Commit c271992a authored by Ell's avatar Ell

Issue #2405 - Rotation center shifts by half a pixel ...

... the second time you do a 180 degrees rotation

In gimp_transform_resize_adjust(), nudge the transformed layer
boundary by EPSILON toward the center, to avoid enlarging the layer
unnecessarily, as a result of numeric error amplified by rounding,
when the tranformed boundary should land on integer coordinates.
In particular, this avoids enlarging the layer when rotating by 180
parent fbee6a65
......@@ -233,11 +233,11 @@ gimp_transform_resize_adjust (const GimpVector2 *points,
bottom_right.y = MAX (bottom_right.y, points[i].y);
*x1 = (gint) floor (top_left.x);
*y1 = (gint) floor (top_left.y);
*x1 = (gint) floor (top_left.x + EPSILON);
*y1 = (gint) floor (top_left.y + EPSILON);
*x2 = (gint) ceil (bottom_right.x);
*y2 = (gint) ceil (bottom_right.y);
*x2 = (gint) ceil (bottom_right.x - EPSILON);
*y2 = (gint) ceil (bottom_right.y - EPSILON);
static void
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