Commit b8862ace authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: include variable descriptions in performance logs

Include instrumentation-variable descriptions in the var-defs
section of performance logs, so that they can be displayed
alongside their names when viewing the log.

(cherry picked from commit 646208ef)
parent 5456226c
......@@ -4346,9 +4346,14 @@ gimp_dashboard_log_start_recording (GimpDashboard *dashboard,
gimp_dashboard_log_printf (dashboard,
"<var name=\"%s\" type=\"%s\" />\n",
"<var name=\"%s\" type=\"%s\" desc=\"",
gimp_dashboard_log_print_escaped (dashboard,
/* intentionally untranslated */
gimp_dashboard_log_printf (dashboard,
"\" />");
gimp_dashboard_log_printf (dashboard,
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