Commit a9d18b9a authored by Kevin Turner's avatar Kevin Turner
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remove_cruft on pygimp.

Note that pygimp still does NOT BUILD because of the AUTO*STUFF isn't set
up correctly.  :( :(
parent 74937421
2000-09-20 Kevin Turner <>
* plug-ins/pygimp/plug-ins/ (pars): Oops. When we did
s/PARAM_/PDB_/, we forgot to do s/6/4/ (the length of the prefix
string changed).
* plug-ins/pygimp/gimpmodule.c: Filter this through remove_cruft,
finishing the libgimp renaming (and further ensuring that it won't
work with older libgimps).
2000-09-15 Asbjorn Pettersen <>
* plug-ins/print/print-ps.c (ps_parameters): use g_strncasecmp()
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