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2005-07-01 Sven Neumann <>
* plug-ins/jpeg/jpeg-load.c: load embedded ICC profiles and attach
them as "icc-profile" parasite.
* plug-ins/jpeg/jpeg-load.c: load an embedded ICC profile and
attach it using the "icc-profile" parasite.
* plug-ins/jpeg/jpeg-save.c: look for the "icc-profile" parasite
and embed the profile in the JPEG file if it is available.
......@@ -22,12 +22,15 @@ Changes in CVS (not released yet)
XPM icons that were being used
- added an option to Motion Blur to blur outwards
- added support for the proposed ICC Profiles In X Specification
- added new widget GimpEnumLabel
- added new widget GimpEnumLabel to libgimpwidgets
- let the lcms display filter module show information about the used
color profiles
- improved drawing of the brush outline
- fixed build of Python language binding on Win32
- allow plug-ins to access the user's color management configuration
- added new widget GimpPageSelector to libgimpwidgets
- reenabled the Debug menu
- load and save ICC color profiles from/to JPEG images
- bug fixes and code cleanup
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