Commit acc13e76 authored by Nate Summers's avatar Nate Summers

Here's the story...

parent e1db698b
2002-02-12 Nathan Summers <>
* app/plug-in/plug-in-rc.c: implement a new pluginrc flag,
"has-init", so that only plug-ins with init functions are
* app/plug-in/
* libgimp/gimp.c
* libgimpbase/ send a new gimpwire message,
GP_HAS_INIT during the query stage if the plug-in needs to be
initialized. Only invoke the plug-in in init mode if the plug-in
has an init function.
(inspired by a patch by Tor Lillqvist available at
2002-02-12 Sven Neumann <>
* app/base/base-enums.h: renamed GimpInterpolationType values to
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