(gimp-palette-set-background '(127 127 127) )
(gimp-image-add-layer ripple-image ripple-layer 0)
(gimp-edit-fill ripple-image ripple-layer)
(plug-in-noisify 1 ripple-image ripple-layer FALSE 1.0 1.0 1.0 0.0)
; tile noise
(set! rippletiled-ret (plug-in-tile 1 ripple-image ripple-layer (* width 3) (* height 3) TRUE))
(gimp-image-enable-undo ripple-image)
; (gimp-image-delete ripple-image)
(set! rippletiled-image (car rippletiled-ret))
(set! rippletiled-layer (cadr rippletiled-ret))
(gimp-image-disable-undo rippletiled-image)
; process tiled noise into usable displacement map
(plug-in-gauss-iir 1 rippletiled-image rippletiled-layer 35 TRUE TRUE)
(gimp-equalize rippletiled-image rippletiled-layer TRUE)
(plug-in-gauss-rle 1 rippletiled-image rippletiled-layer 5 TRUE TRUE)
(gimp-equalize rippletiled-image rippletiled-layer TRUE)
; displacement map is now in rippletiled-layer of rippletiled-image
; loop through the desired frames
(set! remaining-frames num-frames)
(set! xpos (/ width 2))
(set! ypos (/ height 2))
(set! xoffset (/ width num-frames))
(set! yoffset (/ height num-frames))
(let* ((out-imagestack (car (gimp-image-new width height RGB)))
(this-layer (car (gimp-layer-new out-imagestack width height RGB "out-layer" 100 NORMAL))))
(gimp-image-disable-undo out-imagestack)
(while (> remaining-frames 0)
(set! dup-image (car (gimp-channel-ops-duplicate rippletiled-image)))
(gimp-crop dup-image width height xpos ypos)
; (set! this-layer (car (gimp-layer-copy drawable TRUE)))
; (gimp-image-add-layer out-imagestack this-layer 0)
(copy-layer-ripple out-imagestack this-layer img drawable)
(set! dup-layer (car (gimp-image-get-active-layer dup-image)))
(plug-in-displace 1 out-imagestack this-layer displacement displacement TRUE TRUE dup-layer dup-layer 2)
(gimp-image-enable-undo dup-image)
(gimp-image-delete dup-image)
(set! remaining-frames (- remaining-frames 1))
(set! xpos (+ xoffset xpos))
(set! ypos (+ yoffset ypos)))
(gimp-image-enable-undo rippletiled-image)
(gimp-image-delete rippletiled-image)
(gimp-image-delete ripple-image)
(gimp-image-enable-undo out-imagestack)
; (gimp-display-new out-imagestack)
(script-fu-register "script-fu-ripply-anim"
"Ripple any image by creating animation frames as layers"
"Adam D. Moss ("
"Adam D. Moss"
SF-IMAGE "Image to Animage" 0
SF-DRAWABLE "Drawable to Animate" 0
SF-VALUE "Rippling Strength" "3"
SF-VALUE "Number of Frames" "15")
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