Commit b74c33db authored by Ell's avatar Ell

tools: in, allow inverting selection

In the perofmance-log viewer, add header-bar buttons to clear and
invert the selection, and allow inverting the selection by ctrl-
right-clicking on the sample-selection area.

Update the docs.
parent f246a019
......@@ -28,7 +28,8 @@ report performance-related issues.
- [ Call-Graph Direction](#42412-call-graph-direction)
- [ Function Columns](#4242-function-columns)
- [ Source Columns](#4243-source-columns)
- [4.3. Searching Samples](#43-searching-samples)
- [4.3. Selection Modifiers](#43-selection-modifiers)
- [4.3.1. Searching Samples](#431-searching-samples)
- [4.4. History Navigation](#44-history-navigation)
- [4.5. Environment Variables](#45-environment-variables)
- [5. Performance-Log Parameters](#5-performance-log-parameters)
......@@ -212,11 +213,13 @@ add-to, subtract-from, and intersect-with the current selection, respectively.
Samples can also be selected using the keyboard, with the arrow, *Home*/*End*,
and *Shift* keys, while any of the graphs has focus.
Right clicking on any of the graphs, or pressing *Escape* while they have
Right-clicking on any of the graphs, or pressing *Escape* while they have
focus, clears the selection.
The behavior when the selection is empty is equivalent to selecting all
*Ctrl*-right-clicking on any of the graphs inverts the selection.
### 4.2. Information Area
The lower part of the viewer window is the *information area*.
......@@ -497,10 +500,18 @@ the selected line, if possible (see
[section *4.5*](#45-environment-variables)).
The button's tooltip shows the full path to the file.
### 4.3. Searching Samples
### 4.3. Selection Modifiers
The buttons on the right side of the window's titlebar allow modifying the
selection in various ways:
The *Clear Selection* and *Invert Selection* buttons clear and invert the
selection, respectively.
The *Find Samples* button allows searching for samples, as explained below.
#### 4.3.1. Searching Samples
The *Find Samples* button on the right side of the window's titlebar allows
searching for samples matching a user-defined condition.
The *Find Samples* button opens a popover allowing searching for all samples
matching a user-defined condition.
The condition should be a Python expression, evaluating to a boolean value.
The selected samples are those for which the expression evaluates to `True`.
......@@ -605,6 +605,12 @@ class Selection (GObject.GObject):
else: (set (), op)
def clear (self): (set ())
def invert (self):
self.select_range (0, len (samples), SelectionOp.XOR)
def change_complete (self):
if self.pending_change_completion:
self.pending_change_completion = False
......@@ -972,6 +978,8 @@ class SampleGraph (Gtk.DrawingArea):
selection.cursor_dir = i1 - i0
def do_button_press_event (self, event):
state = event.state & Gdk.ModifierType.MODIFIER_MASK
self.grab_focus ()
if event.button == 1:
......@@ -986,8 +994,6 @@ class SampleGraph (Gtk.DrawingArea):
self.selection_op = SelectionOp.REPLACE
self.selection_range = event.type != Gdk.EventType.BUTTON_PRESS
state = event.state & Gdk.ModifierType.MODIFIER_MASK
if state == Gdk.ModifierType.SHIFT_MASK:
self.selection_op = SelectionOp.ADD
elif state == Gdk.ModifierType.CONTROL_MASK:
......@@ -1000,7 +1006,10 @@ class SampleGraph (Gtk.DrawingArea):
self.grab_add ()
elif event.button == 3: (set ())
if state == 0:
selection.clear ()
elif state == Gdk.ModifierType.CONTROL_MASK:
selection.invert ()
self.grab_add ()
......@@ -3400,6 +3409,34 @@ class LogViewer (Gtk.Window):
self.find_popover = popover
button.set_popover (popover)
def selection_action (action):
def f (*args):
action (selection)
selection.change_complete ()
return f
button = Gtk.Button.new_from_icon_name (
header.pack_end (button)
button.set_tooltip_text ("Invert selection") ()
button.connect ("clicked", selection_action (Selection.invert))
button = Gtk.Button.new_from_icon_name (
self.clear_selection_button = button
header.pack_end (button)
button.set_tooltip_text ("Clear selection") ()
button.connect ("clicked", selection_action (Selection.clear))
paned = Gtk.Paned (orientation = Gtk.Orientation.VERTICAL)
self.paned = paned
self.add (paned)
......@@ -3468,6 +3505,7 @@ class LogViewer (Gtk.Window):
def selection_change_complete (self, selection):
self.header.set_subtitle (str (selection))
self.clear_selection_button.set_sensitive (selection.selection)
def cflow_notify_available (self, *args):
if self.backtrace_viewer.available:
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