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......@@ -7,8 +7,25 @@ This is the development branch of The GIMP. Here's where all the shiny
new stuff is being done that will one day be released as GIMP 2.4.
Changes in GIMP 2.3
Changes in CVS (not released yet)
- allow to copy and paste SVG between GIMP and other applications
- added a utility for testing and debugging clipboard operations
- more work on the new vectors PDB API
- made screen edges active in the image display in fullscreen mode
- made file and color selection dialogs transient to their parent windows
- moved browser widget from Procedure Browser plug-in to libgimpwidgets
- allow more search types in the Procedure Browser
- reduced size of the Colors dockable by packing widgets more compactly
- added object properties to GimpColorArea and GimpColorButton
- changed default for RGB->Indexed conversion to not to any dithering
- allow to paste a new image using Ctrl-V on the toolbox
- bug fixes and code cleanup
Changes in GIMP 2.3.0
- added Recompose plug-in
- added rectangle tool in GFig plug-in
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